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Shebbie Decoupage: Style Principles


I want to update the interior independently so that the surrounding? Shebbi style is a modern chic. The appearance of things is easy to change with your own hands

The direction of decoupage of Shebbi Shik appeared when the fashion began to enter – it’s more correct to come back – retro style. Then in «Svetle» glamorous ladies began to appear in vintage outfits with vintage accessories, the fashion began to enter into fashion, which artificially applied the flare. In the house of the rich people appeared interior items, which a fashionable species was dedicated using aged surface.

Shebbie Decoupage: Style PrinciplesIt is believed that the creation of a similar style in vintage came up with Eschvel Rachel, but many designers believe that she just patented the name «Decoupage Shebby Shik» and under this brand opened a network of boutiques. 

In this style, there are a lot of Scandinavian and French motifs, echoing with purely English rigor and laconic in paints.

Decoupage in retro style – Shebbi Chic is not an appliances! This is the name of the style! Technique – this is the impartial type of. 


Glamor magazines now in line advertise style things «Shebbi», less glamorous conduct lessons «Master Class». 

When decorated in a specific retro style, the following rules are followed:

  • Since Shebbie is translated from English as a shabby, this means that things will be a certain way: creating minor scuffs and a flare of ancient with uneven color; Some places will have to make small cracks, for which the integrity of the surface and polishing is disturbed;
  • Shabbi colors – delicate, pastel, pleasant to the gaze. Be sure to require the presence of white, which is rather similar to the color of boiling milk;.
  • In the interior, there must be a place for floral motifs: roses are especially in demand. Also allowed drawings from stripes of delicate colors, angels are welcome. 

SHEBBI’s creation is helped by a special technique, simply repainting the caskets in white or drawing floral pictures, chic not achieve. 

To the reception of the surface formation – craklera or paraffin method – do not resort in all cases. The thing should not seem to see – it should be on the view quite strong, revived to life. Need to observe style – no more. 

Each master prefers his own techniques for changing the appearance of things, so it is better to explain the essence of SHESHBI SHECA equipment in a decoupage with examples. 

Master class for beginners

Shebbie Decoupage: Style PrinciplesStart the decoupage lessons follows from the simplest: try to change the type of special workpiece. In the future, it will perform, for example, the role of the mirror frame. 

We need to prepare in advance:

  • Thin Spatelle. 
  • a piece of light fabric;
  • transparent acrylic varnish;
  • simple pencil;
  • special decoupage glue;
  • scissors;
  • White paint – the quality of the value does not have;
  • Shebbi chic pictures for decoupage applied to three-layer napkins or handkerchiefs;
  • cotton discs;
  • alcohol liquid;
  • the workpiece of the required form;

The workpiece must be required to degrease the alcohol fluid. Then it is painted generously white paint on both sides so that the basis does not transluce. Waiting for drying. Make a pattern on a napkin with a pattern – for this edge of the workpiece is shown by a simple pencil – necessarily make tolerances on the seams.

Gently glued, removing bubbles with a piece of clean fabric – if the surface is smoothed with your fingers, even clean hands can leave fat traces. The edges are treated with a spatula until everything dried – removing traces of seams – they should be perfectly smooth.

The same spatula can create artificial injury on the edges. Then everyone is covered with transparent varnish in several layers and after drying the frame can already be hung on the wall. 

And around which it will be located around the mirror or pictures, the decision is made independently. 

New Life Casket 

Decoupage Casket in the style of Shebbi Chic is performed almost the same, but requires more stages, materials and tools.

It is necessary to add dark paint to the list of materials – black or dark brown, soil, skirt, a piece of paraffin:

  • All parts of the box – inside and outside – you need to degrease and paint;
  • The box is applied to the casket so that the paint lay down even. Waiting for dry;
  • Then everything is scratched with dark paint and wait again when dried;
  • Places where in the future will be seen «Chips and cracks» – angles, legs, the most convex parts – rubbing paraffin. When decoupageing SHESHBBI furniture chic make up space near the handles, the bottom of the cabinet doors, the edges of the tables and chairs, the back of beds;
  • Next, the box is covered with white. Not necessarily that it was pure white. If a drop of ocher is dropped – it turns out the noble color of the ivory, burned Umbra – you can achieve a warm shade of pink dawns. To work further, you need to dry the paint;
  • Next work the sandpaper where you want to have obvious failure. You can use the rasp;
  • Shebbie Decoupage: Style PrinciplesNext, the box is drawn up on your own taste. On the lid, you can stick pictures from decoupar napkins, lace, various ribbons. At the edges of the paint layer to the picture «fitted», And it seemed the impression that it is drawn on the tree;
  • Inside the casket also need to be punished and handled by a spatula. «Old» The thing that was used would necessarily have characteristic failures;
  • Then the decorated surface is lacquered, and it passes with a dry rigid brush. The varnish should remain characteristic;
  • Inside the casket can be saved with lace or leave just painted surface. 

When decoupageing furniture use similar techniques. 

If you want to perform a decoupage of a suitcase in the style of Shebbi Chic or upgrade the handbag, it is necessary to act on the same algorithm. The only nuance – when working with leather or leatherette, it is better to purchase special glue.

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