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Decoupage of the Dresser: Features of Technology and Style


Tired old dresser? Do not hurry to throw it away, because of it can get a great addition to your interior. You only need to decorate it in the decoupage technique!

If you have an old ugly dresser at home, it may not be necessary to throw it right away. That if it is possible to make a pretty sweet interior detail capable Origine to decorate your room. How to do it? Today is quite simple and inexpensive way to return a beautiful view of your furniture is a decoupage. And this method is called decoupage.

And before we start studying ways to update furniture with your own hands, let’s find out what decoupage is and how it appeared in our country. 

A bit of theory

Decoupage of the Dresser: Features of Technology and StyleDecoupage itself is decorating furniture with a variety of tearched, which are combined with special effects. Despite the fact that this technique received its name in France, her homeland is the eastern part of Siberia.

A little later, this way of decorating furniture began to be used in China to decorate with paper paper, lamps or small jewelry boxes. But in Venice, this art was named «The art of poor».

This name happened because to decorate the furniture with the help of gold, silver or precious stones was the possibility of far from every person. But I wanted to live in a beautiful house.

So used poorer segments of the population This way to improve your homes. But over time, in France, such a decoration was erected to rank of art and already rich did not disappear such a decoration in her house. 

Now that we have learned what decoupage is, let’s find out how to edit the chest of drawers with this amazing method. 

Dresser decoupage: tree decoration rules 

Working with unprocessed or just old wood on the chest of drawers first of all pay attention to the smooth wood or not. If the probability of getting a slightly large colacked is quite high, then before starting work it is worth sanding the surface with shallow sandpaper.

If there are several chips on the old dresser, then definitely match them with a putty. Also during the decoupage of the chest, you should cover all the wood with a layer of special varnish. 

If the chest of drawers in good condition, then you should not apply to the preparation of special efforts. Just sand surface and cover paint. Attention! If you decide to put one of the elements of the kitchen utensils, the decoupage technique should be exposed only to the part of wooden surfaces that will not touch the products.

Decoupage of the chest from IKEA 

If a few years ago you bought a dresser in Ikea and today he does not fit into your interior, then it’s time to start updating.

In order for the decoupage of the non-nanny chest with their own hands, you need to prepare such items:

  • Cheap itself;
  • Acrylic colors of the shades you need;
  • Special lacquer, which creates a visual effect of tree cracking;
  • Acrylic varnish for coating. It we will apply at the final stage of the decoration of the old chest, since the loose paper elements can very quickly fall off;
  • Selected drawings of paper;
  • Sandpaper, Scotch and Scissors. 

Decoupage of the Dresser: Features of Technology and StyleAfter you have gathered all the materials you need can proceed to the immediate decoration of your furniture. First of all, we unscrew the handle from lockers and cover the surface with acrylic varnish. Now you need to wait until the varnish dries. After that cover the paint surface.

After the paint and varnish were finally dried, we take a few stencils and a thin brush we apply some effects on the surface. For example, if you decide to decorate the furniture with motifs with flowers or birds, you can draw thin branches on the surface. 

By the way, in order to create a designer thing like Ikeevsky chest, you can use ordinary newspapers. Decorating them very just. To do this, you need not to paint the tree, but enclosed with newspaper clipp. But it’s still worth covering lacquer after graduation. Otherwise, the newspaper will simply move and fall off with time.

By the way, the decoupage of mini dresser can be done in the same way. But with such a decoration you need to remember that the details on the mini chest must also be miniature. By the way, the most interesting in this case by the decoupage of the mini chest of IKEA will be the floral motif. 

Features of the decoupage of the chest in the style of Provence

The first feature of the design of furniture in this style is the color gamut. Taken in this case flowers are considered blue, white, olive and yellow. As for the paper parts themselves, in the style of Provence most often use the symbols of this amazing French town – olive branch, lavender or sunflowers. 

The procedure for decorating furniture occurs roughly as in other cases. But here you should not use too rich and «Overloaded» colors. The shade should be gentle and easy for perception, and the flowers in no case should be too large and bright. 

Decoupage of the Dresser: Features of Technology and StyleI want to tell another little trick: if you want to make your chest chest, then you can apply a small amount of lavender splashing. And if you still attach paper applications with lavender motifs, then the comedicle will have an amazing.

But how to make beautiful droplets, you will not draw each separately. To do this you need paint and hard toothbrush.

Please note that the brush must be just a rigid, because with too soft bristles, the drops will turn too large and uneven. Before spraying the paint, go to the meter or two.

The distance depends on the size of the drop you need. The closer you put, the greater the size there will be droplets. 

As you can see, give a new life to your chest with the help of decoupage techniques. Of course, for the first time you all will get quite slow. Yes, and the results of their own inaccurability will also have to eliminate. But the result is worth! So take paints, cut the pictures you like and update your old furniture!

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