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Crafts from Orange: Show Creative


Crafts from orange will delight the child and homework. Men enjoy smoking fruit hookah. And from the remaining pulp is offered to cook a delicious drink

Incredibly fragrant juicy fruits, it turns out, can be used «not on purpose». Having attached a little imagination, from the peel of oranges make original things that may well decorate the interior. 

Rose of orange peel

Crafts from Orange: Show CreativeSuch crafts for a long time retain a pleasant citrus fragrance, since it is in their shell that there are essential oils. Therefore, the flower will create a positive mood in the room for a long time. 

What kind of orange make rose, depends on the skills of needlewoman. The thinner to cut the skin from the fetus, the more elegant the rose.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Sadkin in the form of serpentine begin to cut off with the ass with a sharp knife. As a result, a sufficiently long curved tape resembling serpentine should be obtained; 
  • Ribbon must be cut in half. Each part twisted with a loose roll; 
  • The rear of the roll must be copped with toothpick, as a flower made from orange, otherwise disintegrated. If the peel is cut in the form of a wide ribbon, the middle of the bottom can be slightly squeezed up, then the rose will be more voluminous; 
  • Having learned to turn and fix the roll, you can make a flower more natural. To do this, it is necessary before folding the outer edge of the tape to cut in the form of petals or simply give it the wave-like outlines;
  • Under fine orange peel oranges is white, sufficiently dense pulp. From it you can also make roses using the same non-speed scheme; 
  • Orange roses look great and even exuded gentle fragrance. And white flowers are not so elegant. I would like to make them more interesting. To do this, you need to dry the flower performed with your own hands and paint the bright nail polish, gouache, watercolor paints. Of course, such a snapline will lose the saturation of citrus fragrance, but it will be stored for a long time;
  • Dried roses in a cardboard box, which is placed nearby from the heating device. For complete drying, two days are usually required;
  • To look like an orange handicraft with their own hands, you can cut small leaflets and roll out thinly cut-off peel in the form of tiny buds. Leaflets need to dry, eliminating the press tightly, otherwise they will turn out convex or deform. 

Colored roses are used as decorative elements, making up, for example, a photo frame. Parking flowers are better to use, decorating a fragrant mix, composed of dried plant petals. The mixture is filled with a glass or crystal vase and in the upper part placed flowers made with their own hands. 

If you do not want to do orange roses from the peel, and only painted flowers from white pulp attract, you can remove the zest from the fetus and to use it to decorate the desserts. For this, the peel is neatly removed in shallow grater. 

The finished zest is mixed with sugar and tightly stacked in a small jar, stored in the refrigerator. Knowing how to make an orange zest, you can constantly have a component at hand, perfectly suitable for decoration of glasses, cakes, whipped cream. 

How to use the remaining oranges

Work on the manufacture of roses is completed. «Ranged» Oranges, as a rule, eat, but it is much better to prepare homemade drinks.

To prepare juice, you will need:

  • 4 orange without leather;
  • 1 kg of sugar;
  • 9 liters of boiled water;
  • 30 g of citric acid. 

Crafts from Orange: Show CreativePurified and washed oranges are covered with boiling water and remove into the freezing chamber for the night. In the morning frozen fruits defrost. So that the process goes faster, it is recommended to use a microwave. Orange pulp is cut into small pieces and then crushed by blender. 

The prepared mass is poured with 3 liters of cold boiled water and leave alone for 20-30 minutes. This time is enough to boil 6 liters of water with sugar and lemon acid. 

Mass are filtering and mixed fused juice with cooked syrup. The cooled drink is spilled into suitable containers and removed into the refrigerator, as the juice made of orange can be drunk after 1-2 hours. 

The meals remaining after being made from the oranges of the drink, can be mixed with sugar and further use as a filling for a homemade appetizing cake. 

Orange for lovers of hookah

Not only among the needlewomen crafts from orange are in demand. Often to the use of fruits resorted lovers hookah. It is believed that replacing the chilim fruit, you can get a saturated, original taste of tobacco. 

The only drawback of the orange is too gentle flesh, from which it is difficult to remove the bones, not deforming the fetus. Therefore, smoking will last long – only 30-40 minutes.

The process itself, how to make a hookah orange, is simple:

  • First, rinse all the details of the hookah under the jet of warm water. Cold water poured into the flask. Its level should be above the inserted tube by about 3 cm. You can add some wine, aromatic oils, milk, which will only improve the tobacco fruit taste; 
  • The upper part of the orange is cut and removed the flesh. The form of the prepared fetus should resemble a bowl and be sufficiently voluminous; 
  • The bottom of the improvised chilim is covered with a foil, in which several holes are preliminarily poured. Instead of foil, you can use toothpicks, building a kind of grid of them, which will prevent tobacco to fall into the flask; 
  • Fruit bowl fill with doubled tobacco. The upper part of the fetus is closed by a foil with holes or a screen with a grid. Then the bowl is stacked in the mine;
  • Large coal must be crushed. Small coals are placed on the screen grid and incite with a special lighter; 
  • Hookah, usually placed on the floor. Opening the fragrant mixture, you can enjoy the fruit and tobacco taste with friends. As soon as the fruit hookah does, it is necessary to pour the coals with water and, breaking the device, thoroughly rinse with warm water all its details. 

Crafts from Orange: Show Creative

Fruit hookah lovers argue the following:

  • Fruit juice prevents tobacco fast drying, so the process continues much longer;
  • To the fruit bowl is put tobacco more than in Chile, which also contributes to the duration of smoking hookah;
  • Tobacco smashes longer, as the fruit heats up less than Chile. 

The familiar fruit can be used for original crafts and smoking, depending on the desires of a person who bought him.

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