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Winter knitted hats for girls and their parents


Winter hats for girls and adults knit on knitting machines and manually: crochet and knitting needles. Knitted hats in the 2014-2015 season are a fashion trend

Winter women’s knitted hats, made by crochet and needles, chief fashion trend of the winter season 2014-2015. If earlier for knitting were taken from the inability to purchase the desired thing, now they do to emphasize individuality, and also have women’s things in their wardrobe «Haute couture», as well as inimitable products for a boy or cute girl.

Eternally fashionable knitted things

Winter knitted hats for girls and their parentsModern materials for needlework are yarn of different structures: from pure wool, flax and cotton, natural and hygroscopic materials, to threads, with various inclusions, thanks to which the product is tightly in the head.

Once the inclusion of synthetics into the thing did it unpleasant to the touch, and women’s things are pretty rough. Modern synthetic fibers improve product properties, make them tight. Currently even produced yarn with water repellent effect.

Knitted winter hats for girls, boy or female hats this season are made of strips of fur and from yarn of different structures. In Favor, women’s and children’s models, made in the form of animal heads, or just decorated with ears or eyes.

Designers of famous fashion houses demonstrated even men’s fashionable winter knitted hats. True, the general public of Europe Men’s innovations did not appreciate. Dense knitted hats with geometric and Scandinavian patterns are still popular as a sports option, but fur knitted men’s berets in their wardrobe.

But the female and children’s winter hats for the boy and girls in the trend always. With the help of needlework moms and grandmothers show their love kids, give warm. In addition, the kids grow quickly, and the capped cap can be tied up.

Purchased will soon become small and will have to acquire a new thing for the baby or boy. So children’s winter self-knit caps are not only beautiful and warm, it is also economically profitable.

Fashionable caps for young women, as well as children

Women’s hats, on which the ears are tied up, the most fashionable this season. They look in desire to look at the children of early age, playfully – in teenagers, sexy – on young women.

You can link a similar product yourself, and you can buy the model you like and already attach or tied ears.

Use of Pomponov’s Babes is a very original trendy image solution. Choosing a model, you need to give preference to those who have eases except. They are further wrapped around the neck, getting no less fashionable scarf.

Ears that are confused on winter knitted hats for girls or boy can be very small, and can be done separately with crochet and then fascinate on the right places. In addition to the ears, the headpiece decorate with eyes and mustache.

Preparatory stage for knitting headdress

Winter knitted hats for girls and their parentsFirst, the image of the beast, which I want to translate. Is solved whether the form of the product will correspond to the head of this animal or fairly stylization. Only ears will be resettled, or there should be a place for a face: peephole and mouth?

It is best to draw a sketch of the model. It will help more precisely pick up the yarn and decide how to further knit. Excessive number of ideas, ultimately it may damage the process of making fashionable things.

Choose yarn of the necessary colors and quality. Kids to face you need to pick something softer non-irritation. But on the ears it is advisable to take wool rigor, so the ears will be better stood.

Meke is removed. It is necessary to know the girth of the head, the measuring tape to determine this size is paved with the capture of the auricles at the level of cheekbone, and the depth of the product. For this, the distance from the bottom of one ear from to the other through the top.

Winter, crocheted or knitting caps, the good things are tightly in the head, create reliable protection from cold. Therefore, it is necessary to determine exactly, after which length begin to knit in a straight line. This requires to remember the lessons of geometry and use the formula for determining the circumference length, which is always equal to 2p. Circle length is the scope of the head.

Pi = 3,14. From the resulting number take 1 cm. The distance from which knit in a straight received.

All hook caps are starting to knit from a flat circle, which is confused by the top by the columns without. The addition is carried out so that the macushki covers quite tightly.

Caps needles you can start knit from the bottom and with a challenge as more convenient. If the headpiece begins with the bottom, it is better to take circular knitting needles or 5ps and act like a knitting of socks. Add loops on the edge of the spokes, so that the donyshko caps take the right shape.

I want to get a round-shaped cap – a flat circle should be big, and smooth part of a small. If you need an elongated cap – the bottom must be small in size. When the ears are planned to raise, the place for them should be outlined in advance.

Knitted hats

An example of fashionable winter knitted hats for boys, girls and girls can serve a cap-frog.

Children’s headwear, crocheted, are made as follows. For a child from 3 to 5 years old, you must take from 100 to 200 g of green yarn. Begins the mating of a flat circle with 5 loops.

Then 12 columns are dial and knit flat circle of the desired size on the already specified scheme. Without additions knit the circle to the desired depth of the hats. If you want to raise the ears, they are also confused by a column without Nakid. 

In order to raise the stocking ears with crochet or knitting needles, it is necessary to tie the case from under the Cinder Surprise or a wine plastic cork. Bounded cases are sewn to a hat in a pre-marked place. For a very small boy and girls on the header, you can recall the eyes.

Caps for girls knitted even easier than for a boy. The best options for the ears when the headdress knit in the form of 2 rectangles by the type of sports male hats, pulling the corners. After assembling the product, it is desirable to decorate with tassels or pompons.

Men’s caps, if they are not designed for young boys or on shuffle teenagers, are decoratively not stylized. Men’s models fit preferably with knitting needles, and not a crochet, starting with the challenge, according to standard schemes. Experiment only due to pattern and pattern.

First sympathizes. Where it will bend, outward or inside, does not matter. Then they are tied without adding and gradation 14-16 cm in height for 55-57 sizes.

Next hinges are reduced by the front row. Approximately the first gradation should be 35 loops. Cone must decrease smoothly.

Winter knitted hats for girls and their parentsCloser to the top of the drawing, it is advisable to change: on 2 irons and 1 facial – it will be easier to confuse Ronyshko. When about 60 loops remain on the spokes, 3 rows of stocking knitting are performed.

The abbreviation of the web is carried out further forced: 3 facial in one, 2 facial, again 3 rows of a cycle knitting. When the bottom will be fully prepared, the remaining loops stretch the thread, fix the product, strengthen the seam.

If you knit a headdress, why not tie a whole set, complemented by a scarf and mittens? Children’s set, intended for girls and boys, pissed by crochet or needles, looks like this way. Baby scarves have to be tied up, even if the hat is connected with the ears.

Knitted winter set – a great gift for any holiday. If it is intended to be a beloved man, enough to have a hat and scarf.

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