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Interesting ideas for making pillows toys do it yourself


It is difficult to present modern life without such an attribute like a pillow toy. It can be sewn with your own hands in the form of an animal or any shape

When a child appears, Mom wants to make a home cozy and warmer. She chooses a crib, stroller and other attributes that the baby need. To the child it is interesting to spend time, Mom is ready to buy him any toy. Of course, without them can not do, but things made on their own, carry a special energy. Therefore, it is worth trying to sew a pillow toy do it yourself.

What’s the secret?

Interesting ideas for making pillows toys do it yourselfSuch products are very popular not only in children, but also their parents. Pillow made in the form of some animal, boat or typewriter, geometric shape – universal.

She is soft, nice to the touch and causes interest in a child. You can lie on it, throw it instead of the ball, use as a chair. Bright and colorful products made by their own hands can serve as a decor, giving the interior unique charm.

Many kids love to take such toys with them into bed, they remind them of home in kindergarten or traveling.

In addition, they are easy to wash and wash – it will definitely appreciate moms.

Baby products carry many functions, but one of the main – developing. Soft pillows can be sewed from solid fabric or out of the flaps, combine materials. The child will study the texture and develop sensitivity. A variety of coloring will help to learn color faster.

What to choose a filler?

To sew a pillow, first of all, you need to choose a filler.

It is important to remember the main requirements:

  • Interesting ideas for making pillows toys do it yourselfThe toy should be light;
  • The pillow should be easily stitched;
  • The filler must be hypoallergenic.

If the filler is very dense, then the product will be difficult and baby will be difficult to transfer it from place to place. And if you throw such a pillow, then she can injure the child.

Of course, the product will have to fly often. The filler must be practical and quick-drying.

Machining with your own hands soft pillows toys, experienced needlewomen recommend using holofiber or synthelubles. Modern option – polystyrene. This is a special ball filler, which is used in munushku pillows.

Doing your own hands children’s toys, pillows, do not forget about safety. Previously need to check whether the baby does not have allergies on the filler. Can only be used environmentally friendly materials.

Developing toy

Interesting ideas for making pillows toys do it yourselfEach mother tries to develop motor skills, observation, attention and other skills. Specialists advise it to do during the game when the brain of a small little man is most susceptible to the information from the outside.

The developing pillow is designed for kids up to a year, but also older kids will gladly play her. First of all, draw a sketch of the future product. Schemes can be invent independently or take from the Internet – it all depends on your imagination.

For the foundation, you can use a blue fabric size 53?20 cm and the same green. For your pocket, the same material will be required 30?20 cm, it needs to be folded in half.

Two parts of the foundation are duplicated by reszeline:

  • Sun. To make a sun, from felt you need to cut a circle with a diameter of 8 cm. For rays, 10 cm strips are suitable, 8 pieces are enough. Place the sun on a pocket and spread the ribbons so that the edges are hidden under the circle. To sew them will be easier if you pre-lay a pin. All items must be sewn firmly and reliably so that the child cannot break them;
  • Interesting ideas for making pillows toys do it yourselfWater. For the lake you can use blue felt. From the same material cut fish. So that the baby is more interesting, the fish must be attached to the elastic band from the hat or any thin shoelace. Another end of the gum must be maintained and tie a node;
  • «Residents». Similar to fish you can attach butterflies, birds or dragonfly. Make a train or machine on a rubber band. Flowers can be jammed on velcro. During their research, the child will develop thinking, fantasy, petty motor. Schemes of the toys that you want to make with your own hands, you can invent yourself or adopt the experience of other needlewomen.

The reverse side may be smooth and monophonic, so as not to distract the attention of the baby. Put the pillow around the perimeter, pre-laying the filler.

Make the owl

Interesting ideas for making pillows toys do it yourselfTo make your own toy-pillow toy owl, it is necessary to cut the pillowcase from the main material, which will remind owls. Ears must be clearly pronounced.

From the finishing tissue, cut the part of the oval shape, so that the height was 20 cm, and the width is 30 cm. Send your eyes from felt and key. Now you can proceed to the collection of parts into one.

Sew appliques by the invalid side to the base. To be more comfortable, you need to start them first. Pupils do dark so that your owl’s view was more expressive.

Vide the base with the filler and process the edges of the zigzag seam. The opposite direction can be decorated with felt so that the owl is similar to this.

Pillow Cot

It can be of different sizes. This height will be 36 cm, so you need a fabric 80×40 cm. It must be folded in front of the front. Make patterns of toys, impose them on the material and circle the handle.

Interesting ideas for making pillows toys do it yourselfTo more convenient to cut double parts, the fabric is better to lend pins. Before cut, back from line 1 cm – it will be allowances for seams. Connect the details of the seam «Forward needle». The fabric will not be filled with twisted if you do in the corners of the cuts. Remove the product and disappear.

To the cat was voluminous and «alive», Click it with filler and squeeze a zigzag. Sun to the body’s tail.

The muzzle can be drawn with a pencil and embroider with peels of eyes, nose and mouth. In the tummy, byte the cross – it will be a navel. It is quite easy to make your own toy-pillow of a cat, if you make a little effort and stock patience.

Improving various interesting and unusual ideas to life, you will not only delight the baby, but also be able to develop your creative potential.

Some moms even earn on maternity leave, manufacturing to order toys-pillows with their own hands. Interesting ideas and sewing skills – the key to their stable income.

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