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Slavic flaxwear: how to sew a dress from flax with their own hands?


Flax dresses again at the peak of fashion. Girls love them for practicality, convenience and originality. Sew Slavic dress can be used – then it «Syasy» ideally

Flax dresses are quite popular with modern women. Ethno-fashion again makes a new round. Therefore, girls can safely wear a dress made of flax. Patterns help to transfer all sizes on the fabric and create the perfect outfit.

Many do not risk sewing them with their own hands for various reasons: someone is afraid to spoil the material, others do not want to spend their time. But increasingly, girls are trying to sew the robe on their own, because the finished outfit will fully match their design and perfectly «sit» On the figure, emphasizing all the advantages of female forms.

Pretty dress with a semi-fiber skirt

You need to start with creating patterns. Measure your parameters and create the basis of the product.

After you can move to modeling:

  • Slavic linenwear: how to sew a dress from flax with their own hands?Cut the pattern by waist;
  • From the left side of the workpiece, deposit 3 centimeters, and on the side of the armor – 1 centimeter; Using molds, run a new line, put up 15 centimeters and draw a relief seam. It should be smooth and curved, go through the lines of molding, not reaching the chest of about 2 centimeters;
  • Connect the point of 15 centimeters and the bottom of the Prieves of the straight line.

Chestnutchka must be closed, bonding around. As a result, the sand will turn out a small swallow – it must be aligned and pasted. From the neck of the neck to the left, set aside 3 centimeters and spend the line. Apply the backrest lines, cut through the waistline.

To make a skirt drawing, you need to measure your waist and circulation to make a circle segment. Cry follows with a fold on one side. Sweat the bodies and side parts, and then go to medium items. All powders process. On the waist Sew skirt and lice lightning. Subject and push. If you correctly make patterns, robe «Syasy» ideally.

Slavic dress

Figure out can sew Slavic dress from flax is easy. If you start the seamstress and are not afraid to take for complex styles, then this Slavic dress will like it. It is direct, with clear lines – to sew it die even newcomer.

After you remove your sizes, make an outline on paper and transfer to the cloth. Fold the material in two layers so that the fold is vertically down. Cut each part and take a seam along the shoulder zone and hands. Sew two parts in the center.

For the collar cut two strips from folded twice the fabric, step up and remove to «face». Overhead pockets make it easy: cut the rectangles of the desired shape and sizes and set to the product. Can «Plant» them are under the tilt. It remains to place seams on the sides and the prugo.

What to wear?

Slavic linenwear: how to sew a dress from flax with their own hands?Linen apparel is perfect for everyday life and for solemn events. In such an ensemble, the girl looks very feminine, gently and cute. Outfit is associated with female energy, homemade hearth and family warmth.

Dresses and shirts are well harmonized with summer or demi-season boots with a wide balance. If on the street it is cold, you can draw a jacket in a folk style or a jacket with ornaments, embroidered threads.

To «revive» Outfit we carry jewelry. Massive beads or pendants are suitable, bracelets with multicolored stones. Well look with such an ensemble bags «Under the burlap» and rude fabric.

Clothing from flax has long taken a solid position in the market. This is explained by her practicality, convenience. It does not mind, easily erased and strokes. Linen shirts and dresses look organically and well harmonize with modern accessories.

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