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Cocktle coat: Can I sew it with your own hands


Want to change something in your image? In this case, the cocoon coat will fit you perfect. Can’t find the model that suits you? Sustrate the coat yourself, and we will tell you about the nuances!

If you follow fashion trends, you will not be news for you the fact that recently a rather popular model is a cocoon coat. What is this style, and for what type of figure it is most suitable. 

New or well forgotten old?

Cocktle coat: Can I sew it with your own handsTo begin with, it is worth noting that from other new products of fashion podiums this type of coat is distinguished by lowered by the breakdown and slopes. Another feature of this model is a narrowing of the shoulder of the book.

Despite the fact that with like a narrowed bottom, girls with broad shoulders would have to look like not very beautiful if you correctly pick up the size, the feminine silhouette is provided to you. 

The coat with a similar cut is also another significant plus: if it got cold outside, you can easily wear some warm sweater. At the same time you do not have the feeling that the outerwear is now crawling on the seam. 

The very concept of a coot cooken appeared yesterday and no year ago. The first fashion designer who invented a similar model was Cristobal Balenciaga. In 1970, he first showed his creation to the world, and after six months he created a collection «Big» things that seemed to be a little more models.

And in the eighties of the twentieth century, such models began to create for men. Due to the use of such a style for both sexes, the form of clothing has become slightly stricter, and excessive bulky accessories has been replaced by strict collars and smooth pockets on both sides. 

How to wear a coat resembling a cocoon

Here the most important thing is not to guess. After all, despite the fact that in this case, the thing should look like two or three sizes, it should not be such a fact. So pick up your size very carefully, because if you are mistaken, you will look either very squat, or as an older sister, borrowed clothes from younger. 

Now that concerns what wearing a coot coat. In this case, a very simple rule is triggered: if you have a voluminous top, then the bottom must be tight. It is for this reason that such outerwear looks elegantly with narrow skirts, leggings or leggings.

Although modern girls love to experiment, so if you meet on the street a combination of maxi skirts and such a coat, then do not be surprised. Moreover, such a combination makes the bohemian. So if you want to stand out from the crowd, then such incredible combinations can help you. By the way, you can experiment with wide straight trousers. 

But do not forget the principle that you should stick with the selection of clothes: never wear what you don’t like. It is better to twist the mirror in the store fifteen times, than then throw the purchased thing in the farthest corner of the cabinet, sorry for spent money. 

As for the shoes, then it is necessary to rely on the growth. High girls can afford in this case a low platform or a flat sole. But here, if you cannot attribute yourself to high, even with stretch, then you should stop your choice on high heels.

This necessity explains very simple: no matter how perfectly you picked up a coat, a wide free silhouette still steals several centimeters from your figure. So, visually you will look lower than actually. 

So, we have figured out that according to the fashion of 2015, a coat resembling a cocoon will be quite popular. And we assure you, such a tendency promises to be preserved in 2016. But what to do, if none of the options offered in stores does not cause you a desire to buy it. In this case, you can try to sew a similar option of the upper clothes with your own hands.

How to choose a pattern for a cocoon coat and sew it

Cocktle coat: Can I sew it with your own hands

First of all, remember that the size in the process of sewing is the main thing, so you should not take ready-made patterns and it is unknown for them that. If you do not know how to adapt the finished version of your size, you should contact a specialist who for a day or two, without taking big money from you, remake the finished pattern from the magazine, given the features of your figure. 

And so, at that moment, when you are already in your hands, the question arises, what fabric you need to take. To sew a cocoon coat? Such materials such as Boston, Drap and Other Similar Fabrics are ideal here.
The main thing is that the material is not too thick, otherwise the product will be pinching. In addition, too dense tissue can cause the visual appearance of unnecessary centimeters, which will not too much by your figure. 

Pay special attention to the clasm. In most of the pattern, it will be straight, but if you can sew well, you can let her a little form. In addition, as a clashing, you can use both buttons and zipper.

And one more thing: this season is quite popular are contrasts. For example, you can do the whole coat of black fabric, but the edges are treated with a red thread. If you add to this, you use some red accessory (buttons or zipper), the image will be completely stunning.

Also make sure that the cut is not overwhelmed, otherwise your coat will have completely unnecessary folds that can spoil the entire idea. In 2015, the cocoon coat can be with a secret clasp.

And although the concept of such an upper clothes model itself does not provide for a small belt, but if you can boast a beautiful figure, you can slightly tighten the waist. 

Sew coat coat for full: features and secrets

As if we told that such a style is suitable and thin, and full, some doubts you most likely remained. And not in vain!

As it turned out, when sewing such a coat for full need to take into account several nuances:

  • With a cocoon coat, you need to consider that if you have extra centimeters, it is worth showing some kind of elegant part of the body. For example, you can make shorten sleeves, showing the world your narrow aristocratic wrist;
  • Try to the horizontal seams or bands do not fall on the line hip or belly. So you will only make your style more freight;
  • Also pay attention to the color. After all, we all know that the black color is slightly, in contrast to the White. 

Cocktle coat: Can I sew it with your own handsRemember that this style, in itself is quite original. Therefore, you should not interfere with almost all the fabric rhinestones and beautiful buttons.

In this case, it will be preferable to the rigor, diluted by some one accessory, such as a bag or scarf. 

And one more thing: if you decide to make a wide collar, you can put a piece of beautiful fluffy fur on it.

Attention! You should not launch a contrasting fur, the ideal solution in this case will be a fur for tissue. So you give your coat a richer look, while saving money on other decorations. 

As you can see, create your own coot coat, you can! The main thing, believe in your strength and be sure to consult a professional. And then you can enchant those around their appearance. And do not forget that the best clothes are the one in which you comfortably. Good luck!

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