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Wedding: Memorable Dates


If you or your loved ones are approaching the anniversary wedding date, then it’s time to prepare gifts. Take advantage of our advice and find out what to give to wedding anniversaries

Spouses who lived together a long joint life, filled with respect and love, invariably raise respect and admiration. Agree that at the time of overcoming all the adversity and trouble, it is very difficult to preserve the crystal feeling that makes people enter into a marriage union.

Wedding: Memorable DatesEstimation of centuries, in Russia it was customary to celebrate the so-called calendar wedding. And today, the significant dates of living together continue to celebrate in those families that are Holy Chtut. We recommend that you explore the names of all memorable dates of married life.

Wedding dates and generally accepted offices

Making an amendment to the fact that there is to learn and remember quite a lot of jubilees of the joint marital life, so as not to strangle with the gift, focus on the name of the anniversary.

So, the main momentaries are considered the following:

  • Green Wedding, that is, the day of direct painting in the registry office. It will be very symbolic to decorate the head of newlyweds with wedding wreaths from Mirt. This plant means freshness and youth;
  • Sitseva, which comes a year after a year of coaching. To present to each other handkerchiefs from Citz, it means to recognize the fact of the appearance of pleasant things in relationships;
  • Paper, which is celebrated in a couple of years after painting. On this day any gifts Must be directly related to paper: photo frames, money, posters, calendars, etc.;
  • The leather wedding is celebrated three years later, and it hints that spouses should start more to relate to each other, appreciate relations and keep love. It is clear that the product should act as a sentence;
  • Wedding anniversaries, coming 4 years after the wedding, are referred to as linen or wax. Len – very durable material, symbolizes unrealistic relations inside the family, which has already started accumulating its capital and build serious plans for the future;
  • Five years old «experience» Socialized Life is called Wooden. On this day, the spouses should exchange trunks of wood, which is a symbol of growth and a strict set of vitality;
  • A cast iron wedding marks a six-year-old frontier, on the passage of which the husband and wife achieved well-established relationships. But the problem is that cast iron is such a metal that can split or crack, so it needs to be protected and cleaned to shine. On this day, you need to give the perpetrators of the celebration of dishes from the cast iron, which is not used, and put on the universal review;
  • The seventh and eighth anniversary is copper and tin weddings, respectively. What to give, it is quite clear from the dates names;
  • Having survived the faience wedding, which comes nine years of living together, spouses will have to celebrate the Day of Roses – the 10th anniversary. On this day, at the festive table should be all the chases, which should be given to the perpetrators of the celebration of roses;
  • By 15 years of marriage, a glass wedding comes to which it is customary to bring items from this fragile material to spouses. They will symbolize bright and transparent relationships in the family;
  • A porcelain wedding is in 20 years, and on this day the guests will swee from the new porcelain dishes. In fact, this is a wonderful chance to update the contents of your buffet;
  • If a quarter of a century has passed from the date of painting, it’s time to prepare for a silver anniversary. This is the most chic holiday in the history of the family’s existence, all members of which should exchange silver gifts, and drink wine from silver cups;
  • Wedding: Memorable DatesPearl wedding comes after the expired 30 years of living together. Give your wife beads from this material, a ring or earrings with pearls, and she will delight you with cufflinks with pearls – a symbol of tenderness and purity;
  • Coral anniversary is celebrated in 35 years of the existence of the marriage union. He has already become durable and indestructible as the backbone of the coral himself. On this day, there should be a bouquet of 35 roses, a bottle of red wine and a fruit of a similar color;
  • After 40 years of marriage spouses have to take congratulations on a ruby ​​wedding. In the wedding rings it is worth inserting ruby, or purchase products with this stone;
  • After another five years, the sapphire anniversary is celebrated. It is the opinion that this stone has a pacifying and therapeutic influence on its owner, charges it with positive energy. This is exactly what you need after such a joint stay;
  • Half a century marriage is a golden wedding. Spouses had a lot of things to survive, they appreciate each other’s support, feel sense of gratitude and devotion. On this day it is recommended to exchange new wedding rings of gold;
  • Congratulations on the wedding long-awaited jubilee, which comes in another five years, in one way or another should be associated with the emeralds and the color of this stone. It is believed that spouses it is time to transfer the accumulated experience of the relationship to their heirs;
  • The 60th anniversary is called a diamond, and it is celebrated very rarely. And if the spouses managed to live to him, their marriage can be safely considered as indirect and strong, as a diamond;
  • Iron wedding comes after 65 years of marriage. Already, nothing in the world will break the union of two hearts, and together the years have learned about the correctness of the choice made many years ago;
  • The 70th marriage is a graceful wedding, on the day of the celebration of which the husband and wife thank each other for patience, wisdom and happily living life.

Rare dates

The following dates of wedding celebrations and anniversaries are marked very and very rarely. And not because people do not want to celebrate them. Just rare both spouses manage to live to an oak wedding, which falls on the 80th anniversary of the marriage. But if it happened that gifts for such wedding anniversaries should be made from natural and whole oak. It can be a new furniture or framework, figurines and other products from this natural material.

But there is another day called a red anniversary. He comes after a century of a joint marriage. Today is known only one case when the married couple lived to such a significant event.

Wedding: Memorable DatesA red wedding is a standard of a strong and unreasonable union, trust, patience, love and mutual understanding, that is, all of what you need to strive for all my might. On this day, all the descendants are gathering at the festive table, which bestow the lucky ones and the objects of red, and the table is decorated with red napkins and flowers.

Immediately make a reservation that this is not all the names of wedding significant dates and anniversaries. In fact, each jointly for the year is a big event that must be noted in a family circle.

This once again helps to realize the correctness of your choice, the importance of a person who does not quit you in a difficult moment, and the frequency of life in general.

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