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Create beauty from places of multicolored glass beads


Make crafts from beads can both adult and baby. This exciting occupation will enjoy not only from the final result, but also from the work process itself

Beads is small decorative beads with a hole. They can be made of plastic, wood or glass. To date, most often use glass beads.

Create beauty from places of multicolored glass beadsThere are many different weaving techniques that allow you to create a variety of crafts from beads with your own hands. To engage in this creativity, you must necessarily have such qualities as attention and perfection.

As a result of work, several hours can appear different key rings, rings, bracelets, flowers and other products that can be an excellent decoration. The beginners of the beadwork can be at first glance a rather complicated occupation, but having acquainted with this kind of creativity, you can easily create your first masterpiece.

There are many different schemes for weaving beads, they describe in detail each step that needs to be performed to achieve the desired result.

A little from the history of beads

The history of beads is very ancient. Archaeologists managed to find a variety of bead crafts on many continents, found him in our country. Our ancestors for another 2-2.5 thousand years ago wearing various beaded decorations.

The material at that time was the balls of different shape and color. Legends say that the masters of a mosaic from Byzantium, who came to the country after the adoption of Christianity were brought to us.

Nowadays, beaded products are becoming increasingly popular. This material attracts many people who are with great pleasure to create various masterpieces, using special schemes.

Varieties of beads

Create beauty from places of multicolored glass beadsFrom beads you can make everything that the soul wishes. This universal material gives great opportunities to creative craftsmen and their skillful hands.

Most often from beads manufactures such products:

  • Flowers and trees – lilac, wisteria, orchid, rose and any other plant you can recreate on any scale. Crafts are used as decorative interior decorations;
  • Beading Jewelry – Various Necklaces, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets and Other. It looks very attractive and effectively, as real works of art, you can not worry about them during everyday activity – they are quite strong and will not break away from the first touch;
  • Souvenirs – using beads, you can make any souvenir: snowflake, asterisk, bird, animal and many other figures that can be presented as an original gift for friends or acquaintances;
  • Beaded toys are very unusual and interesting, they attract both children and adults. For the manufacture of such crafts you need beads and wire.

Engaged in beadwork, be sure to use only high-quality beads varieties. In the opposite case of the product, after a while they can hang out and completely lose your bright original view. Deciding independently try making a bead product, you can use master classes or schemes in which each step is described in detail.

Recommendations for work with beads

Working with multi-colored stamps of glass beads, be sure to follow the following rules:

  • Working surface Cover with non-slip single-photon fabric. So you do not lose the fallen bispers.
  • For convenience, Material Material Put in shallow tanks or on fabric.
  • Keep beads in low jars, dividing in colors.
  • Starting the creation of a product, be sure to make sure you have enough for its manufacture of material. Close shades if you wish can mix.
  • Use a strong thread so that in the process of creating the product failed to break. The fasten thread is better to add twice.
  • So that in the process of weaving does not get confused in complex schemes, the ranks have passed better strike.
  • Do not use the defective material, even if it seems to you that the defect is not visible at all. In some models, you can get a very ugly result.
  • Beads Take the needle with the needle. You can also use wire for this purpose.
  • If the beads fall from the thread, fasten them with a piece of natural.
  • In the model you like, it is not necessary to use beads specified by its author. Try to experiment, so you can get a much better product than the original.
  • Crafts from beads for beginners Better to perform on finished schemes. So, counting beads, you do not make mistakes and correctly do all the specified methods.

Embroidery using beads

Create beauty from places of multicolored glass beads

Embroidery with beads is very similar to the embroidery cross. Only looks drawing volume, the lines of its curved, the correct, the product is beautifully overflowing. Embroider using beads, you can any plots: flowers, plant ornaments, nature, children’s pictures, still lifes, icons and much more.

At the same time, beads are risening on the thread and laid out, following the drawing. With such an embroidery, you can use solubular beads, as well as beads of different sizes and shapes.

You need to select beads depending on the type of fabric: when using light bead fabrics, you need small, and larger and heavy beads and glass can be used.

Very often, such an embroidery is performed not only with the help of a thread, but also fine wire. Do not be afraid to experiment, use various schemes and techniques and you can embroider a real masterpiece.

Beaded crafts are an excellent and amazing world in which you can come up with something original and new. No matter what you will be manufactured, this process will only bring pleasure. Creative success to you!

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