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We make beautiful earrings with their own hands from polymer clay


How do earrings made of polymer clay? How do it yourself make earrings, flowers and chips from polymer clay? How to make beautiful earrings yourself?

With the advent of polymer clay, almost every fashionista can independently make a bright and original decoration. It can be bracelets, beads and earrings. Work will not take much time, just need to know what and how to do. We suggest find out how to make earrings with a polymer clay.

What is a polymer clay?

We make beautiful earrings with their own hands from polymer clayBefore starting sculpting flowers and Christmas trees, you need to prepare. What is a polymer clay? It is very plastic and harmless material. By its consistency, it is very similar to the plasticine, even sold by the same strokes.

But unlike the first thermoplastic after heating to certain temperatures, it becomes solid. So pulling out the polymer clay earrings, they will need to bake in the oven.

There is another variety of material – it is cold china. To solidify the thing, it will be just necessary to leave for a day. Flowers are most often smeared with it, and from thermoplastic – beautiful earrings, beads and bracelets.

Plastic for sale in stores with stationery. The most popular firm Fimo, but you can meet sculpey or cernit. The difference between them in the price, color scheme, temperature and heating time. For the original coloring and embossed structure, 3 techniques are used: watercolor, salt and sausage.

How to get a beautiful earrings from polymer clay.

Carnish earrings

If you decide to do something out of thermoplast, then before starting work, prepare everything you need.

For work you will need:

  • Colored plastic bars;
  • Latex gloves;
  • Plate rolling plasticine;
  • Acute knife;
  • Toothpick;
  • Super glue;
  • Rolling
  • Fasteners for earrings;
  • Pliers;
  • Lacques with sequins and colorless.

Polymer clay earrings can be deckless, cloves and with a classic clasp. Depending on the selected option, the desired fasteners are selected. Let’s start making carnations.

Let’s try to make a red polymer clay earrings. Putting gloves, smear the plastic with hands until it becomes soft. Separate a small piece and roll a smooth sausage with long 3-5 cm. From one edge, we reduce the thickness of the cylinder, breathe by it with his fingers. As a result, we get a blank in the shape of a gramophone pipe, with a ball at the end.

To make roses Thickened edge of sausages with a knife for 4 equal parts. Now reveal our bud. One Quarter Move from the center, and I add it to the index finger. In another hand, we take toothpick and begin to form a petal. Cress the sharp tip to the core, and roll the surface of the plastic itself.

First on the one hand, then on the other. Roses should turn out a rounded wavy petal. We do the same manipulations with the rest of 3 parts of the bud. The basis made by your own hands is ready. We take 8 separate balls and sculpt the petals of different sizes using the technology described above. Since the cloves are rocked in a pair, then the billets should be two, and additional petals 16.

Now carefully form flowers, the existing petals twist – this is the core, additional attaching at the base. So that they keep better by attaching, stroke several times with your fingers in a circle at the very reason. Look at the flower and if necessary – repent plastic once again so that the external similarity with the rose is maximum.

While the thermoplastic was in the oven, the craft can be removed the required number of times. The leg and flower is cut off. Having done the details with your own hands, bake the blanks at a temperature of 100-130 degrees for 3 minutes.

After frozen to the base of flowers, we glue the carnations with superclosure. By petals We take a varnish with sparkles, if not, colorless + gold or silver dust is suitable. Sprinking the flower, let him dry, after that we can shid extra sequins.

In addition to these earrings, other flowers can be made of polymer clay. Remember: Puzzles do not go beyond the linations, hanging models can be of different lengths, flowers can alternate with leaves and berries.


We make beautiful earrings with their own hands from polymer clayRecently, informal polymer clay earrings are very popular, so-called deckures and literators. Make them do it yourself too not hard. Materials and tools are the same as the carnations.

Roll over clay by forming a cylinder. We divide it with a knife to 2 parts: tail and face. First do shorter, the second is longer and continue to roll. The tail gradually thin to the edge, cut off several circles from the thickening side. The front part of the decking is made smoothly in thickness, then one edge neatly spitched fingers, toothpick painting eyes and mouth.

Doing your handes, as a fastener, use silicone plugs and metal bases. In the tail part in the center of the toothpick, we make a hole in which we insert a plastic part.

We cover the silicone from above with the help of cut circles, the holes are also done in them, we put on the plug, neatly hiding joints. I do the same with the snake muzzle, only instead of the plug, we put carnations.

Blits are almost ready, it remains to correct a little form. Making such earrings with their own hands, you should use the most fantasy. The tail is slightly lowering the book, the upper part smoothly bending, creating the impression that the snake crawls to the edge of the ear. When everything is ready, send earrings from polymer clay to oven for 5 minutes.

If you wish, peasinks or pebbles and fastening tongues insert on the muzzle. Making snakes with their own hands, you can open them with colorless varnish.

Interesting polymer clay earrings

Do it yourself you can make earrings of various shapes. Beautifully Watching Christmas Tree. For the manufacture of segue, the thermoplastic of green, fastener and a knife will be needed.

Roll over the reservoir with a thickness of at least 5 mm. From it, cut out 2 figures of the desired form, arbitrary sizes. To the top of the Christmas tree, fastened fastener. Jewelry is ready. You can decorate the craft of Christmas toys, rolling small balls from multicolored pieces of thermoplastic.

We make beautiful earrings with their own hands from polymer clayAfter heating the edge of the twigs, paint white lacquer imitating snow. Such earrings-chips from polymer clay will become an excellent addition to the New Year.

Using watercolor technique you can get beautiful colored patterns. For this plastic, different colors are rapped with subtle films. After that, we add them to each other, and roll the rolling pin all together. Now you can cut along and roll once again or twist the sausage, then roll out.

From the resulting abstraction, we cut various geometric shapes and fasteners on a metal basis. We decorate other details of thermoplastic, beads or buttons, send to the oven for 5 minutes. Delivering, if desired, open lacquer or add sparkles. Jewelry is ready.

Jewelry do it yourself

Polymer clay earrings – it is always interesting and original. Such decorations attract attention with their unusualness and no matter what forms are used, flowers or sandwiches. As the material is not expensive, then you can make decorations for each outfit.

All the necessary materials are sold in stores. Little fantasy – and you have a new set! A little bit of practices and soon many girlfriends will dream of getting from you as a gift such flowers-earrings with polymer clay. Most importantly, do not be afraid to experiment.

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