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How to make an interesting and delicious craft from fruits and vegetables: process descriptions


Almost all children love to make something like them. If plasticine and colored paper are already fed up, try to make it easily crafts from vegetables with your own hands together with children

If you do not know how to take your child with long winter evenings, in order to at least distract it from watching cartoons and games in the tablet, try to make it yourself a little touch with him, for example, crafts from vegetables, fruits or natural material.

How to make an interesting and delicious craft from fruits and vegetables: process descriptionsThis lesson will not only bring you closer to you, but it will be extremely useful, because it trains the small motorcy of the hands, develops figurative thinking and fantasy, and also forms an artistic taste.

In addition, crafts from such a natural material as vegetables are completely harmless to the health of the child and very economical, because to carry out such a lesson you do not have to spend money – zucchini, carrot, eggplant and potatoes will always be in any house. 


Eggplant is the perfect materials for children’s crafts due to its softness, adequacy and ease of processing. However, he has a minus – it spoils very quickly, sluggings and loses its original appearance. 

To create a pretty dachshund, you will need:

  • One large and smooth eggplant with a long tower for the body;
  • Another eggplant with a tail for the paws and head;
  • pepper peas;
  • knife and scissors;
  • Toothpick. 

The first smooth eggplant with a long tail is set aside and we take for the second. From him cut off a piece of 4 cm long on the other side where the tail is a muzzle of a dog. Dry part of the tail must be carefully trimmed with scissors to turn out the nose of the dog. From the remaining already cropped eggplant on the other hand, we also cut off 4 cm and divide along 4 parts, we will finish the skin from above – it will be legs of our dachshund. 

Next, from the eye skirts with scissors, it is necessary to cut ears and withers, attach them with a toothpicks to the head of a dog, make eyes out of peas. Need to try to make a crawl so that the pulp is not visible at all. Now you can start assembling the dachshunds: the head is attached to the body with several toothpicks, and their help and their paws are attached.  That’s all, dachshund is ready.

If you doubt your own, you can find the master class on the manufacture of similar crafts and a little rush. 


Few people love real rats and rejoices a meeting with them in real life.  But this rat is from the radish, even the most afraid.

In order for you to get a rat, you must get:

  • one big white radish;
  • 2-3 leaves of lettuce or on the extreme cabbage case;
  • one radish;
  • pair of olives and paprika;
  • knife;
  • Five toothpicks.

Radic need to pretty well wash and dry, remove all the leaves, except for one that will play the role of tail. Next, you need to cut all the roots, except for those that are located on the place of the mustache. Now you need to cut off the front part of the radish and attaching a radish with the help of toothpicks.

On the right and left, slightly above the nose-radish make two eyes from the olive halves.  You can also use remnants of radishes for eyebrows of our rat. It remains only to make ears from lettuce leaves. Need to make neat slits on the sides of the rat head and insert lettuce leaves in them.

«A train»

A very simple eulfay of natural material is the train from Zabachkov. To do this, you will need 4 small young zucchini, one carrot, a piece of cheese and toothpicks.

Two zucchini turn into wonderful wagons, a 2 cm long carrot tip – into the coupling for cars. The two remaining zucchini are cut by rings and become wheels in the amount of 8 pieces and as many circles need to cut out of carrots.

Now you need to pick up in pairs «wheels» Zucchini and carrots and attach to cars with the help of toothpicks with carrots outwards, and from sliced ​​cheese sliced ​​make windows for wagons.


The beauty of the crafts with your own hands from vegetables, except for a pleasant pastime in the family of the family, is also the fact that after they all pour out, the figures can easily eat. Not all kids love to eat raw vegetables, but here you try to eat cheerful crafts from vegetables for children, few people will refuse, for example, a fun cucumber crocodile.

To create a crocodile, you will need:

  • one cucumber curve for the body;
  • two cucumbers for head, tail and paws;
  • 2 Any eye berries.

How to make an interesting and delicious craft from fruits and vegetables: process descriptionsCurve cucumber until you touch. We start working with another cucumber: Cut 2 cm on one side where the tail is attached – it will be the occipital part of the head of our crocodile. The remaining part is cut along in half: one part will go to the tail, the other will be headed with a mouth. Krocodile teeth need to cut very carefully, so as not to break the cucumber’s crust. The legs of the crocodile need to make them the tips of the third cucumber.

Now you can start assembling. First you need to attach legs and tail to the torso with toothpicks. Then collect together two parts of the head and attach them from top to the body. Now it will only remain to make the crocodile of the eyes and you can delight the children with a funny and healthy dish.


Especially on the soul of small kids crafts from fruit.

In order to make a delicious and beautiful craft from apples in the shape of the caterpillar takes:

  • 6 apples about the same size;
  • 1 Long carrot;
  • 8 black olives;
  • 30-35 pieces. green peas;
  • 2 black peas;
  • 1 radish;
  • needle with thread;
  • knife;
  • Toothpick.

Five apples must be connected in such a way that the body of the caterpillar is obtained, it is necessary to connect them with each other with toothpicks. From carrots cut off the tip with a length of 3-5 cm and attach the caterpillar in the form of a tail to the caterpillar, the remaining carrots is cut at ten identical rings and is attached two to each apple – the legs turned out. Now we put our caterpillar on the legs.

Green peas We ride on the thread, and beautiful beads are obtained for the caterpillar and we put them on the first apple, cover top with the last sixth apple ass and fasten the toothpicks. Black peas put on the place of the eyes, Redish – to the spout. Black olives We ride 4 for 2 toothpicks and make horns.


The easiest and most beloved craft is the carriage of pumpkin, because it is done very easily. All you need is a thin and sharp knife, pumpkin, zucchini and toothpicks.

From pumpkins neatly cuts off «Hat», The pulp is chosen to a spoon. Next, with the help of a knife in a pumpkin, the windows and the door are cut. Wheels are cut from zucchini and attached toothpicks. Now you need to give a pumpkin to dry a bit, and you can put the candle inside it and light. All lamp ready.

How to make an interesting and delicious craft from fruits and vegetables: process descriptionsWhatever crafts from vegetables and fruits would make marstek with their children, for yourself or as crafts for a garden from vegetables, you should always remember about safety rules. All vegetables and fruits must be washed, because in the process of work, and after its end, the child will surely want to taste his masterpiece.

All stitching and cutting items: knives, scissors, needles and toothpicks should be in the field of your vision, and at the end of the work are washed and decomposed in their place.

If you have any difficulties with the manufacture of a particular craft described above, you can always find any workshops from vegetables and fruit detailed descriptions and step-by-step photos.

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