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Cooked swimsuit: Practical tips for beginners in needlework


How to bind a swimsuit crochet: recommendations for beginners. Selection of yarn and tools, determination of the optimal form of bodies and panties, practical part

Sooner or later, each fashionista decides to replenish its own wardrobe with something unique – a thing that will not be anyone else. An excellent solution in this case is needlework – you can make your own hands what will never be on the shelves of boutiques or inexpensive clothing stores.

Openwork charm

Cooked swimsuit: Practical tips for beginners in needleworkRecently, the eyes of stylish girls around the world fell on knitted swimsuits. They look like air and beautiful, advantageously emphasizing all the advantages of a slim figure. In addition, they are quite simple to tie themselves, and here you have a full scope for fantasy. You can experiment with yarn flowers and decorate the finished product to your taste and discretion.

Knip the swimsuit crochet is relatively simple, and such an equipment is available even for novice needlewomen. Who knows, it can be a well-made swimsuit that will make your new hobby the main source of income, or inspires to create your own unique style?

Schemes of knitting solid and separate swimsuits with a hook of various. It all depends on what form of bodies and smelters you prefer and wear constantly. Any scheme is available today in the worldwide network. And you can order this «Being» masters on relevant resources.

What are women waiting from a regular swimwear when they buy such in the mall?

Of course, high quality! For each of us, it is fundamentally that the bathing suit is well sitting on the figure, grown its basic flaws and emphasized the dignity. It is important that his fabric does not lein and not faded after the very first day of stay under the scorching rays of the sun.

And of course, the swimsuit must be unpretentious to drying and washing. Those who are engaged in needlework independently, are presented to swimsuits, knitted crochet, all the same requirements. Let’s figure out how to properly connect a simple and high-quality swimsuit with a crochet alone.

We choose yarn and determine the form of the product

Cooked swimsuit: Practical tips for beginners in needleworkThe main thing is that it is necessary to knit a beautiful swimwear crochet – suitable yarn. Agree:
Even a woman with truly «Golden Hands» It is unlikely to create a good product from bad raw materials.

Break down to choose threads for future suit extremely carefully and responsibly. The choice of yarn must be carried out according to its main characteristics.

Optimal option – buying yarn «Cotton Stretch», which stretches perfectly and does not lose its form for a long time.

It is very important that the yarn contains the maximum cotton and minimum synthetics – the finished knitted fabric should be pleasant to the body and do not cause explicit discomfort in the socks process.

Yarn, with which you can connect a swimsuit with a crochet, should be moisture-resistant and not modified when in contact with water. It is desirable that she was painted with good dyes that will not burn out in the sun.

And of course, the yarn must be durable to be on the beach or in the pool, after exposure to sea salt or chlorine, you did not happen to unpleasant confusion.

From what color yarn is better to tie a swimsuit crochet?

Here all cards – in your hands. Think over what shades you go most. Some women are very conservative in this regard, and prefer to wear bathing suits exclusively monochrome colors – white, black or gray. Others also love discreet things, so prefer coffee, beige or dairy shades. And the wilderness is experimenting not only with juicy and rich colors, but also with their combinations, skillfully alternating in a knitting patterns, stripes and abstract spots.

Cooked swimsuit: Practical tips for beginners in needleworkTake care of the decorative elements in advance if you like those on a bathing suit. You can make metal inserts in swimming trunks, decorate with large beads of strings, sew the bayer leaf, beads, or pre-prepared man-made flowers. Extremely stylish looks on spike swimsuits in style «rock».

You will also need a good hook. It is better to use a metal tool – it makes the loops tight and «Reliable». Some still prefer to knit exclusively with plastic hooks, however they are often too large and thick for a set of dense loops. Choice as usual for you. The main thing is that the tool is durable and smooth, without deformations.

Is it possible to connect a swimsuit with a crochet on a large woman? Of course! True, in this case it is worth abandoning such types of costumes like bikini, trikini or monokini. Pick restrained solid options.

When choosing a thread for knitting Try to stay on those options that will not make your bathing suit like a winter sweater. Note that if you decide to knit from Begonia, with wetting the product will become too heavy and tough, and therefore it will not look too beautiful on your body.

Features Croy

The first thing that is worth navigating in the choice of the form of the future swimsuit is the size of your breast:

  1. Little breasts does not require special bodies. The bra in this case should be quite light and miniature. But if you want to visually increase the breast with a bodice, knitting a cup is worth producing over an elastic lining. To strengthen the Push-AP effect, you can provide in it in the liner in it;
  2. Big breasts requires a more scrupulous approach to the formation of the lift. The upper part of the swimsuit while knit with the obligatory accounting of the presence of supporting stones. It is also important to make wide straps that will stand «cargo». Thin straps can crash into the skin that will deliver serious discomfort.

Note that the easiest knitted swimsuit always has straps to fix on the neck, so if your breast is very massive, do everything to neutralize the pressure in this part of the body.

From theory – to practice

So, we learned all the basics of the selection of high-quality raw materials and tools for creating a future swimsuit, and also considered its forms to be acceptable for one or another type of figure. It should be noted here that melting almost always knit according to a single scheme – these are the most ordinary loopholes, not thong and not «boxers».

As mentioned above, for a miniature chest (up to 2 sizes), we make cups at will, and for volumetric – necessarily knit according to pre-trimmed bone.

How to bind the swimsuit with a crochet for beginners:

  • Cooked swimsuit: Practical tips for beginners in needleworkIn order to do not get back in the process, make yourself a pattern from an old swimwear.
    As an option – you can constantly apply a knitted product to finished;
  • Tie a sample of 10×10 cm to visually look at the mating density of the future product, and, if necessary, resolve it with the help of the selection of a different size hook;
  • Attach knitting bone. The bone itself also implies a predetermined pattern;
  • Tie a strip of the desired width and length in the technique of columns without Nakid;
  • Side parts are adjusted separately, focusing on the form of a pre-prepared porporal cup;
  • Sew the knitted element to the cup (it is made from the foam rubber and performs the functions of the lining, so there is no need to add it yet);
  • Decorate the top of the product with beads or flowers;
  • Go to knitting melts. In this case, they will be a little reminded in the form of classic thongs;
  • Tie an elastic band without a nakid, for the rear main loop, equal to the waist parameters or hips (depending on where you prefer to wear melting);
  • Connect the resulting belt;
  • Mark the middle on the belt (use the ruler and do not do «approximately»);
  • From the middle of the belt, knit a triangle, alternately reduction from the rows on the same loop (the last two loops are tied together);
  • Attach the product to your finished panties and decide whether to stop, or knit further;
  • Rectangle Knit columns without Nakid. Then decide on the back and add (for conventional panties) or reduce (for strengets) hinges;
  • Post the center on the back of the belt and bring the resulting triangle to it.

Remember the gum that should do on the edge of the melting and cups so that the swimsuit sat on you tightly and not slipped. If there is a desire – use the finished hats, pre-slipping it with the selected technique. It is worth sewing into the ring if you do not want a bathing suit with strings. If the strings are preferable, decorate them with large beads and make the tip in a large knot.

Novice in knitting better use visual training video. Creative success to you!

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