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How to make salt color?


Multicolored salt – a bright attribute of a variety of crafts and souvenirs. We will tell you how you can paint the kitchen salt at home with your own hands

Many of you unequivocally seen in souvenir shops and at hand creativity exhibitions bright and exotic bottles filled with multi-colored salt. Such crafts serve as an excellent gift, interior decoration and a reminder of the perfect journey at the same time. It turns out that drawing a colored salt is already full-fledged art, to master which everyone can.

Its basis is a salt, with your own hands painted in the necessary shades. How to do it? All simple!

Krye Sol

Using the gouache paints can be painted solo in any color.

This will require a minimum set of objects, namely:

  • How to make salt color?seasoning the finest fraction;
  • gouache required coloring;
  • funnel or canoe;
  • brush;
  • fork and dry packaging for mixing;
  • small sieve;
  • Heat-resistant tableware or foil pieces.

In general, the whole process of how to independently make colored sand from salt, it looks like this:

  1. Paint is a bit diluted with water and poured into a dry salt. At this stage, you can adjust the intensity of the color of the final product, taking into account that after drying, the salty sand will be a couple of shades of light;
  2. All lumps need to be thoroughly twisted and confused, achieving uniform staining;
  3. Then all portions painted in different colors, laid out on the heat-resistant dishes. In its roles, improvised creams from dense foil can perform;
  4. The billet is sent in the oven, where it is dried for an hour, and at a temperature of +100 degrees;
  5. After thermal processing, the color salt for the future decor of the glass container is well sifted through the smallest sieve, which only exists in the house.

Now that salted crafts are created.

How to make salt color?Clean and dry bottle of fancy shape, transparent vase or beautiful glass. In the container, with the help of watering can or paper funnels, the dry mixture of the desired shade is added. To get an advanced drawing and clear faces of the material of different color, the bottle must be filling at different angles, and do not shake in the process. If you do not observe the elementary accuracy, then the color sand made from salt and guaashi is simply mixed, and forms unpleasant porridge.

The container needs to be filled under the eye, close a tight tube or cover, then knock it out several times about any horizontal plane. So you can dying the consumables and glue it to the required level.

Painting with colored shallow

Now about how to make a color decorative salt with the help of crayons, which kids love to draw on asphalt.

To do this, you will need a minimum set of items:

  • dense newspaper or cardboard;
  • chalks of different shade;
  • Salt type «Extra»;
  • Transparent packaging.

With all this you need to do the following:

  1. How to make salt color?On paper or cardboard pour a little seasoning, evenly distribute it on the surface;
  2. Take the chalk of the desired color and methodically rub it about the powder before getting the required coloring. It is better to do circular movements. The product will crawl, therefore it should be occupied periodically and continue to work;
  3. Similarly, at home, salted sand of various shades is created;
  4. In the transparent container, the finished consumables fall asleep. With the help of fine and long toothpicks, you can try to create an elementary pattern, hilly, for example.

It is important that all crafts made from color salt are tightly tamped and closed with covers. It is not necessary to be plastic, glass or wooden, you can simply tie the neck of the matter, decorate with ribbons, suspension and beads. The dense cover is necessary if the finished object of the decor will be transported or permanently rearranged from place to place. Open containers with salt sand also look quite original, but their minus is that dust and small garbage starts to accumulate on salt, and it is impossible to remove it.

Pictures in bottles

How to make salt color?Having mastered the osse of treatment with a painted salt, you can move to the creation of real masterpieces. Prepare for the fact that it is much more difficult than painting the water for salt and dry it in the oven. You will need accuracy, perfection and a little imagination.

Pictures are created using a thin knitting knitting knitting needles or a length of toothpicks, and to facilitate the task, the future pattern is schematically portrayed on the outer surface of the complex. In order to save, the middle of the jar / bottle should fill in a white consumable material, to fill it down under the cover.

Sophisticated landscapes and patterns are conveniently pouring tea or even a coffee spoon, and the necessary contours of individual elements are created by piercing the salt layers to the desired depth. Yes, it sounds difficult, but it costs at least once a video lesson on this type of art, how everything will become understandable and available for repeat.

By the way, it will be said: jars with salt are not just a great way pleasant and interesting to spend leisure, but also an excellent option of additional earnings.

Finished products can be a good gift for a particular event, interior decorations and simply a reminder of pleasant moments.

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