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Knitting sweatshirts for girls with knitting needles: Popular Sticks and Running Rules


Knitted things are at the peak of fashion for children and adults. Tie a sweater for the girl is quite simple, because now there are many different schemes and recommendations of experienced knitters

Knitted things have long come into fashion and securely fixed in it, because they are not only convenient, but also elegant. Spokes-related sweater, wear women, and little girls. This comfortable thing should be in the wardrobe of every girl, because it saves in any weather: the openwork blouse dress up on summer evenings, and warm will become an indispensable attribute in cool autumn and spring days.

Knitting sweatshirts for girls with knitting needles: Popular Sticks and Running RulesIn addition, if you knit a warm sweater for the girl, it can even replace the demi-season jacket in sunny weather, and can also be worn instead of a sweater with a cold winter.

Most popular styles

The main feature, which is distinguished by a knitted jacket from other clothes – is the presence of fasteners. Buttons, buttons, lightning or ties can be used as fasteners. An extended sweater is called a cardigan, and a short model, the length of which reaches just below the blades, is known as Bolero. 

This type of clothing is presented with a fairly large variety of models, so many people got used to all knitted things to call sweatshirts.

The most popular jackets for girls are the models:

  • flippers;
  • on the coquetka;
  • capes;
  • with shortened sleeves and completely without them;
  • with fur.

On small girls, knitted clothes always look very stylish and beautiful, regardless of whether the openwork or embossed knitting is used. 

Select yarn for sweaters

Knitting sweatshirts for girls with knitting needles: Popular Sticks and Running RulesIn order to associate a high-quality thing, it is important to be able to choose threads. For the body, natural materials are most comfortable, so the flight thin blouse should be knit from cotton, and warm – from wool. However, natural materials have the disadvantages that you should also take into account.

Cotton-related clothes have a cleaning property, and woolen things are sitting and often annoying the gentle skin of the child. That is why not all yarn is 100% cotton or wool, and other materials may include. Most often, elastane and acrylic is used as additives to natural yarn, which give the knitted canvas of the desired form. 

The optimal choice of woolen yarn with needwelders, which decided to engage in knitting with warm sweaters for the girl, threads are considered to be 30-40% acrylic. This synthetic fiber softens the fabric, makes it a pleasant to children’s skin.

But in cases where, when knitting a woman uses a wool yarn with a high percentage of acrylic, created by their hands things quickly covered by rollers, lose their new look, look inactive and worn out. You should also know that warm clothing from acrylic worsens the removal of skin evaporation, so active children when wearing sweatshirts will constantly sweat. 

For a teenager, you can knit the knitting knitting needles from clean wool, because at such age, the girl’s skin is no longer so sensitive to the material, especially if the thing performs the function of the outerwear.

Popular among yarn materials suitable for teenage girl, alpaca wool. Better from such threads knit with relief or openwork patterns, with such a fulfillment, it will seem visually that the thing is made of mohair. 

If you want to tie an openwork sweater for the girl, choose cotton and flax with the addition of Elastane. This synthetic material extends the date of clothing, preventing its pulling. Such things usually knit from weightless threads openwork patterns, so they are easily and nezarko compared even with natural, but dense products. 

Features of knitting regulated 

The main advantage of such a knitting technique as Raglan is the lack of seams on the shoulder line. Such things look elegant and carefully, and tie the jacket with the knitting needles for the girl on this technique quite simple. Raglan is a way of knitting seamless solid cloth in the top of the body.

Knitting sweatshirts for girls with knitting needles: Popular Sticks and Running RulesMany needlewomen avoid such a way of knitting, believing that this is an unbearable task. In fact, to get a pretty reglan, you just need to correctly calculate the number of loops. 

First of all, to successfully create a thing of this unusual technique, you should figure out what the regulated line is. This term is denoted by loops, on which from two sides, the Caucas are made to expand the canvas. It can consist of one, two or three loops, while knit the sweater-regglan with knitting needles for girls with any pattern – openwork, relief, with braids and harness. 

Try to tie with your own hands a blouse for your daughter, sister or niece, and this thing will certainly become the most beloved in their wardrobe!

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