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To do not bother at home, learn how to make crafts from clips!


Love Mastery from Primary Materials, try creating a craft from a clip. And what of them can be done, read in the article

If on the street rain and get away is absolutely impossible, then you should look for entertainment at home. But what to do if the apartment is ideally, lunch is ready, and the TV is tired? Perhaps it is worth doing creativity and make some craft. By the way, this interesting thing can be attracted to the whole family and have fun.

Mastery can be made of anything, for example, try to make crafts from the clips, and if you don’t know how, then read the article, there will be several interesting ideas in it.

Stationery Flower

To do not bother at home, learn how to make crafts from the clips!The simplest thing can be made from the closet – a bouquet that will not only please the eye, but also to perform a practical function, to respond to the safety of stationery.

To make beautiful flowers, the following items will need:

  • Colored stationery clips (2-3 boxes), shades choose to your taste;
  • 2 sheets of paper A4;
  • Glue, scissors, circula.

If everything is ready, you can begin to make a craft of colored clips:

  • On the same sheet of A4 format, draw a circle 4 circle: 2 large single radius and 2 smaller diameters (with a difference of about 3 cm). If you are engaged in creativity with a small child, then instead of a circular for drawing circles, use the cups of different diameters;
  • Armed with scissors, cut the drawn circles. By the way, if there are colored paper or cardboard, then the blanks can be made from these materials;
  • Now two big round blanks Loop glue and connect together;
  • From the remaining sheet of paper, fold the stalk for the flower. It should turn out to be flat, and to keep it better, wake it with glue;
  • Now on the glued circles, place the stem, but not with the edge, and so that lay throughout the diameter. This will make the flower more stable;
  • You got a blank, something looks like a racket for large tennis, but it’s not all. To the big circle you need to stick a smaller circle. At the same time, glue only on the center of the leaflet, and the edges should be in free «Flight». Similarly, the smallest circle is attached;
  • Paper flower is ready, now you need to use paper clips, make colored petals and beautiful stem. To do this, in the free edges of the three circles from paper are multicolored stationery, and green paper clips are attached to the improvised stem.

To do not bother at home, learn how to make crafts from the clips!After all the manipulations of the flower is ready, he will very well look at the organizer on the desktop, and so that the caretaker from the stationery clips does not fall, it is recommended to slightly press the line.

In principle, if you do a flower not with 3, but with 2 circles of the closet, it will be more stable.

Mastery garland

With the help of clips, you can make a very attractive garland, which will certainly decorate the room for any holiday. To make such beauty, you will need not so many firing materials: scissors, bright sheets of paper, suitable magazines and any dense printed publications, glue and paper clips.

Now you can make a garland:

  • To do not bother at home, learn how to make crafts from the clips!Cut the rectangular pieces of paper of this value so that they can be wrapped with clip;
  • Now take one stationery and wrap paper, free edge lock with glue;
  • Couple «Elegant» Stretch S «naked», and then wrap the second;
  • Take the described actions until you get the garland of the desired length.

By the way, if desired, the decoration can be made in several rows. And using the clips of different sizes, create a very interesting garland at all.

It is worth noting that enhanced women according to such a principle of crawling curtains, and kids are funny bracelets for themselves and friends.

Making Christmas toys

With the help of clips, you can make it easiest cute Christmas toys in the form of skates for figure skating.

For the embodiment of creative venture, such materials will be needed:

  • Felt of different shades;
  • Beads or sequins;
  • Paper sheet and pencil;
  • Large paper clips;
  • Thin tapes;
  • Glue;
  • Threads and needle.

To do not bother at home, learn how to make crafts from the clips!On a sheet of paper Draw a horse, but without blades, one shoe. Cut the stencil, then transfer the image to felt.

Before cutting the image from the fabric, fold it in half, so that later you could do a real horse. Cutting in the middle do not need anything. After cutting, two skates in the mirror reflection should turn out.

In the middle of the felt blank distribute the clip, after which the edge of the future toy. Make it with large stitches using a thread of such a shade to harmonize with a cloth.

From two sides of the crosslied product, secure beads or sequins with glue, they will serve as improvised holes for laces.

Last bar remained, trigger thin ribbon to felt skate, and you will get a wonderful toy for the Christmas tree.

By the way, such decorations can be cooked for the birthday of a child if the baby is fond of hockey. It will help make a thematic holiday.

As you can see, crafts made of clips, made with your own hands, can be diverse. Everything is limited only to your fiction and desire. Do not be afraid to fantasize and create, you will succeed, good luck!

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