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Coffee beans paintings – draw by gear materials


What crafts can be made of coffee grains? Coffee beans paintings – Panno Cats. Panel of grain and seed. Grain paintings made by hand

Many to the interior decoration are very responsible and try to give their homes of a cozy family nest, in which it is nice to spend time in the evenings, where I want to go after the end of the working day, where joyful thoughts are visited. And not the last place in the interior occupy the items of decor – paintings and panels made by their own hands using sweater materials.

Coffee beans paintings - draw by gear materialsThey are appropriate in any room from the bath to the living room. And imagine a picture in the kitchen made of croup, seeds, grains of coffee, publishing weak coffee flavor ..

After all, everyone knows the properties of coffee, which is beyond and tones the person and therefore the coffee panels will very organically fit into the kitchen interior and not only, and where there is warm coffee or beige shades where warm coffee or beige. 

What crafts can be done using coffee grains? 

Mass options, choose any: 

  • decorate photo frames, mugs, candles, any items; 
  • panels and paintings from coffee beans; 
  • decoration of the magnets on the refrigerator; 
  • Coffee trees, Christmas trees, hearts in the form of Topiaria; 
  • Decoration for Christmas Tree and DR. 

Paintings with their own hands made from coffee beans

In this master class, we will analyze how to create a panel independently, on the example of a picture of a cat made of coffee beans. It can be decorate your home or give friends who also love the taste and aroma of fresh coffee.

Prepare to create it: 

  • Dense cardboard; 
  • a piece of fabric of light tones, preferably from flax; 
  • 120-150 grams of coffee beans; 
  • thermopystole or PVA; 
  • Acrylic varnish, tassels; 
  • Decor elements, twine. 

Make a pattern of paintings from grains. To do this, glue is applied to cardboard and a piece of fabric is put on top, smoothed and put under the press. The edges of the fabric are displayed on the turnover of the panel, they are sampled and the press is also installed on top. Keep one’s breath. 

Cat contours are applied to the fabric. If a copied copied is used, then accuracy will need not to blur fabric. 

With the help of the grain thermopystole, the drawing contours are glued. Applied to fabrics flat face. After the contours are posted, the inner surface of the drawing is filled. 

Create a frame – we glue the grains in three rows across the edges of the panel. Decorating the corners with twine bows. 

Panel is covered with a layer of acrylic varnish and left until drying. 

Pictures created from grain and seeds 

Creating a coffee panel with your own hands, you can use not only coffee grains, but also other natural materials, cereals and seeds that are practically in every home. It will be a huge plus to attract to creativity and children, especially small. After all, during such classes, not only creative imagination is developing, but also a small motility of hands, which helps the child in the development of speech. 

Coffee beans paintings - draw by gear materialsFor recreation in the picture, pictures of patterns, butterflies, colors, animals, leaves, natural landscapes will be useful. Your creative fantasy is not limited. Materials will need coffee grains, seeds – persimmon, melons, sunflower, watermelon. Various cereals – rice, millet, bunch and corn, manka, lentils. Seasonings – pepper and nutmeg ground, others. 

Cardboard is also enclosed by a piece of linen fabric and to complete drying is placed under the press, and then the selected drawing is applied. After that, various cereals are applied with glue. Previously, they can be painted with food dyes or acrylic paints in different colors.

Consider the process of creating such a panel on the example of the drawing «Butterfly». Make a beautiful picture using a healthy material.

Create a butterfly taurus using two pumpkin seeds attached to each other round parts. 

Next, the inner part of two wings is placed. This is black rice painted earlier with acrylic helmets. Rice is glued to the upper seed, and then the fan is diverged by picture. Approximate amount of 4-5 rows. Then the border is laid out from one rice rice. 

With the help of corn cereals and ground red pepper draw patterns on wings. In the middle of them, laying out lentils and beans. 

We draw up edges with lace stripes, sprinkled from ground nutmeg. 

We decorate the background of the Panel of semolina, painted in different colors. And place on the canvase of various insects. Motalka and ants can be made from watermelon seeds and lentils. 

And the last step will be applied to the panel of acrylic varnish. 

Such pictures from grains and cereals will become a full decor of any room. And by the way, it is not always noticeable from what they are completed. In this master class, we filled out the empty spaces of the pattern of semolina, but for this you can use acrylic or other paints, as shown in the following example. 

Grain paintings made by hand 

To create such a panel will need beans (or lentils, or beans) of different colors, acrylic paints, glue, a piece of dense cardboard or plywood. Before you choose the drawing, take into account that the beans are a large material, so it will be convenient if the drawing will not have small parts, it will be a major and simple enough. It is better to move to complex creations when you already have a kind tent of the paintings created from cereals and seeds. 

Coffee beans paintings - draw by gear materialsPicture is translated on Phane. If artistic abilities are not enough, use the copybook. Draw the contours of paint so that there are no empty places in the panel. 

Then the glue is applied to the contours and the beans are applied in different colors and the entire surface of the panel is gradually filled with them. The difference between the paintings from the ordinary materials from ordinary only one, instead of paints, seeds, cereals, coffee grains and others are used here. 

As you can see, paintings made of coffee, croup and seeds can be made independently by using the maximum imagination. You can portray anything, because even the most simple drawings are pretty unusual and creative. We offer to give in to creative mood and fantasy, and today to start creating a magnificent work of art.

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