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Unusual decorations with your own hands: Flowers from ribbon


Even the most boring sweater or blouse will turn into clothing «to the exit» Very simple, at first glance, decoration – a flower of a ribbon. Make it easy to do it

Predupled flowers made of ribbon – this is a great way to decorate clothes and interior. If we consider that the finished handicraft can have a different size and style, then it can be decorated with both a children’s hair gum and clothing, home textiles or even paintings.

What can make artificial inflorescence?

Beginner needlewomen are confident that, except, from a satin ribbon, the desired form will no longer work out any other material.

In fact, you can use the following materials:

  • Unusual decorations with your own hands: Flowers from ribbonReply ribbons having a fairly interesting texture, and often used in the role of finishing raw materials. From such a ribbon consisting of convex and intertwined rutters, graceful colors of various sizes are obtained;
  • Parchina ribbons, giving the opportunity to make huge and luxury flowers resembling royal. Needlewomen prefer to work with ribbons, in the edges of which are sewn with thin wires, which makes it possible to quickly form the desired flower abishes and the shape of each individual petal. Most often, brushful flowers and ribbons decorate gift boxes, but the sphere of their use is not limited;
  • Kapron ribbons, often used for homemade jewelry. Since it is quite durable and durable material, it is customary to make chic floral compositions for decorative purposes, and luxurious gum bows for hairstyles;
  • Polyester-based organza, which is often used for sewing curtains or curtains. Master who came to make amazing flower sets from her. Artificial inflorescences created from organza-chameleon, organza-rainbow and material with compressed texture are particularly exotic
  • Velvet braid, from which it is customary to do small decorative boutons, which are then decorated with broots, handbags, shoes and other haberdashery.

Of course, the most popular and affordable material is still satin ribbons having a different color solution, density and width. Finished crafts are pleasing to noble silky glitter, unusual and grace, although they are made in two bills. Some needlewomen connect individual elements with special glue, while the rest is enough needles with a thread.

Satin or satin flower

In this case, we make flowers from satin or satin ribbons using one scissors only, and according to the following instructions:

  1. Unusual decorations with your own hands: Flowers from ribbonChoose the supplies of the desired shade and invoice, cut a piece of the required length from it. It is better to take a 20 centimeter cut, because with a shorter harder to manage, and the unused material remains;
  2. The ribbon should be passed so that both parts of it were in the perpendicular position relative to each other. The bottom item must be wrapped over the core, leaving the top bottom. Thus we fold the flower until the material is over;
  3. The ends of the ribbon must hold between the index and thumb, and, holding one hanging tip, pull for the remaining. The folds will begin to transform into floral petals, and the rose – acquire the desired apricots and sizes. You should not pull too zeno, otherwise everything will fall apart, and it will be necessary to start work from the very beginning;
  4. On the reverse side of the crafts, you need to tie a dense nodule, and hide tapes in it.

This is the easiest option of making a flower of satin ribbon. To make a magnificent product, you need to take a longer cut of the material, and to make it wider, you need to choose wide ribbons.

And remember: the fastest base, the more clear there will be petals and flower itself.

Simple floral crafts for beginners

Roses flowers to actually build by using the next set of consumables:

  • the tape itself;
  • needles and threads;
  • glue;
  • Scissors and butchers, which will imitate the storm of the flower.

The manufacturing process is as follows:

  1. Unusual decorations with your own hands: Flowers from ribbonA piece of ribbon is cut down, about 30 cm long. The needle is inhabited;
  2. The ribbon is flashing along the lower edge, only on one side and small stitches;
  3. The ribbon is tightened evenly on both sides, after which you should be a dense volanchik. It is binding to the circle, extra threads are cut off, and the tips of the tapes glue, and hide inside the product;
  4. The flower is placed under the press so that it becomes flat, then a few drops fall into the middle of the glue, and a small decorative button is attached to them. To create a more interesting and designer craft, the core is permissible to decorate with pearls, bead painting, or plenty of tiny butt colors.

Now we make a large and chic flower of satin ribbon, which can be the basis of an artificial bouquet, a decor for hairstyles or home textiles.

For its manufacture, it will be necessary:

  • threads, needle and scissors;
  • 1.2 m satin base, 4 cm wide.

The work process is as follows:

  1. Unusual decorations with your own hands: Flowers from ribbonCanceling one angle of the atlas strip to the middle of its width, after which we sew several dense stitches. The middle of the flower will appear;
  2. Now the ribbon needs to be wrapped in the direction, reverse ancillable corner. Total 5-6 revolutions are done, resulting in a narrow cylinder. Its foundation is fixed by several small stitches;
  3. To the right of the formed cylinder should remain a piece of ribbon. It should be cut down at an angle equal to 45?. The cylinder must be wrapped with inside, until the place of bend becomes invisible. All layers of the formed cylinder are fixed by stitches than we make pink petals;
  4. The previous step needs to be repeated until the end of the ribbon, and the last fold is performed at its end. All the remains are fed, and the rose is ready.

As mentioned above, such a flower can be the basis for an artificial bouquet. To do this, in its core, you need to hide the end of the wire, winding it with the material of the desired color, the leaflets and collect the desired composition.

Ensure that the length of the stalk was proportional to the circumference of the color itself.

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