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Crepe paper: Best ideas for creativity


Cretaged paper is popular among homemade lovers. With its help create a variety of figures, and the features of the material allow you to experiment

Such material as attached paper is found in almost every office store. Many have seen original crafts from it. You too can make something like your own hands. And it is so easy that they can be mastered even with the child. How to Make Roses and Other Interesting Things – Read Below!

Features of the material

Crepe paper: Best ideas for creativityFirst you need to clarify the question, what exactly is called crepe or strong paper. In essence, it is fine-sized and thin, but rather durable material. However, with inaccurate circulation, it can easily break in the longitudinal direction. Paper is covered with small folds and looks like a fine harmonic.

It is usually called corrugated, but it is an error, since the difference from the fastened paper lies in smaller folds. Crafts from it are accurate and elegant. The present corrugated paper has clearly highlighted folds, and it is coarse.

You do not need a lot of effort in order to make something interesting from this material with your own hands. It is perfectly amenable to molding and can take almost any position. At the same time, you have the ability to create concave and convex forms, as a sheet of corrugated paper in a certain location, you can increase its width.

Thanks to such properties, as well as in connection with the variety of colors, you can create a wide variety of crafts.

The most popular products are:

  • Flowers – tulips and roses;
  • Pompona;
  • Topiaria;
  • Hearts;
  • Volumetric decorations for postcards and paintings.

What is useful for work

In order to make any interesting thing from crepe paper with your own paper, you will need a minimum set of tools and auxiliary materials.

You may be useful:

  • PVA glue;
  • Scotch;
  • Crepe paper: Best ideas for creativityCotton buds;
  • Bamboo ships;
  • Scissors;
  • Pencil;
  • Plasticine;
  • Wire;
  • Thicks.

For convenience, you can find pre-ready schemes for the crafts you are interested in. If you plan to make something not very difficult, you can make a new scheme yourself or work intuitively, so to speak «approximately».

Decorative pumps

The easiest type of crafts from crepe material – decorative pumps. This is a great decoration for any holiday, from the day of birth before the wedding. To make them make your own hands need a large roll of material, scissors and threads. For one big pompon there will be a lot of material, but you can practice on small products.

Crepe paper: Best ideas for creativityTo begin with, take a roll of corrugated paper and cut 8-9 sheets of the same size. For convenience, you can fold it several times, and then just trim around the edges. After that, fold them so that the edges clearly coincided. Next, fold the harmonica sheets folded together, as if you make a fan.

To make a pompon from this craft, you need to define an exemplary center for a folded product. In this place, wrap the harmonic of the thread several times and, slightly pulling, tie it. After that, along the edges, cut the corners to get a neat rounding. Start disconnecting one layer by layer, placing paper and flexing it in different directions until you get a ball.

In addition to such a useful thing to create a festive atmosphere, you can also make flowers: tulips, roses, chamomile and t. D.

Flowers from a strong paper

If you want to do something more elegant and complicated, then try making the crepe paper flowers. Simulation options There are a lot. One of the simplest is the manufacture of tulips with your own hands. To do this, you will need a sheet of corrugated paper, such as pink and green for stems and leaves. For the leg, take a bamboo skeleton and plunder it with a thin strip of material. It’s best to do this not using sticky tape, and glue.

In order to form a flower, cut small rectangles from pink sheets. Edges do trust in such a way that it turns out a natural rounding. Then pin three petals on a skeleton with glue or thread. Lightly straighten from such a way that the edges watched out. Build them with each other glue.

Then in the field of joints, stick three more petals. Purify the appropriate shape of the petals. They need to be taken below the middle. Form the flower and stick to the leg oblique sheet.

Crepe paper: Best ideas for creativityYou can use another approach. In this case, the petals are obtained by two-layer and form themselves by flexing in half a rectangle twisted in the middle. Step-by-step schemes can be found on the Internet.

You can also make gentle roses from crepe paper with your own hands. To do this, you can use a similar methodology. Then the material is cut by wide stripes, and then slightly tightened with an increasing step. It turns out the petals to be properly placed, twisting the strip from the smaller item to more.

You can make more simple roses. To do this, cut round petals, oval and heart-shaped from corrugated paper. Mix round element on your cotton wand. Then form the center of crafts from oval parts. Wrap them inside and the following layer Problet Round, slightly straightened and concave petals. The recently mounted heart-shaped elements and dismissed from the bottom and on the top in such a way that the edges watched out.

If you make a bouquet for a gift, you can put candy inside the tulip or roses. So you may even make it easier to form a flower of the right form. Try to find other schemes of making crepe paper flowers.

How to make topiary

More complex look, but in fact very simple in the manufacture is the so-called Topiary. So called miniature compositions, imitating a flowering tree or something like. You can make it possible from practically sirred materials.

First of all prepare the basis. To do this, you can take, for example, a ball of unnecessary threads, or wind the ball from napkins or toilet paper. The last option is even preferable, as this will greatly facilitate the entire design. Another good option – the use of plasticine. From it you need to roll a big ball and consolidate it on a skewer.

For Polish Take a Flower Pot, a jar from under the cream or something else. Disconnect the basis and proceed to the preparation of parts.

For your crafts, you will need a circular papers of different diameter paper. Use several colors, for example, red, white and green. When you devour a sufficient amount of blanks, you can start work. Take a larger diameter of red and with a pencil press it in plasticine exactly in the center.

Crepe paper: Best ideas for creativityThen drip into the recess of a little PVA glue and fix two smaller elements in this way. You will succeed like something like a flower. So you need to make a small circle on top of a plasticine ball. Place paper close to each other.

The next circle will be white elements. Alternate the rings of red and white, until you fill out a little more than half of the crafts. Then proceed to working with green paper. At the end, you can wind up your topiary with leaves cut out of the same material. Secure the ball with the leg on the stand, and the tape is tape on the leg. In the same way, you can fix on the ball of chamomile, roses, chrysanthemums and t. D.

Since it is easy to make filled paper flowers may not seem like a very interesting occupation, complement the idea of ​​other objects and make an original thing for interior decor. For example, using a vinyl record, you can create a stylish decoration. All you need is to attach it creative flowers and install on the leg.

In order to fix the strong roses based on the glue. Optionally cover all its surface with decor. You can create an interesting composition and supplement it with wires on a wire, butterflies from the head fabric and other details that you can also make your own hands.

Crepe paper is an unlimited source for creativity for both adults and children. It allows you to demonstrate your talent, and kids helps to develop aesthetic feeling and motility of fingers. Create with pleasure!

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