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Crafts for the New Year 2016 – Original ideas


Ideas of crafts. Crafts for the new year 2016 – make a Christmas toy and gifts and gifts. New Year’s crafts together with children – Thread balls, injured branches and snowmen from pomponov

And adults, and children, all without exception are waiting for the arrival of New Year holidays. This is a special time filled with a cheerful fuss, buying gifts and a miracle expectation. Much joy brings decoration to the meeting of 2016 at home and New Year tree. For this, a lot of festive, thematic decorations – toys, garlands, New Year accessories. However, we propose to experience the joy of creativity and make crafts ourselves to the new year 2016.

Especially well, if there are children in your family and they will take part in this colossal pleasure – do children’s crafts do it yourself. After all, the joint creativity always brings people, makes them more relative and more friendly!

Ideas of crafts for the new year

Crafts for the New Year 2016 - Original ideasIt is no secret that every year has its own patron. 2016, of course, no exception. His patron Red Fire Monkey. So coming up with the ideas of the crafts and thinking how to decorate your home and the table to the holiday to try to please the hostess.

First, do not forget about red. Secondly, if you have a fireplace, then at most time decorate it and light to celebrate. If not, you can make thematic candlesticks, weld red candles and be sure to light them on the New Year’s table. Bengal lights will also be in the topic. But burning fire in the house, remember the rules of fire safety and prudence.

Totem Monkeys can be used in full in searching for the ideas of crafts with their own hands to decorate the house for the new year. For example, walls can be drilled monkey masks. Mordo monkeys for this cut out of the napkins with the original way or make using modular origami. From a puff pastry can be baked monkeys for magnetics and Christmas toys.

This animal can be embodied in felt toys, using felting technician and macrame, tilde dolls, embroidery, paints on any media – paper, fabric, glass and t. D., In general, what is enough fantasy. And this is not counting the familiar New Year’s crafts in the form of felt boots for gifts, scrapbooking, original balls, branches and cones in homemade «More».

Crafts for the new year – Gift shoes

Of course, all the ideas in one small article will not list, so we selected those that most liked most and that are easier to implement.

Fetra boots can be like a Christmas tree toy and a full-fledged booze, in which the family members are taken to put gifts.

To create it, you will need:

  • pattern pattern;
  • red and burgundy felt;
  • rain, lace, buttons and other elements for decoration;
  • scissors, threads, needle;
  • Syntheton.

Download and print templates. Impose them to felt and move with chalk or soap wash. Cut. The side blanks will need two, soles – one. In case the boot is not done alone, it means that the number of patterns need to be multiple to zoom.

The side blanks are stitching, starting from the rear seam. To do this, select White Threads and cross the loop seam that gives decorative boots. Then the same suture of the front part of the boot and the trick from the front side of the sole. Looped seam is also used.

From above on a boot we turn a lace ribbon and behind the back of a small satin bow. The same bay for asymmetry can be accommodated somewhere on the top. Decorate your boots with any accessories, buttons, rain, semi-letters, asterisks of golden paper and t. D.

At the top of the boot, near the rear seam to the involving side of the shell, for which the training life will be attached to the Christmas tree or carnations.

Children’s crafts for the new year 2016

The time spent with the children is valuily in the same time, and if it is also filled with joint creativity, the benefits of such a pastime will be huge. We suggest to devote a few evenings to make the original and unusual children’s crafts for the new 2016 year.

Crafts for the New Year 2016 - Original ideasNature transparent balls like children with their unusualness. Make them die even a preschooler, of course, under the persistent leadership of adults. Inflate a couple of balloons and tie them so that the air does not disappear.

Then dear the ball with glue and over it let the child wink multicolored threads. Then threads can be additionally fixed with hair lacquer. After which the ball is punctured, and in your hands you have the original ball. And each of them will be unique.

Very nice look in the interior to the new year, injected living branches and fir bumps. Make them easier than it seems. Mix a strong salt solution in the proportions of salts 1 part, water 2 parts. To do this, salt and water fall asleep in the pan and bring to a boil. After that, the pan is removed from the fire and firing fir branches and bumps at 5-6 hours.

After which the branches are removed and put to dry. Additionally, binding crafts can sit in the snow. To do this, you will need glue and foam. Apply glue on the branches and needles, and the foam coat, and sprinkle on top. In this way, you can decorate anything.

What kind of children’s new year without a snowman – the favorite hero of the children? You can make it possible not only from snow, but as a craft. You can make them from anything – paper, modular origami, balloons and threads (as written above), felt, plastic bottles and puff pastry. And we suggest to blind assistant Santa Claus from Pomponov.

With the help of bobbins for creating pompons from yarn or cardboard circles, make three pumps of different sizes. It will be a head and torso of a snowman, so the yarn take a white or blue. Mix yarn on the circles, then tightly tie them with a thread in the middle and remove from the workpiece.

Crafts for the New Year 2016 - Original ideasPlug all the threads exactly in the middle – in the top of the turns. The resulting pumps are not yet suitable, as they look inactively, so we gradually begin to take it, until you get fluffy and tidy balls. With the help of thread or glue, connect them.

The top and bottom of the snowman cut into the trigger so that they become flat, on the bottom it will stand, and we put on the headpiece – bright red headphones from felt. Stand Snowman can be like a saucer, sprinkled with white foam and a cardboard circle, decorated for the new year. For the eyes of a snowman, take black beads and stick them into place, and make a nose from felt.

Snowman scarf, as well as headphones can also be made from felt. Hands will be two thin twigs, stuck on the sides. That’s all – the snowman is ready to take its rightful place under the Christmas tree or turn into a wonderful gift for the holiday.

We hope our ideas inspired you on immediate creativity. These master classes will help with a minimum of effort and spent materials, create interesting crafts that will delight you and your loved ones All New Year holidays.

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