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Decoupage Keywords: Tips, Ideas, Technology


The keystitch is not only a device that allows you to lose all the keys immediately, but also a stylish accessory that can be a prominent part of this image. How to make decoupage key?

If your family members have an annoying habit of losing the keys to everything that is closed on the castle, we recommend that you immediately make the key to the key. You will see how quickly all homemade will be accustomed to its existence, and storing important things will be organized and safer. And since this decision was made, it is not necessary to stop on store billets, which still have to fully disassemble before applying decorative layers.

A key manner will look much original and beautiful, the workpiece of which will be the production of the male half of the family, especially since it will take a little strength, time or financial costs.

Basic consumables

If all the studied ideas of decoupage home key led to the fact that it will have a kind of house (quite logical), then the following will be required:

  • Decoupage Keywords: Tips, Ideas, TechnologyRequired number of keys for keys;
  • DSP trimming;
  • Thin boards or swears;
  • short nails and hammer;
  • Varnish on the basis of acrylic;
  • sponge;
  • decoupage card, which is a special paper with the desired pattern;
  • PVA glue;
  • Lac with the effect of crabeller and paint based acrylic.

Create a workpiece

The workpiece of a wooden key to decoupage is made as follows:

  • Decoupage Keywords: Tips, Ideas, TechnologySeparate elements are cut out of DPS pieces, which will then become the roof and the rear wall of the house;
  • All spare parts are well sandwiched in sections, and are collected together with short carnations;
  • The improvised lodge is properly degreased by an alcohol-containing agent, after which he succumbes well;
  • Separately prepares a plano for future hooks. Robes or specks are cut according to the required dimensions, they are plugged and the same short cloves are attached to the bottom from the reverse side, so that the keystones do not stick to the clouds, denoting the locations of nails;
  • Do not immediately attach hooks, because acrylic paint or other coating can be imprinted on them, and they will have to rub them long and diligently.

Stages of decorative design

Regardless of the main idea, that is, what a form or size of the craft will be, the decoupage of the keystone occurs equally.

The total technology is as follows:

  • Decoupage Keywords: Tips, Ideas, TechnologyAll planes are toned into one layer of white paint based on acrylic, which is very convenient to make a bath with porous washcloth, stamping, but not tensile movements. So that the layer came out uniform, paint should be first distributed over the iron palette, and already gaining it to a sponge. Otherwise you have to «stretch» acrylic base on wood, which is not an easy task;
  • Despite the fact that the layer should be extremely subtle, unacceptable education
    propelin and lumen. If this happened, then the primary painted product should dry up hours 5, after which it is already more picky and tightly covered with the second layer of acrylic paint white. It will hide the possible irregularities of the planes, and contributes to the fact that the remaining coatings will become juicy and brighter;
  • Next, the decoupage of the home key, with their own hands, implies manipulations with a decoupage card, thin, but not delicate paper that does not change the primary appearance for 5-10 years. This means that all this time it will be nippled moisture, ultraviolet and other harmful factors. Consider the fact that the decoupage of the key, whether it is a heart, angels or a classroom house, can occur with the help of various cards requiring pre-soaking, or superimposed to the base method. Whatever it was, the craftsmen recommend to transfer the drawing only after soaking it in warm water, even if a couple of minutes;
  • In that situation when the dimensions of the purchased card are too large, it is necessary to cut it on fragments of the required dimensions only in a dry form, removing all the measurements in advance;
  • Decoupage Keywords: Tips, Ideas, TechnologyPVA glue, which is distributed across the surface, but should not reach the edge of a pair of centimeters, is applied to the wrong decoupage card. The map is then superimposed on the wood basis, a transparent file is placed on top, and the paper is smoothed by a rubber spatula or a cloth napkin. Never use metal or plastic objects capable of stretching or exist. Smoothing follows from the center to the edges, achieving the complete disappearance of air bubbles;
  • A couple of hours after the decoupage of the homemade keyboarding with the door or without it, the entire drawing is carefully revealed by the paint of a darker shade carefully, and only then with colorless acrylic varnish. Each new layer is applied an hour later, and they will need 2-3. Only it will be possible to protect the result achieved from the influence of moisture or burnout.

Decoupage Keywords: Tips, Ideas, TechnologyIf there is a desire to make the key to the more voluminous, you can duplicate individual elements of the decoupage card by beads, pearls, polymer clay, matter, threads and other decorative pieces. They are glued to the usual PVA or by the adhesive pistol. By the way, similar decoration can also be used for interior trim.

It can be done «under the tree», decorate carved curls, fun figures and other elements.

In general, to achieve the desired result requires only compliance with the training, application and protection of a decoupage card. The rest is the task of your imagination and accuracy.

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