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Make a New Year’s suit of the butterfly with your own hands: Practical guide


If you cook a girl to the New Year’s matinee, do not rush to do the usual snowflake costume. You can sew a suit for the girl do it yourself

An excellent version of the costume for children’s New Year’s matinee will be a butterfly suit. First, it is possible to sew such a product alone, and secondly, the whole process does not take a lot of time and will not require serious financial costs for materials. We will look at several options for carnival and New Year’s outfits, as well as get acquainted with the two-three master classes in the manufacture of children’s costumes.

Discuss the view of the future outfit with my daughter

Make a New Year's suit of the butterfly with your own hands: Practical guideBefore making a butterfly costume, it is advisable to consult with your child, listening to his wishes. To understand the product of the girl or not, pre-draw a sketch. Even better if the child takes an active part in its creation.

After that you need to decide on the color of the butterfly. It is desirable that she is not one-photon one, otherwise the costume will turn out to be unbelievable.

Decide with the view of the butterfly, which can be either day or night. When creating a day butterfly, the wings should be bright and combine at least two colors. In the second case, the product is desirable to make from a darker material, but with bright patterns.

Options for carnival dresses

If you intend to sew a suit of a beautiful butterfly for the girl with their own hands, you can use one of the options suggested below:

Suit from swimsuit

This method will become the easiest, because in this case, as the basis, you can take an ordinary sports swimsuit.

In addition, it is necessary:

  • Make a New Year's suit of the butterfly with your own hands: Practical guideTake bright tights and czechs;
  • Decorate swimsuit by rhinestones;
  • Make homemade bezel with mustod;
  • Sew a skirt on an elastic band from multicolored ribbons;
  • Make wings from wire and flowing fabric.

The most difficult in this case will be the manufacture of wings. However, the process itself is not so complicated, as it seems at first glance.

To create parts, you need to take the appropriate template for which bend the wire and wind through it with a cloth with multicolored inserts.

Skirt costume and blouse

Carnival costume will consist of a colorful sleeveless, skirts and homemade wings. As an optional accessory, you can purchase an ordinary hoop with a beautiful flower.

Features of the outfit:

  • To trigger the image, on a plastic hoop, it is advisable to make a couple of assholes made of wire, which can be subsequently copied by satin ribbons.
  • To create wings, you can take not too thick steel wire, transparent tights that have to cover the metal frame and paint-spray for drawing patterns;
  • You can sew a skirt from colored tulle, which is decorated with multi-colored flaps. An ideal option will be the pattern of a semifier skirt.

Suit from a sweatshirt and sports pants

This option is more likely to like girls who simply do not like to wear skirts. Such an outfit is good in that it almost does not constrain the movement of the child. The only difficulty with which the mother will encounter in the process of sewing the product – Wings.

Features of the outfit:

  • Make a New Year's suit of the butterfly with your own hands: Practical guideThe wings can be sewn independently of the tissue pieces or use the air serpent for these purposes;
  • According to the template, parts of the desired form are cut and simply sewn to a sweatshirt;
  • As in previous versions, it is possible to take an ordinary wire, satin ribbons and decorative beads to form a mustache.

Master Class. Moth

To independently make the original New Year’s costumes, it is not necessary to resort to the services of Atelier. As a rule, there are no special skills for their manufacture of needlework, so any mom will cope with the task.

So in order to sew the product, we will need materials:

  • Black fabric for wings;
  • Multicolored patchwork fabrics for patterns;
  • rubber;
  • Glue and scissors.

The process of creating a dress:

  • Make a New Year's suit of the butterfly with your own hands: Practical guideMake a template for future wings on Watman;
  • Transfer the circuit of the template to the black canvas;
  • Carefully cut the wings, while it is desirable that the canvas are solid;
  • Cut from the multicolored Loskutka fabric, which will serve as a pattern for the wings;
  • Stick them to the prepared basis;
  • From the inside of the workpiece of the sew gum, with which the child will be able to put on the product as ordinary wound;
  • The adhesive of gum and the edges of the workpiece so that the girl can control the wings when moving;
  • Finish the image of a black dress and a mask, which can be purchased in a children’s store or make yourself.

Master Class. Day butterfly

How can you sew a suit daytime butterfly with their own hands? This version of the costume is quite simple, because it can only be limited to the manufacture of additional accessories, such as wings, a magic wand and hoop.

What will you need for this?

  • Make a New Year's suit of the butterfly with your own hands: Practical guidea little fluff;
  • Slim silk;
  • Aluminum wire (about 3 m);
  • silk braid;
  • New Year’s rain;
  • long pencil;
  • plastic hoop;
  • decorative beads;
  • glue.

The process of manufacturing wings:

  • Bend the wire in such a way as to give it the shape of the wings of the butterfly, which will consist of four parts. Several options are offered in the photo;
  • The resulting frame cover with a silk cloth or by kapron transparent pantyhose;
  • Seams that are formed in the middle of the workpiece, disguise down. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the same New Year rain;
  • Using paints or braids, create an original pattern on the wings;
  • At the inside of the workpiece, attach the gum, at the expense of which the product will be attached to the suit girls.

The process of making a magic stick:

  • Circle a long pencil with a satin ribbon;
  • To the upper part of it, attach a plastic butterfly;
  • Then attach the segments of satin ribbons .

Process of decoration hoop:

  • Make a New Year's suit of the butterfly with your own hands: Practical guideAttach two metal wire to the hoop;
  • At the ends of the wire, adjust the decorative beads;
  • Decorate the hoop at a satin ribbon, New Year’s rain or a fortune.

Butterfly costume – one of the most unusual and beautiful outfits, which will certainly like any girl. To make such an original product with your own hands, you will need only a couple of hours of time and minimum materials.

Due to the simplicity of the assembly process and the manufacture of accessories, almost any mom will be able to cope with such a task.

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