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We do with the child: cat ears


Carnival suit, made by mom’s hands – a matter of special pride for a child. Cute cat ears do it yourself a great accessory for a costume holiday

Currently, when any carnival suit can be easily bought in the store, costumes and other accessories made by your own hands are becoming popular again. The fact is that you have done a needlework lately very fashionable. Handmade products Original and unique. Simple types of needlework can be done with children.

One of these craft will deliver to your child a lot of pleasure in the manufacturing process, and will cause a storm of delight on a costume holiday. How to make your hands a beautiful rim with cat ears, you will learn from this article.

What we will do?

So, your child, more often is a girl, dreams of carnival to be the most beautiful and original cat. Great choice! Cat costume is almost ready. This dress or jumpsuit. There is even a tail. It remains to do the most important thing – Cute cat ears.

Offer my daughter make a rim with ears together. You will receive the most pleasant emotions from joint creativity.

Consider several options for feline bodies on a rim from various materials:

  1. cardboard or tight paper;
  2. cardboard and satin ribbon;
  3. fleece or felt;
  4. artificial fur.

From cardboard or tight paper

This is the easiest and fastest way. Such elements can be attached not only to the rim, but also made of tight cardboard hoop.


  • We do with the child: cat earscardboard or tight paper of the desired color;
  • good paper glue or plow glue;
  • scissors;
  • Plastic rim.
  1. From cardboard or tight paper cut out two blanks. They are a rhombus, which, when folding in half, will become a triangular feline ear;
  2. Wrapping parts around the rim, lubricate with glue and compare so that the vertices of the triangles coincided. Firmly press the elements and leave until complete drying;
  3. If there is no suitable rim on hand, you can make a hoop from cardboard and glue ears to it.

As you can see, feline ears do their own hands.

From cardboard and satin ribbon

It is also a simple and accessible way to everyone. Ears made in this way look stylish and elegant.

Have to take:

  • hair band;
  • Satin tape 3-5 centimeters wide;
  • Color dense cardboard of the same color as tape;
  • scissors;
  • adhesive gun or transparent glue.

It is better to take a ribbon of this color, what will your cat will be: gray, redhead, black, white. Instead of cardboard, pastel paper is perfect. Such paper is for sale in art stores.

It is dense and keeps well.

  1. We do with the child: cat earsMeze a big piece of ribbon, cut off. One end of the tape is glittering to the rim. We are waiting when glue dries;
  2. Gently wrap the ribbon around the accessory, trying not to be missed. Each subsequent loop must find the previous one;
  3. Fix the tape with the help of a small nodule, we are lining;
  4. Cut from cardboard two triangular blanks for ears. They must be 2 centimeters longer than the finished ears. Watch two additional centimeters on the blanks, make a fold;
  5. Lubricate the resulting fold glue. We glue triangles on the inside of the rim;
  6. Measure a piece of ribbon equal in length and width of the size of the rim. We lonate it from the inside;
  7. Once the glue will dry a bit, carefully correct the ears and put it off until complete drying.

Fleece or Fetra

This is a simple, but very practical option. Such ears can be used for many years, and then give younger sister. They are well stored, do not impenet. They are easy to clean the little brush.

You will need:

  • plastic rim of medium width;
  • felt or dense fleece corresponding to a color suit;
  • felt or pink felt;
  • sharp scissors;
  • needle;
  • threads;
  • glue «Moment Crystal» or similar;
  • Tight paper for pattern.
  1. We do with the child: cat earsOn a sheet of paper, folded twice, draw the pattern of the ear. It is necessary to do it so that the foundation of the ear is to do not cut the side. Cut out the pattern;
  2. Lay out the material on the table from which we will make ears. Obligate the pattern, cut out. We harvest two details similar to petals. If you are folded twice, it turns out a cat’s ear;
  3. Timber we are wearing a cloth of the same color as the billets of the ears. This operation can be not done if the rim is combined in color with ears;
  4. We celebrate the place where the ears will be. Wraps the blanks around it. Slightly lubricate glue, watch the substance impregnate material. Then, we fold the workpiece so that it happens to the ear;
  5. We flash each workpiece first along the rim, then around the perimeter;
  6. From the pink material, we cut triangles repeating in the form of cross-bus ears, but smaller. Gently lubricate them with glue and glit to the already ready ears.

From artificial fur

Furies are shrouded naturally and naturally. You can choose any cat, leopard or tiger color.

For this option, the following materials and tools are needed:

  • Thin artificial fur;
  • lining fabric;
  • Singyprc or very thin foam filling;
  • Thin rim, covered with a cloth;
  • scissors;
  • Sewing machine, needle for manual sewing;
  • paper for pattern;
  • Thicks.
  1. We do with the child: cat earsFrom thick paper make a pattern representing an equifiable triangle. The pattern should be on each side to 1 centimeter more than the finished product is a drink on the seam;
  2. Picture we put on the fur with the wrong side. Fix the english pins. Cut two fur blanks. We put the same pattern on the lining fabric. Lining can be white, gray, pink, light brown. Cut two parts from the lining fabric;
  3. We fold one fur and one fabric part of the front side to each other. We sew them on the typewriter. Sewing is needed on the sides of the triangle, leaving the base is not covered;
  4. We turn both billets and insert the triangles cut from the filler with the corresponding size;
  5. Needle sewing the base of the ears. Send blanks to the base. You can lay a small fold or a little wrap the ears inside for greater similarity with the form of the Cat’s Ear.

Feline ears are ready. Let them please you and your child. Made with your own hands, they will provide you with a good mood on holiday and attention to others.

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