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Knitting Jackets for Full Women: Work Technology


Knitted jacket – fashionable thing this season. Especially relevant knitting needles of jackets for complete women. He will become a favorite thing in your wardrobe

In the coming season, knitted jacket is one of the most sought-after things. Without it, no fashionista will no longer. It is especially relevant for women weighty advantages. Jacket helps to hide the imperfections of the figure, is an excellent addition for everyday and festive clothing.

How to choose how to wear, and most importantly, like knitting knitting like a fashionable jacket for a complete woman you will learn from this article.

What is jacket and what to wear?

Jacket, like many other women’s wardrobe objects, was invented in France. This is a variety of outerwear from knitwear or wool fabric. An indispensable thing for a woman of any age and a set, it is simply necessary for ladies of large sizes.

Properly selected knitted subject can hide the imperfections of the figure, and create an image of a stylish successful woman. It is perfectly combined with skirt and pants. It looks great in the office in addition to dark jeans and a classic shirt.

Models of knitted jackets for complete women:

  1. Knitting Jackets for Full Women: Work TechnologyAn extended monophonic, performed smooth yarn – a great option for ladies of large. He will make a figure slimmer and above. Wearing such a thing needed with straight trousers, a pencil skirt, a direct silhouette dress;
  2. The shortened model will suit those who, despite the large size, there is no big abdomen and a thin waist. With it combines loose pants or jeans, a dress with an arched bottom and a classic dress-case;
  3. Openwork jacket – Great thing for summer. Perfectly looks together with wide white pants or flying long skirt. Create a lightweight air image.

Models for complete women, which is worth avoided

  1. Large volumetric mating: shishchek, braids, embossed patterns. They visually increase the figure, give it an excess size;
  2. Bright and large drawings. Especially transverse stripes and various geometric shapes;
  3. Too thick and shaggy yarn. Things from it will shine with loose and voluminous;
  4. Yarn with large sequins and lurex;
  5. Volumetric embroidery of applications;
  6. Things that are not suitable. Too tight or, on the contrary, free hanging balachonov.

Where to start knitting for full women?

Start the manufacture of fashionable update is needed from the model selection. Choosing a fabric of the future product, consider the features of your figure, recommendations of stylists and, of course, your taste and preferences in clothing. In the choice of model, you will come to the rescue and books on needlework, as well as numerous fashion sites, where you can always find a suitable scheme to tie for full women with spokes.

Then it is necessary to choose a knitting scheme for the future model. Experienced masters of schemes for their products are developing themselves. If you are not yet sure of your skills, select an identical scheme in the knitting guide or on the needlework site. In the Internet, the schemes of knitting a wide variety of things are widely represented.

Knitting Jackets for Full Women: Work TechnologyThe next stage is the selection and calculation of the yarn. At the same time, it is necessary to determine in what color and at what texture yarn the selected model will look the most advantageous.

What a shade is suitable for you? What will look like a finished drawing, knitted on the needles? In order to answer these questions, tie themselves or ask to the knitter if you order a thing, perform a small sample of the canvas.

After removing the measure and determining the size of the future thing, the calculation of the required amount of yarn. Usually, ready-made schemes and descriptions of knitted things already contain an indication of the exact amount of necessary materials. Yarn is considered by weight (in grams) or the number of metes.

As a rule, about 500 grams of yarn goes to the female version.

Having calculated the self-consumption of yarn, pay attention to the size of the spokes, the length of the thread in the MOTKE and its weight. All these data are shown on the package. Considering that you knit a large size thing, get yarn with a margin. Spread the opportunity to return unused ships in advance with the seller.

How to remove mercies?

In order to tie a jacket need to correctly remove the measurements.

For any model, the following measurements are required:

  1. Breast girth. We measure at the level of the armpits on the most protruding places – chest and shovels;
  2. Waist girth. Measure, not tightening and not too free. Santimeter tape should freely lie on the waist, but not hanging;
  3. Depending on the model, we measure the length of the waist to the bottom of the product;
  4. Hip girth. Remove the measure at the level of the most protruding points of the buttock;
  5. Spread width. From one armpit to another;
  6. Length back. From 7 cervical vertebra to waist;
  7. The length of the sleeve. From shoulder to wrist. We measure through the elbow joint with a slightly bent hand. If necessary, remove the measure of the width of the shoulder.

According to the standards, it is necessary to make patterns of parts of the product in full size. This will allow during the work to check the correctness of its execution and prevent errors.

So, the measurements are removed, the pattern is made, the yarn is chosen. If you have already mastered such a kind of needlework, like knitting on the needles, then the recommendations below will help you to properly organize the manufacturing process.

If you are a starting knitter, then these tips are all the more necessary to tie their first jacket and remain satisfied result.

Stages of performance

  1. Knitting Jackets for Full Women: Work TechnologyIn order to make sure that the pattern and mating density are suitable for the model you choose, tie a small pattern of the canvas. This will not make a mistake with the choice of spokes;
  2. Always start knitting from the back. Having confused the items, apply it to the pattern from time to time. So you can control the process of working on the thing and avoid mistakes;
  3. After performing the back, proceed to the shelves. Also check them with a pattern and with a finished back of the back;
  4. Latest knit sleeves. Naturally, also checking the correct operation of the work using the pattern;
  5. After performing all the workpieces, spread them on the pattern. Once again, check out the details of the details of the model you;
  6. Related details must be sipped. To do this, place them on dense fabric. Purify the form corresponding to the pattern. A good option to make a pattern of dense fabric and pinch a detail to it by English pins;
  7. Use steam iron for excipation. Carefully without touching the billets, process each of them ferry. Leave up to complete drying;
  8. After the details dried, proceed to the assembly of the product. Sew shoulder seams. Then the suture of the sleeves. Fold the subject as it will look like in a finished form. Check if there is no distortion. Then sew the side seams and the bottom of the sleeves;
  9. Lastly, the trigger of buttons, fasteners, decorative elements.

Openwork jacket

Jackets openwork mating – a great option for women of large sizes. They make a figure slimmer, and just do not replace to create summer ensembles. Lightweight and air they will decorate the lady of any age, make an image gentle and romantic.

The thing of dark noble color is an excellent addition to the evening dress. And the model of bright colors will emphasize your individuality. Wearing her better with pants or jeans. Excellent beach option – Openwork model of white or dairy color in combination with flying skirt or free trousers. Contrary to popular belief, such clothes are not full, on the contrary, gives a woman a daily fresh look and harmony.

Getting started by the manufacture of the openwork, take these tips:

  1. Very important selection of the right drawing of the auura. It is necessary to choose such that hides the imperfections, and does not allocate them. Give preference to small drawings with a large number of holes. The patterns of medium density in the form of vertical openwork tracks are well
  2. Pick the needles exactly the corresponding size of the yarn. Otherwise, the thing will turn out to be loose and will not keep the form;
  3. Selection of yarn when solving Perform openwork knitting on the knitting needles – the most responsible business. If the hook is an excellent option – cotton yarn, then the spokes are suitable for the spokes of threads. It can be: cotton or current wool with the addition of acrylic or polyester.

Non-flat model of openwork jacket for full women

The model is easy to execute and link it will be able to beginner.

Knitting Jackets for Full Women: Work TechnologyFor this free jacket, you will need: Yarn of red or red-brick color, you can choose another, but thanks to a simple drawing of an open source, this model looks better in bright shades – 800 grams, knitting needles and hook №2, 1 big button in tone.

Tip for the choice of yarn: Take woolen threads with 50% content acrylic.

Main Pattern: Openwork Mesh

Fit according to the scheme


  • Announced loop in face rows, facial – in the involves;
  • Empty cell – facial loop in front rows, Pouring in the involves;
  • Two facial loops to stick together with the slope left;
  • Nakid.

Remove the measurement and make patterns. They are the usual patterns for women’s COFF. Gently draw them in size. Special attention is paid to the prummam and opaway sleeves.

For the back, type on the knitting needles No. 5 120 loops (48-50 size). Knit the main pattern right. At an altitude of 50 centimeters, close for the armor on both sides of 10-15 (depending on the size). Knit another 20-25 centimeters straight and close all loops.

Shelf. Dial on the knitting knitting number 5 60 loops. Knit the main pattern right. At an altitude of 45 centimeters for the sofa of the neck, we reduce in each 2nd row of 1 loop. To do this, 2 recent loops prick together. At an altitude of 50 centimeters, encourage the armies, like on the back. Knit another 20-25 centimeters and close all loops.

Sleeve. On the knitting needles number 5, dial 60 loops and knit just a major pattern of 30 centimeters. Then begin to form our own sleeves. To do this, close on each side of 4-5 loops and close the following 1 loop in each second row. At the height of the detail 50 cm Close all the remaining loops.

Disappear and collect the product as described above. Several rows of crochet columns №2 Remove all open edges of parts. In the place where the neckline begins, the sew button.

As you can see, knitting the needles of jackets for complete women is not as difficult as it may seem. Upda ready!

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