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Crafts from Pets


Decorative crafts from the fats will decorate the room and allow you to make her design much more interesting. A simple hobby turns out to be incredibly fascinating!

Making your own hand crafts from the fats can be an excellent hobby for a woman or a girl experiencing a desire to create and decorate the apartment with cute baubles. Typically, material is used for clothing decor. But, you can find it completely unusual application, for example, after having completed bright colorful flowers.

Crafts from Pedes: Flower Master Class 

In order for the decorative element to be original and colorful, it is recommended to use the following materials: 

  • Crafts from PetsRound sparkles of pink and green shade;
  • Beads for performing buds and stamens;
  • pliers;
  • Wire. 

Crafts from beads and wipes does not differ in difficulty and is quite accessible to even a novice master: 

  • To perform the simplest flower of fats, it is necessary to cut off about 40 cm wire. A wire bisads and sparkles, starting with beads. It will take for one petal 15 waters and 16 beads; 
  • Having traveled the specified amount of decorative material, the wire is thoroughly twisted and, without cutting, the following petals perform, adhering to the same scheme. The optimal option is a flower with 5 petals; 
  • Having finished the petals, they need to be combined as close as possible, twisting the pliers to the middle part of the volumetric craft from the fates; 
  • Each petal is neatly straightened and proceed to creating a core; 
  • For this take a piece of wire, 35 cm long. Owing on it 3 bispers, twisted wire for 2-3 cm. Then repeat the same process for another 4-5 times. Thus form stamens. Optionally, they must be the same, you can vary the length of the wire part; 
  • Stamens are connected to a bundle and placed in the middle part of the workpiece with petals. First flower ready. After performing several crafts, you can get a colorful bouquet; 
  • Now it is to work on creating twigs and buds. For undischarged bud, you will need a blank of 3-petals that need to be slightly twisted at the top. Stamens in this case are not needed; 
  • Spreads are made of a wire base of 20 cm long, performing dotted with glitter and green beads. Materials shift to the central part of the base and bend it in half. One of the ends of the folded wire is stretched through the hole in the sequin; 
  • Then we ripe 7 pieces of beads and 6 sequins, twisting the edges of the wire base along the entire length; 
  •  Having made several twigs, they are connected to the previously prepared colors. 

With the help of sequins, you can create incredibly beautiful trees, for example, snow-covered birch. 

How to perform snow-covered birch out of the fats 

For this craft, the use of fats will be required: 

  • Crafts from PetsAluminum wire with a cross section of 4 kV. mm;
  • Copper wire, specially intended for weaving beads;
  • Aluminum wire with a cross section of 2.5 kV. mm for tree branches;
  • plastic pearl beads;
  • Silver sequins in the form of snowflakes, as well as round;
  • silver beads;
  • alabaster;
  • glass stand;
  • nippers;
  • White floral ribbon. 

Below is a laconic master class for the manufacture of bulk wood from the fats: 

  • For tree branches, it is necessary to cut aluminum wire with pieces of 55 cm long. It will take about 60 branches; 
  • For each «twig» Slip the dotted of sequins and beads for a length of about 20 cm. First should go sparkle-snowflake. Next, they alternate with round and large mother-of-pearl beads;
  • Ready branches are collected together and fasten with floral tape. In the middle of the beam, it is desirable to insert a thicker aluminum wire to make a trunk of a tree harsh; 
  • Now continue to work with wops, performing small twigs, the length of which does not exceed 15-25 cm. You can then fasten each branch to a long branch or connect with the main bundle or form small groups of 4-5 twigs. In any case, the use of small billets will allow you to get a lush crown of a snowy tree;
  • Places of fastening of twigs to the main billets and all the places where bare aluminum is present, be sure to close the white floral ribbon. The resulting crown should be slightly correcting, giving branches volume and directing in different directions; 
  • The finished tree is attached to a glass stand or «Sit down» in a pot. Such crafts like trees from fates are best looking at good lighting. 

By the way, it is not necessary to use the scheme of volumetric crafts from the fats. It looks good looking paintings created by their own hands and the corresponding room design. 

Master class on creating a picture 

Materials that you need for the painting: 

  • gouache or watercolor paints;
  • Plexiglas or glass;
  • plasticine;
  • Decorative sparkles. 

Naturally, each needlewoman can come up with its own plot, on the basis of which and make a wonderful picture.

By the way, images are still volumetric and look very original: 

  • Crafts from PetsOn paper perform drawing. It is placed under the glass and the contours of individual parts are filled with plasticine. The thickness of the layer should not exceed 2 mm;
  • In accordance with the color of the selected plasticine, the sequins of the required tone use. They are simply stuck in plasticine often; 
  • Thus, gradually fill the whole picture. Naturally, all elements must be quite large. For example, pictures of cartoon characters are perfect; 
  • Free piece of glass paint paint. Together with sparkles, you can apply other decorative materials, for example, rhinestones or drieds. 

The art of decorating waters requires attention and focus. However, anyone will quickly get the necessary skills and learn how to create really original crafts.

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