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How to sew a tablet case, laptop and e-book quickly and economically?


To decorate your electronic devices, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money for additional accessories. We offer to figure out how to sew a tablet case with your own hands

Tablets, phones and laptops have long been an inseparable part of our life. There are such devices are quite expensive, so you need to care for them. Most devices have a touch screen, which can simply stop functioning with minor damage.

How to sew a tablet case, laptop and e-book quickly and economically?To replace it, you will have to lay out a round sum, so it is better to prevent damage to the appearance using special covers. Of course, you can go to the store and purchase the appropriate option. However, the original covers can be obtained by working with their own hands and using completely different materials and decor items.

The main advantage – you can independently come up with its appearance, which means no one will no longer have such an accessory. Such products do not require essential investments, and many materials can be taken from old things.

How to sew a tablet case?

Due to different colors of materials, you can get a wonderful accessory. Since the price of the final product will be small if desired it is easy to make several options and periodically change them. This master class describes the sizes on the tablet with dimensions of 23.5×14.5 cm.

Necessary materials:

  • Dense tissue, for example, flax and cotton. Choose colors so that they are combined with each other;
  • Dublerin;
  • Sintepon;
  • Rope, about 10 cm;
  • Button.

Before you figure out how to sew a case is worth making a pattern. It is necessary to have a facial part and lining. ATTENTION – All parts have 1 cm allowances for seams. On the fabric of flax, draw the part, the size of which is 34×28 cm.

Find the middle of the length and with each of the short sides, draw an angle of 3 cm deep, it is important that they were internal and directed in one direction. On cotton matter draw a 12×28 cm rectangle.

On the one hand, add the protruding angle as high as the other part. Connect 2 parts and compact them with dublerin. IMPORTANT: so that there is no chances, so start to glue it from the middle and move to the edges. Put the Cotton Fabric Sintepon, and on top of the prepared part, circle it and cut it. So that the material does not move, scalulate all needles.

Introduction for the seam on the straight edge, it is necessary to unscrew inside out, and the extra syntheton cut off. Take a piece of cotton matter, compact it with a dublerin and cut the heart whose size should be 3.5 cm. On the front part it must be attached to the center, retreating from the upper angle by 16 cm. We sew his zigzag.

From the smooth edge, count 12 cm, bend in half, scratch on the sides and cut the allowances of 50 mm. Around the perimeter cut about 50 mm of syntheps, and the batteries themselves wrap inside out and freeze them. Also make and cotton material for lining.

It’s time to connect the details so that all sections are inside. Stretch at a distance of 2 mm from the edge of the face. Make a loop from the rope and enter it. Having putting the gadget, measure the place for the button. Everything, cover is ready.

Learn how to sew skin case for tablet

The proposed master class describes the Rules for the manufacturer of the accessory, which enjoys the greatest popularity – type «cover». Do it easy, the main thing is to know the features.

Necessary materials:

  • Leather or its substitute;
  • Two cardboard parts, the size of which must comply with the tablet;
  • Universal glue, for connecting fabric and cardboard;
  • Contact elastic tape or as it is also called – Velcro;
  • Two gum for fixing.

At the skin, glue the details from the cardboard so that between them a distance of several millimeters is left more than the thickness of the tablet. From other sides, take the allowances of 1.5 cm. Generate them and also stick to the cardboard. Separately cut two strips, the length of which should be 15 cm, and width 1 cm.

Cut them in half and in every corner of one part rush them in such a way that the loops. Thanks to them, the tablet will be fixed. Be sure to try the device and, in the case of which, apply the loop.

Details made of leather, which in size should be identical to cardboard parts, stick from the inside. To be securely, it is recommended to see everything on the car. It remains to glue the velcro tape, for fixing the cover in a closed state.

How to sew a laptop case?

How to sew a tablet case, laptop and e-book quickly and economically?You can make an original accessory for yourself or for a gift. The thing made with your own hands will appeal not only to women, but and men. The most important thing is to choose correctly material for the product.

It is recommended to use the skin, suede, and still dense cotton matter, for example, flax or hazard. As for coloring, it all depends exclusively from individual preferences. You can take a monophonic fabric, for classic options or with different drawings.

Necessary materials:

  • Two pieces of cloth of different colors intended for the facial and involved side;
  • Batting or syntheps, it is important that it is thin;
  • Oblique bay;
  • Velcro or buttons.

Start standing with laptop dimensions, determine: width / height / thickness. If you make an accessory for a gift, then look at the size of the Internet. In this master class, a laptop with dimensions of 30x20x1.5 cm. Make a pattern, with the help of cardboard rectangles, it is important that one part (a) is already 10 cm other (B). This allowed will serve as a valve.

To calculate the sizes, use such formulas:

  • Rectangle A: (SH + T + 1) X (B + T + 1), for our example 32.5×22.5 cm;
  • Rectangle in: (sh + t + 1 + 10) x (B + T + 1), for our example 42,5×22,5 cm.

After all are measured, you can cut rectangles from two materials and start working. Fold two rectangles and the invalid side inside, and between put the syntheps. The same repeat with rectangles in. Stop them around the perimeter, making indent from the edge no more than 0.5 cm.

Now sneak, obtained parts. This can be done in different ways, for example, if the material has geometric shapes, then pass the line to their perimeter. It is important for rectangles to be dense and did not swell. Take a part A and one of the short sides to treat oblique baker.

Fold the rectangles with an invalid so that the supplement 10 cm was from the side where there is oblique beyk on another part. Connect all sides except the one where there is a valve. Treat all edges in a circle of oblique baker. It remains only to sew a velcro or attach buttons. That’s all, the case is ready.

Learning to sew a case for an electronic book

There is a huge range of similar products, we offer to stay with the use of denim.

Necessary materials:

  • Cardboard;
  • Fliselin;
  • Paper;
  • Textile;
  • Old jeans;
  • Rubber.

For tablet sew case, starting from the pattern. Cardboard is necessary in order to create the basis. On it circle a book and cut two identical parts. Flizelin Fold in 6 layers and cut two parts identical to cardboard. Now glue the cardboard and fliseline parts, to obtain two parts.

Make a paper from paper and stick it into cardboard, and after do it too from the fabric. It must have a rectangle shape with a recess in the center. From prepared cardboard parts Cut parts that will play the role of the holder for the book. Middle stick to fabric. In order not to be seen when the fist of the Flizelin.

How to sew a tablet case, laptop and e-book quickly and economically?From jeans it is necessary to make one piece. To do this, circle a book by adding 0.5 cm on top, from the bottom and left. Rent 1.5 cm on the right – it is for binding. Make the same measurements for the second part.

As a result, it should be a whole cover. Make 2 parts. Cutting, back from the edge of 1 cm, for the pent, which you want to try the iron.

For decoration from the outside, the pocket is a pocket that can be used to store records or money. Go to the collection cover for an electronic book. Connect the outer part, fliseline cards down and the inside.

Be sure to attach a picker and a gum so that it keeps the book from above. So that the cards do not move, they can be glued to the inside. It remains to flash everything.

As you can see, sew the case is easy and, if you wish, it will be able to do every. If something did not work out from the first time, do not worry, a little practice and will be able to get the desired result. Showing fantasy, you can create your original option.

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