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Production of a wine plug rug: a sequence of actions


Making crafts from traffic jams with their own hands is fond of more people. The most popular product is a wine plug rug. How to make a beautiful rug do it yourself?

The amazing properties of the cork of cork oak appreciated not only manufacturers and lovers of wine, but also admirers Hand Mad. The natural features of this material allow it to preserve it equally well and multiply the taste quality of wine, and effectively remove static electricity, preventing spasm of vessels and limb convulsions.

Production of a wine plug rug: a sequence of actionsIt is very convenient to use rugs from the plugs from wine in the bathroom, in the hallway near the stool, on which shoes and in the toilet take, and if you make a massager from them and roll it down after a working day for 5 minutes, the fatigue will remove as hand.

Also in the interior of corks from wine can be used for the manufacture of beautiful and practical things that will help to decorate and diversify the room, make it individual, and the decor remembered.

It can be children’s crafts in the form of animals, panels and paintings from the plugs from wine, as well as a vase for dry flowers and a keyboard, a box for small things, a stand under hot and much more.

Making a rug

In order to make a convenient, practical rug with your own hands, which can be used both in the bathroom and in the corridor, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • Many wine plugs;
  • Cutting board (better wooden);
  • acute knife;
  • sandpaper;
  • glue pistol;
  • New rubber rug or piece of old oilcloth for base.

Production of a wine plug rug: a sequence of actionsTo begin with, we are determined with the dimensions of the future rug and prepare the cutlets and the rubber base of the desired size. It is advisable to at least approximately calculate the required number of traffic jams (with a small margin).

It is necessary in order for the work in the midst of work, I did not have convulsively somewhere to look for the workpiece and prepare them for work.

Calculate the required amount of plugs from the wine is very simple: the most common average tube has a size of 2.0×3.5 cm, by simple arithmetic counts, you can easily determine the required number of items. For example, the rug 60 * 40 cm will require about 170-175 pieces.


When all the calculations are manufactured, and the materials are collected in a bunch, you can proceed to the preparation of blanks to work:

  1. Tubes need to be cut in half along on a cutting board with a knife;
  2. After that, the cuts must be cleared with sandpaper;
  3. Halves of blanks may differ slightly long, but it can be fixed during operation;
  4. Production of a wine plug rug: a sequence of actionsAfter preparation of all billets, it is necessary to preliminarize the plugs on the basis;
  5. You need to lay out one vertical and one horizontal range of blanks on the edge of the base in order to evaluate how well they fit into the gubarits of the rug. If everything adds well, you can begin to stick billets to the base;
  6. Fasteners are recommended to start around the perimeter of the future rug so that something like the frame. This will create smooth edges of the product, and all that do not match the size of the workpiece can be adjusted and put inside the composition;
  7. Apply the glue layer is uniformly on a flat part of the workpiece and after pressing it tightly to the base, it is not necessary to glue the blanks. In a similar way, it is necessary to start laying out pictures from the plugs from wine – from the edges to the middle;
  8. You can have a blank inside the rug, everything will be dependent on your patience and fantasy. These can be even rows, intersecting lines or complex art composition;
  9. After all the billets are laid and fixed the rug can be considered almost ready for operation, it remains only to open it with a layer of PVA liner or matte varnish.

A similar rug can be done using a champagne cork as the main material, only to cut them should be across two equal in height, but differ in diameter, a circle.

Other crafts from traffic jams

Production of a wine plug rug: a sequence of actionsIn addition to warm, environmentally friendly and pleasant to the touch bathroom rugs or a corridor, you can make many useful and creative products from the plugs from wine that will decorate the interior of any room.

So, chopped with mugs with a thickness of 1 centimeter Wine plugs can be used to decorate a boring wooden box, paintings or a conventional stand under hot.

The use of decor from the plugs from wine will become a stylish addition to almost any interior.  Stylish and comfortable keystucks from the plugs from the wine will always be at hand keys from an apartment or machine.

Stands for cups will be removed furniture from the appearance of divorces, clocks decorated with beautiful circles from traffic jams, will make the interior stylish and unique, and vases from the plugs from wine of various diameters will easily be able to become a highlight of the entire room.

Fruitful needlework and beautiful products!

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