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Filigree art: crafts made of paper in Quilling technique


Walking flowers, bizarre curls and megareal paintings – all these works of art you can make your own hands using a unique quilling technique

Art create surprisingly beautiful interior items and useful things to learn difficult. But if you decide to make quilling, master the skill, bringing the joy and sea of ​​positive emotions, can very quickly.

I swear, first ..

Filigree art: crafts made of paper in Quilling techniqueOne of the most popular needlework requests «Crafts from paper Quilling» On the Internet, as a result of searching for a lot of links, going through which you can use a visual manual, immediately proceed to the embodiment of the images and paintings by you.

The art of creating a twisted paper of lung openwork panels or other decor items has several hundred years. And today, crafts made of paper made in the killing technique, as the type of creativity are at the peak of popularity.

This method does not require large capital investments and special knowledge. And even if you have never tried to create something in your life, you should not have difficulties with work in this technique.

Hobbies worthy of queens

What is good such a kind of hobby, like the creation of queen crafts, so this is what makes them incredibly entertaining and useful for physical and mental health. The lesson develops a small motorcy of the hands, a sense of excellent and taste, has a pacifying effect.

This is a pleasant pastime, interesting hobby and the ability to create your own hands beautiful pictures, cute cards and original packaging for gifts.

Currently, the very popular skill of paperwork, namely, this is the second name of the type of work in Quilling, uses in Western Europe – Italy and France.

According to the story, which became legendary, the technique appeared due to the fact that in the distant XV century, the nuns came to the head of a light thought not to throw away, and twist the remnants of thin strips of paper with gold and silver left after trimming book pages, and create a three-dimensional image.

From the XV until the XIX century, skill flourished and was the lotion of the feet of noble blood, representatives of the highest class. It is known that the English Princess Elizabeth (1770-1840) was very fond of the art of queening, and many works of her authorship still carefully stored in Victoria and Albert Museum in London. With the first migrants, art came to North America.

On the territory of Asia (Japan, South Korea), where she got from Europe, this skill develops originally. Oriental Guru skillfully combine this method with the finest graphics and plastic. It develops its own school, which is characterized by the grace and deep philosophical meaning in images and plots.

The traditions of the Korean School of Qwill have a number of differences from the methods of the paper of the Masters of Europe. European workshops are characterized by conciseness, have similarities with mosaic, most often serve as decoration of postcards and small paintings.

The techniques of rapid creation of quilling works are used here, while the works of the Masters of the East are reminded by real jewelry masterpieces – filigree and the finest, as if the finest 3D lace.

New life of bizarre craft in a quilling technique

Over time, interest in art is a bit of UGAS, but in the twentieth century, with his middle, the fascination of a focus began to gain momentum again and gradually it penetrated and well settled in the ranking of the most popular types of needlework.

Unlike such a popular type of creativity, as origami, quilling methods for making crafts from paper do not oblige you to memorize complex schemes and lines for which you need to add certain figures. And you are completely able to master the technique yourself.

If, after the acquisition of the basic skills, you will want to move on, look for the studio in which a qualified master teaches. Such a specialist will help to correct possible defects, shortcomings in your work and will show how to make your works even more elegant and original. For beginners it is recommended to take a couple of lessons, visit the master class of famous in Hand-Made Mentor’s circles, and you will succeed!

Filigree art: crafts made of paper in Quilling techniqueThe charm of queening is that it suits almost for any age. Children like to make masseraging all sorts of flowers, butterflies and just decorate paper sheets with multi-colored curls. You can trust the gluing spirals and the elements on the canvas formed.

And as soon as you decide that the child has learned to use scissors, observing precautions, you can entrust him with a responsible work – the blank strips and tapes from which you will create crafts. For beginners this stage of work in the technique of quilling will be the easiest.

How to make a cam drawing with your own hands. Features of the process

Two types of paper use in quilling. Corrugated is designed for bulk work. And for ornaments and silhouette compositions use thin. This should be taken into account, because when working, such paper can easily break.

To work, you will need:

  • Scissors, small with smooth and sharp tips;
  • Paper a variety of colors. The width of the strips is usually from 3 to 7 mm;
  • Awl. It should be thin with a needle not more than 1 mm in diameter;
  • Tweezers with long handles. Can be selected with knot or without them. Tweezers will need to calculate the elements;
  • PVA glue.

The main element of the queen is roll. It is twisted with sewing. After the roll is twisted, it gives a variety of forms: leaf, core, triangle, rhombus and other. Newbies start with the manufacture of element in the form of a drop.

To do this, take in one hand (right) awl, and in the second (left) – a strip of paper. Naturally, if you are left-hand, the actions should be done on the contrary. Paper tape must be put on the index finger and press the big.

The right hand remains in place, while the left you must cheat the strip on the sewer. It is necessary to wear tight. This is the most important at this stage. When you get a small roll, you need to remove it with sewed and cheese the strip to the end. You scroll big and index fingers to the right hand, in the left interceptive and right hand correlate the tape so that it fit smoothly and tightly.

Filigree art: crafts made of paper in Quilling techniqueAfter that, the roll, which you pinch big and index fingers, you need to dissolve. Need to pull the tip of the roll, while pressing it at the same time. The second hand the central part of the roll shift to the left. So in your left hand you will have a bottom «drops», And in the right – its top.

After giving the shape of the edge of the tape should be glued. Such «a drop» becomes flower petal. If tips «drops» Bare in different directions you get «leaf» For flower arrangement.

After the required number of items is created, you can start collecting your design. Schemes are better not easy to keep in my head, but to pre-draw on paper. A visual allowance will help you to perform the first time.

And even though paper is considered a short-lived material, quilling crafts retain an attractive appearance for several years. And your picture does not necessarily cover a special tool. For greater preservation, work is better inserted into a deep frame with glass.

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