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We take time with benefit: learn to make decoupage vase


Decoupage – fairly simple. But the spectacular way of decor of interior items. We will tell you how to make a decoupage of the vase on their own hands

Decoupage became a budget way to decorate a variety of things, starting with small mirrors and mini-comedies, ending with furniture, appliances and even walls. Most often in the hands of craftsmen, it is subject to interior and dishes. And therefore, in this article we offer several options for how to make a decoupage of a vase paper Sleeps in different styles and techniques.

Classic option

So, the decoupage of the vase by conventional dining napkins requires the following consumables:

  • We take time with benefit: learn to make decoupage vasethe very vessel of glass;
  • Napkins with the desired pattern;
  • rice or taut paper white (in our case);
  • special decapage glue;
  • flat brush with synthetic pile;
  • acrylic glossy (matte, semiamatic) varnish.

Next, decoupage of a white rice paper vase occurs as follows:

  • The vessel is degreasing, for which it is enough to wipe moistened in acetone, or just wash well with the detergent;
  • Turning rice paper rushes into small pieces that are glued with flashes. This uses a synthetic bruster and the same adhesive glue. In the case of rice white or colored paper, it is not necessary to be afraid to leave the place of the joints noticeable, since this material originally has a fibrous and inhomogeneous structure;
  • Next, we take a standard three-layer napkin, from which we cut the desired fragment. Then extremely neat and leisure movements removed the brightest outer layer;
  • The drawing is glued to a vase. All the same adhesive substance, to be applied which follows from the middle of a napkin piece, to its edges. Motion brush must be accurate, with light pressure and fast;
  • Similarly, all the elements needed to create the final composition are glued;
  • The dried vase is covered with several layers of varnish, each of which needs to be fine-grained emery.

A little old old

Word vintage is customary to call wine with many years exposure. In our case, a decoupage of a glass or ceramic vase in the style of vintage provides its intentional «Building» artificial way.

Provide the real spirit of antiquity and rarity helps the specific crust lacquer, and all natural tones prevail in the shades of consumables. If you want to use bright colors, they are recommended to pelt up to the time the material of the base will not be shock.

Vintage decoupage of a glass vase in a cracker technique is made on the following technology:

  • Initially, the vessel is degreasing and dried;
  • From a double-sided decoupage card, weathered in the style of vintage, the desired fragment is cut out, which is soaked in water for one minute;
  • Further, the drawing is folded on the fabric or towel, after which the adhesive for decoupage is applied on its irons;
  • The fragment with the selected pattern is superimposed with an invalion on the vase, and now its outer side is covered with adhesive composition. The final location of the drawings on the vessel should be thought out in advance;
  • We take time with benefit: learn to make decoupage vaseIn order for such a decoupage of a glass vase with his own hands ended as soon as possible, a normal hairdryer can be used for drying a fragment;
  • Then begin to use the craquelur itself, initially applying its first composition, and then the second. At each new stage, the harvesting of the vase is well dry;
  • In such a style you need to seek more realism, and it can be done by applying bitumen to a Vase. On the surface it is distributed with a finger, causing a very thin layer, scorching «Cracks»;
  • After that, cover Vase with varnish, let her get sick again.

Provence style

In essence, this is an ancient French country style interior design and decoration of things. It is distinguished by a light beam of antiquity, losses, cute charm and poorness. Decoupage of glass vase in the style of Provence  can be made one of the ways described above.

But for work should be used by consumables, weathered in such a color palette:

  • Lavender and sea wave;
  • Gentle yellow, blue pastel, muted orange and classic olive, mustard, terracotta, ocher, color of honey and sunflower inflorescences;
  • Provence is impossible without all shades of ivory, milk and beige, pastel and «Furious» colors.

This technique prevails vegetable and floral ornaments, the use of embroidered elements and lace is allowed.


This is the most budget decoupage of a glass vase for flowers, the name of which is translated as «Style of Big City».

We take time with benefit: learn to make decoupage vaseIts incompleteness is explained simply: To decorate the vessel for flowers or branches with its own hands, it is enough to exist in a blob of a motley and bright glossy magazine, a newspaper or other periodicals, after which pieces are glued to the skim surface with the same special decoupage glue.

A distinctive feature of such a glass container will be supposed to be deliberately open techniques of execution and deposition of torn edges of decorative coating.

As you can see, despite the mysterious and overseas name, decoupage is quite affordable in all respects of decoration technique, for which you need an elementary set of items: acrylic paint, glue, brushes, napkins and cards, the future of art and a little patience.

As your experience and desire to create masterpieces, the list of consumables will be inexorable expanding, releasing your fantasy to the will. Nice and useful needlework you!

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