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Dog’s place for your own hands


Every dog ​​in the house should be their place where she can sleep, relax, to retire. Learn how to easily and quickly make a sun bed or a house for a dog made of girlfriend!

Each family member in the house has its own place where you can relax, relax and retire. Such a place should be in the dog, because she needs to sleep somewhere, rest after active games and walks. For large dogs, the house is a warm booth if you live outside the city. In the apartment, a large dog, naturally, you will not put the booth, but I still have to find.

Dog's place for your own handsIf on the four friend, big or small, there will be no own corner, it will take a sofa or bed, will sleep in the legs and may suffer from the night coups of the hosts. And it is inconvenient to you and for a little dog is dangerous, so you need to build a friend lying or a house.

In principle, if you allow the means, you can purchase a ready-made soft or wicker bed for dogs in a pet store. If there is no extra money, and I want to make an exclusive, filled with warm and love Sun bed for a better friend, it is worth trying it on your own.

It is not so difficult, as it may seem at first glance, and almost no expensive, because you can adapt old unnecessary things that have risen in the closet or on the balcony.

How to build a sun bed for a dog do it yourself

Lena for pets are different: soft, rigid, with sideboards or without. Hard plastic sun beds are easier to leave, soft prettier, with sides will protect the animal from drafts, and the flat will give more space in order to fall. There is a wicker bed for dogs who love to nibble.

The choice is truly huge, however, it is not always possible to find what I want. If there is such a problem, it is worth building a place for a dog yourself. Make a bed for a miniature dog with their own hands.

There are several incredibly simple options with which even a person will cope without special sewing skills:

  • Sunbed from sweaters. For its manufacture, you will need a pillow, old sweater, syntheps or other filler. First you need to sew the neck of the sweater, then make the seam semicircle from the sleeve before the sleeve, fill them and the top of the sweate. In the lower part of the sweater, put a pillow or fill in a synthet board, sew the sleeves to the body and sew among themselves. Ready;
  • Foam Lena. From the foam rubber 4-5 cm thick, you need to cut two parts: bottom and side. The length of the side is equal to the length of the three sides of the bottom, the height is 20-40 cm. The size of the bottom is calculated based on the size of the dog in the lying position with the elongated paws. On the form of the bottom will be oval. So, after the bottom and the side are cut out of the foam rubber, it is necessary to apply them to the fabric, and cut the covers taking into account the allowances of 2 cm. The pattern should be approximately like this: two details of the bottom of the oval shape, and one part of the side, oblong and wide (width is equal to the height of the side multiplied by two, plus, the thickness of the foam rubber, multiplied by two, and allowances on the seams). Now you need to sew covers, leaving the holes to insert the foam rubber. Inserting it, you need to sew holes and sew the side and the bottom with each other. Inside such a bed can be put a pad to be more comfortable to sleep in it. Such a lounger from the foam rubber is also suitable for dogs of large sizes, only you need to increase the size of the layout of the bed for a dog, taking into account its parameters and you can at first sew a case, and then fill it with pieces of foam rubber or synthesis if it was not possible to find the foam rubber required. It is recommended for a sun bed sewed two more removable pillowcases of flax or cotton;
  • Ledge for big dogs from plywood and old blanket. Take a sheet of plywood of the desired size, to attach furniture legs to it. On the size of the sheet cut the substrate from the blanket, sew a case for him. It is also recommended to sew a few interchangeable duvettes to the substrate or better sheets with a rubber over the entire perimeter so that you can fix the sheet to the plywood, and the substrate did not fall from it.

Dog's place for your own handsIn general, various things can be used as a basis for dogs for dogs: Wooden pallets, old linen boxes from cabinets, suitcase covers, low baskets. You can attach legs to them, and inside put a pillow or a mattress, stitched personally.

Watching such beds for dogs are very cute and constructed incredibly easy. Connect the fantasy, do not be afraid to experiment and you will definitely get an original and exclusive sun bed for your favorite!

Dog’s houses for dogs

How sews a bed for a dog is already known. It is pretty simple. And how difficult it is to build a pet for pet? Make it so that it can hide and feel safe, of course, more complicated than bedding, but slightly.

Relatively easy to build a house with your own hands from the old T-shirt, two foam hangers, a piece of cardboard and a small pillow. Hangers need to straighten and give them an arc shape. Put their cross-crosswise and wrap in the connection place. From cardboard cut the desired square square. End of hangers attach to the cardboard with wire or sticky tape.

Dog's place for your own handsAll sharp ends of the wire should be wrapped with a ribbon so that the dog does not scratch about them. Further, you need to wear a T-shirt to the resulting frame so that the neck is in the side – it will be the entrance to the house. The lower edges of the T-shirt should be sewn so that it does not save anywhere. It remains to put inside the pillow and you can run a dog in a house with a layman.

For pets of small sizes, you can make a small soft lodge of foam rubber. It is done according to the principle of bed, only sides to build a dog’s growth and do not forget about the roof. If the house is oval, then for the roof, it is necessary to cut out of the foam in. Foambone to sew a cloth.

The roof can not be sewed, but to secure the pins to be removed on hot days. Such houses look beautiful and very much like dogs. Make sun beds and houses for dogs with love, and they will be grateful to you!

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