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Waste crafts: trash – in business!


It is not necessary to throw old tin cans, plastic bottles and jars from yogurts. All these subjects can give a second life by making creative crafts from waste

Recently, you can still see unusual crafts from waste. Make them not so difficult, it would be a desire, free time and a little fantasy. By the way, it is the last item and is the most important. In the presence of developed imagination and fantasy from an unsuccessful garbage, you can create real works of art.

Crafts from waste: trash - in business!Moreover, the process of creativity inspires and captures that it is simply impossible to stop.

What waste can be used to create crafts with your own hands? The answer is simple – different. All suitable: shells from nuts, eggs, disposable dishes, computer discs, cups from ice cream, plastic eggs from chocolate delicacy Kinder surprise and its analogues.

In general, everything will be used for creativity, and over time when you get into the process, you will see that you can make it possible to make it possible to make it. And for those who only try to make crafts from domestic waste, then several ideas will be given.

Mastery with children

As you already understood, the material for the manufacture of crafts is diverse. Therefore, and crafts from waste, performed by their own hands always get interesting and unique.

Let’s think, and what an interesting one can make it possible to attract children to the process. For example, offer your choa to do with unnecessary plastic eggs from kinder surprises a livestock farm or men.

For creativity you will need another marker, plasticine, you can also buy self-adhesive eyes. Plastic egg will become a torso for a man or an animal, with the help of a marker you can draw small parts, and plasticine stick the ears, nose and legs.

If you wish, you will connect, for example, the chicken in a natural value, and for similarities, enclosure the plastic base with rugs and paint yellow paint. It turns out a cheerful and entertaining toy.

For creativity with kids, one-time dishes will also fit. For example, with a fork and a small piece of fabric, you can build an unusual fan for a small princess. With disposable spoons make a creative bouquet as a gift to your beloved grandmother.

Lotoming in spa «Heads», You can post a beautiful composition, and then apply paint plastic, sequins, glue pieces of colored paper, butt, in general, decorate your taste.

Making such crafts from waste with children, you can not only have fun and with benefit to spend time, but also teach a child to work with various materials, develop fantasy and creative thinking.

More adult kids can be offered to do something with the help of old blurred light bulbs. Christmas decorations from light bulbs look very original. They can be painted with paints, plane with colored paper, tinsel or come up with some kind of variants of the anti-old transformation. A little fantasy – and such a toy will not be worse than in the store.

Using cups from fermented milk products, you can make a gel bell, decoring it with sparkles, beads, colored paper and many others. Such crafts from waste are suitable for school, they can be made in labor lessons.

Mastery something useful

Crafts from waste: trash - in business!From unnecessary garbage you can not just create, but create useful crafts. Do not rush to drag plastic bottles on the garbage, packages from juice and trays from eggs. Crafts from solid and plastic household waste look very beautiful and revived the interior.

You can make it possible to make creative vases, stands for pencils, porridge and pots under flowers – this is not the entire list of utilities that can be created independently of solid waste.

One option for what can be made of plastic bottles – Stand for jewelry. This idea is easy to implement in life, but it looks like this product is very original.

This is done as follows:

  • Take five plastic bottles or how much you wish. The number of tiers of the future stand depends on their quantity. Cut in the bottles of bottoms. You can not at all «under root», Then the plates for decoration will be deepened;
  • Now arm a drill and drill in the center of bottled holes holes;
  • Purify the edges of your billets a beautiful form, for example, a flower and place a little. This will make the product more attractive;
  • Now take the metal needle, its length will depend on the number of tiers;
  • Secure each tier on the spokes of pucks on both sides. Check your craft from plastic waste to stability. If it costs good, then the product is ready. If desired, it can be decorated with beads, rhinestones and other materials on your choice.

Crafts from waste: trash - in business!It is worth saying that in the crawl, the method of manufacturing which is described above, you can add not only decorations, but any small items, for example, coins or buttons.

As you can see, if you smoke a little bit, it is possible to make very creative and attractive little things with unnecessary trash. And around the world, the number of people who make their masterpieces trash grow annually.

Citizens turn waste into revenues, and in the literal sense of the word. Masters interesting things from the older, people sell their work, getting money for it. So an interesting hobby can be a source of good income.

So – try, fantasize, create! It is possible that in a short time and your crafts from waste will turn into revenues. In this matter, the main thing is to start, and then everything goes by itself. Do not be afraid to create and believe in your strength!

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