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Easy recipe, how to make fragrant gel candles at home


Gel candles can decorate any room and create a mysteriousness atmosphere in it. In this article you will find a simple recipe as you can do this decoration with your own hands

Aromatic gel candles will certainly decorate your home, create a cozy atmosphere in it and will give all members of your family a great mood. Such decorations are quite expensive, and not everyone can afford them. With the help of a simple instruction, represented in our article, you can create them yourself with the help of submitted funds, given their own wishes and preferences.

What materials will be required for the manufacture of gel candles?

In order to make gel candles at home at home, you will need the following materials:

  • Easy recipe, how to make fragrant gel candles at homeCandle gel – you can buy in the store or make yourself from distilled water, tannine, glycerin and gelatin;
  • reinforced wick;
  • Essential aromatic oils, except pink;
  • liquid food dye;
  • Glass container – a glass, a vase, a flask of at least 5 cm in diameter;
  • any decoration for the candle;
  • thermometer;
  • stainless steel container – bucket, pan or bank;
  • If desired – inserts for the creation of gel candles.

How can you make a candle gel yourself?

For the manufacture of a candle gel, you can use the following recipe:

  1. Easy recipe, how to make fragrant gel candles at homeMix 10 grams of gelatin and 40 grams of distilled water;
  2. To the resulting mixture add 50 grams of glycerin;
  3. In a small saucepan, it is necessary to heat the resulting solution until it becomes transparent;
  4. In a separate capacity, 4 grams of tannin dissolve in 20 grams of non-heated glycerol;
  5. Stir 2 mixtures with each other;
  6. If air bubbles are formed in the obtained gel, it is necessary to heat it slightly in the oven or microwave oven. From heat bubbles will disappear by themselves.

Recipe for the creation of gel candles

To make beautiful and fragrant gel candles at home, carefully follow the suggested instructions:

  1. In the center of the bottom of the cup, a little hot glue drip and place the wick there. Wait until the glue is freezing;
  2. Candle gel cut into small pieces so that it is faster and more evenly melted. Take the bank, bucket or stainless steel saucepan and melt the gel in it at an average temperature;
  3. Next you must bring the gel to a temperature of 93 degrees. Watch that it does not overheat, otherwise gel wax will lose transparency and becomes muddy;
  4. Easy recipe, how to make fragrant gel candles at homeWith the thermometer, make sure that the temperature always remains the same. Candle gel must melt, becoming liquid like sugar syrup;
  5. In the melted gel wax, gently add the dye until you get the desired color;
  6. Next add aromatic oil, approximately 1/3 teaspoons. For a stronger smell, you can increase this amount. It is best to use lemon oil, orange, bergamot or lavender. Do not add rose oil – during the combustion, it highlights an unpleasant odor;
  7. In the microwave oven, he heat the tank for the candle to 65-70 degrees in order to avoid the appearance of bubbles;
  8. If you use inserts to create gel candles with your own hands, first lower them in a hot gel and immediately arrange as possible from the center in the container;
  9. In the center of the capacity, place the decoration, for example, a branch with rowan berries, small flowers, pebbles or shells;
  10. Further very slowly and gently pour into the container a candle gel with a side. For the first time you will most likely not be able to do everything perfectly without the formation of bubbles, but you can maximize their quantity, if it is enough to warm up the gel;
  11. Pull the wick upstairs, wound on a pencil;
  12. Give your candle to cool, and then cut off the extra end of the wick. Your gel candle is ready!

How to beautify the gel candle with the help of vinyl record?

The finished candle in glass containers can be very original. To do this, take the old vinyl record and put it in the oven preheated to 120-140 degrees. Next you need to catch the moment when the vinyl will become soft, but not yet melted.

Easy recipe, how to make fragrant gel candles at homePut on gloves so as not to burn, and carefully remove the plate from the oven.

Do everything as quickly as possible so that the vinyl does not harde. Wrap the plate around the candle, laying out arbitrary folds at its own discretion.

If from the first time you didn’t succeed, the procedure can be repeated – again to put the vinyl record in the oven for a short time, get it and try to lay out around the container again.

Leave the candle to dry and give vinyl to harden. Then paint it gold or any other paint. Apply multiple layers of paint until it turns out a beautiful and smooth color. If you wish, you can glue buttons, beads, beads or other small objects as you like.

Make gel candles yourself not at all difficult. Moreover, the necessary ingredients are completely inexpensive. So, spending the minimum amount of money and effort, you can make a wonderful home decoration.

If you have a lot of imagination at the same time, you will have a very original gift for your relatives and friends.

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