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Sleep mask for a full rest


Among the diverse items designed to improve our rest, it is worth highlighting a mask for sleeping. Putting it, you regardless of the day get a healthy dream

Often many people are very difficult to fall asleep during the day or under conditions when it’s just not possible to turn off the light. With this common problem will help to cope the mask for sleeping. Such a thing useful will be on trips or in cases where you go to bed earlier than other members of your family.

Sleep mask for a full restEspecially such products are relevant for people who work at night, and sleep in daylight. 

Why do you need a sleep mask?

The need to apply such devices for a full-fledged rest has long been proven: scientific studies show that man’s sleep in absolute darkness is deeper, calm and long. Light has a pronounced negative impact on sleep cycles. 

The fact is that in our eyes there are special cells that react to light. These cells are sent to the pulse in the brain that it is time to wake up. Such a process is associated with the work of the biological clock, because many years ago, people woke up independently with the sunrise.

For this reason, your bedroom must be isolated from direct and indirect light sources. In compliance with this recommendation, the dream will bring the maximum benefit to your body, because, first of all, immunity will strengthen. 

Varieties of products

A mask for sleeping on the eyes is a bandage, in its shape, resembling glasses made of dense light-tight fabric. Currently there are many products: from simple masks on the eyes having a view of a conventional piece of fabric to models with cooling effect. 

Sleep mask for a full restThe simplest products are made from ordinary nylon or other synthetic tissues. Rear on such a device there is a special elastic strap, with which the bandage is fixed on the face. Such adaptations for sleep usually have low cost, but at the same time they do not fully fulfill their main purpose – Lock Lock.

Another disadvantage of such masks is that an elastic strap is impossible in almost all models to adjust, so the mask either presses on the eyes, or does not hold on the face. 

There is also such a kind of sleep masks, which has special convexities in the eye area. Products made of foam rubber and elastic fabric are manufactured. These are good masks that completely block the light and at the same time allow a person to open his eyes. Light weight is another advantage of such a type of recreation. 

You can purchase products that are made from «Breathable» Fabrics, for example, from satin. They can also be with velcro or clasps, which makes it easy to adjust the device on the face.

They will provide you with comfort while sleep, because they block the light and are easily use as possible. The lining gives the product additional softness, and some models still protect both outsided sounds, often violating our sleep. 

Making a mask with your own hands

Many needlewomen wish to learn how to make a mask to sleep with their own hands, because at present there are many original and at the same time simple ideas. Its product can be a wonderful gift for relatives or friends. 

For her manufacture you will need two types of fabric and pattern. It is important to choose the cloth correctly, because it is known that the skin around the eyes is the most delicate and sensitive, so the material should be hypoallergenic and soft. It is better to prefer so natural materials as flannel, cotton or sitherium. 

Especially carefully choose a cloth for the inside, because your health and beauty depends on it. For external decoration of the device, you can choose almost any fabric – bright, multicolored, dark, most importantly, so that it fulfills its purpose. Often the outer side of the product is decorated with embroidery, lace, beads and other decorative elements.

In addition to the fabric and patterns, you will need:

  • sewing machine;
  • paper;
  • threads;
  • scissors;
  • pins;
  • oblique bay;
  • rubber. 

So that we have a flat and symmetrical sleep mask with your own hands, first the pattern need to draw on paper.

If you want to make a mask with your own hands, follow such a step-by-step instruction:

  • Cut out the pattern drawn on paper;
  • Paper pattern attach to fabric, circle and cut down;
  • Cutted patterns from the fabric fasten with pins. When the cloth is fixed, we flash the mask on the pattern;
  • Sleep mask for a full restCut an extra fabric, along the edges of the product, the fracture oblique beyk;
  • We make a rubber band: cut off 80 cm bays, fold it in half and sew. Then insert the rubber band in the resulting braid, it will take about 30 cm, and sew to the mask. 

If desired, the finished product can decorate bows of ribbons or beads.

Sometimes various fillers are stuffed in such useful fittings. For example, herbs such as lavender or cotton seeds have a soothing effect. Putting them in a small amount inside the mask, you will ensure yourself a full and healthy vacation. 

Using a sleep mask Improve, rejuvenates and strengthen your body!

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