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Features of embroidery Richelieu


Embroidery Richelieu originally appeared in Italy, and the fashion was asked to the century later. They decorated their things this kind of embroidery only noble parties, gold and silver threads were used for work

The boundaries of patterns and individual parts with the embroidery method are treated with looped seam, fragments of fabric that do not participate in the pattern, cut out. Traditionally was to embroider white on white. But now it is permissible to perform embroidery in any color on the tissues of different colors and in tone, and contrasting threads. 

A bit of history

Features of embroidery RichelieuNames from Embroidery Richelie.

They say about her:

  • sewing in English;
  • slotted embroidery;
  • Fester seam;
  • Sitted smooth. 

Refers this way to decorate products for embroidery «Urban type». Fashion breaking things started in Italy in the XIV century. In Western Europe, art took its niche to the XVI century, and wearing products extended in such a way predominantly noble citizens. Thus, decorated table linen, collars of court suits, handkerchiefs, royal bed linens and approximate to the highest light. 

It is said that I knew how to embroider in this way the Cardinal Richelieu! And in honor of it, the sewing method got its name. In fact, embroidery appeared before the cardinal. 

Ways to embroider rickel a lot.

These include:

  • Easy embroidery;
  • Embroidery, complemented by peak and jumpers;
  • Embroidery with beads;
  • openwork;
  • with Venetian seam and t. D. 

In Soviet times, Richelieu schemes were printed in journals dedicated to needlework, now the easiest way to find drawings on embroidery sites.

Choosing the picture you like, you need to specify, these are the schemes are prepared for machine embroidery Richelieu or for manual? Since each type of drawing is characterized by its specificity. 

Where to start mastering this type of applied art?

Ricade Cheese Embroidery Schemes, designed for beginners, best choose easier. It is better that the main ornament consists of simple details, the figures were on each other.

If the pattern seems simple, it can then be decorated additionally, some seams of other methods of needlework. 

Before proceeding with work, conduct preliminary training:

  • Choose fabric – dense cotton or hard flax;
  • Calculate the severity of thread. Board for beginners: the most convenient to take thin wool or moulin, which then has been done in a needle in several additions. 

Cut the fabric will have to be from the inside. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare sharp scissors in advance with a curved edge – it is best for manicure. Near the edge of stitches to act especially carefully. 

Algorithm I Classes

  • Pictures are transferred to the fabric using copy paper or fix the finished circuit that has been relocated to transparent material;
  • The fabric is fixed on the hoop;
  • All elements of the pattern are flashing, the needle is injected in the direction of movement. Flash Embroidery schemes Richelieu in several rows, between which small intervals should remain. Thick materials are stitched with thick silk, thin – Moulin. Permissible to use coil threads.
  • Next, jumpers are performed, called bridards. To do this, the thread is pulling between the parallel rows of the backbone, recking from one pattern of the picture to another. The thread that work is performed, is carried out in the interval between the rows of the mark and stretches back.
  • Brdets are cooled with looped seam.
  • The fabric under the jumpers is cut.
  • The edges of the proceeds received are also cooled. 

After completion of cozy, you can already evaluate the results of your labor.

For first experience, it is best to take the fabric of light color, and the threads are dark – or vice versa. Work with contrasting colors novice easier. 

Master Class for Machine Embroidery

Features of embroidery RichelieuFor machine work with Richelieu, you need to have the following tools and accessories – except the sewing machine itself, of course:

  • Water soluble phlizelin;
  • glue phlizelin;
  • the cloth;
  • sharp scissors;
  • Family;
  • Thicks. 

Next, the workpiece is made: both types of phlizelin are glued to the tissue – each other, water-soluble, adhesive. And the entire sandwich is very neatly fixed on the chambers – if the cloth is skewed, the embroidery will not work.

The scheme of machine embroidery Rickel for beginners is best to choose with floral motifs consisting of large parts. 

Procedure for performing operations 

  • The drawing is touched on the type of contour;
  • The part of the pattern on which the openwork is provided. Only tissue is cut, fliseline does not touch. The closer the fabric cuts to the edge of the line, the end result will be similar to the selected pattern;
  • Berry-jumpers are laid on Fliselina. 

After the end of the work, water-soluble flieslin is washed off, the product is revealed. 

If there is no possibility to purchase a water-soluble phlizelin, then the embroidery pattern of the rickel for beginners is somewhat complicated.

Elements also tighten with a straight line with a small step, and then, without removing the gasket thread, the contours are cooled by a zigzag. Cut the material after the scheme is rejuvenable, that is, in the last stage.

Richeliele embroidery techniques

In addition to the looping seam, there are other ways of pumping jumpers. 

You can make bridges with the tooth: Looped seam is performed on 2/3 billing. Then the thread is fixed at 7 stitch, returned back, fix, return again and reinforce again. If you now finish the jumper with a looped seam, then there will be characteristic teeth on it. 

Pig Pico: Stretch a few threads between markups and wrap a marked looped seam, the stitches of which are laid at a minimum distance. These stitches stretch symmetrically on each side of the jumper. 

Regularly engaged in embroidery, you can master a lot of interesting techniques. The product will look like a work of art. 

Super Richelieu

Finishing Richelieux will give an extra plus stitch beads. Thing decorated in this way will look richer. 

Ways to supplement Figure Several:

  • Each beery is sewn separately, after the product is completed. We can say that this is a method: Richelie plus beads. With the help of it on the overall background, berries, flowers and similar separate decorative parts are selected;
  • Features of embroidery RichelieuThe contours of the drawing fill in beads, they are tightly customized to each other. Purchases are made on the wrong way, they are practically not visible. Extra elements are cut off after filling the main parts of beads;
  • Embroidery with beads is performed separately. Stripped on the string beads is laid out in the form of openings in cut-off places. Looks very beautiful, but if the thread breaks up, then all the work will have to begin again. In the finish of things intended for socks, this method is not applied. 

The most universal method of the openness using beads-beads – to wash them edges of the drawings intended for embroidery Richelieu. And already decorative slits to do later.

So perform decor of collar, cuts of dresses and blouses. 

Embroidery Richelieu can turn any product into exclusive. Richelieres transforms your wardrobe products and make them truly unique!

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