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Jacket crochet for full ladies


Cold season – no reason to look ugly. Moreover, winter is complete time, because thin do not have advantages. Consider how to tie a hook jacket for full women

Cold – It’s time to demonstrate a warm part of my wardrobe, loyering into warm, self-associated jackets. Horders in this respect are lucky, because they can safely join both in bulk wicker sweatshirts and in tight cardigans.

But the magnified ladies accounted for more difficult, since the choice of finished jackets does not take into account all the features of the figure, and the eye does not particularly please.

How to find a worthy way out of the current situation and not miss the autumn «knitted» season? Everything is simple: arrow the crochet, choose the threads of the desired color, define the weaving scheme and, forward!

But, while you have not started work yet, spend a few minutes to study useful recommendations. Thanks to them, you can connect the perfect openwork jacket with crochet, which will be the subject of envy for the rest of the full ladies, and you will give confidence in your beauty, uniqueness and irresistible.

Basic advice

The main advantage that jackets have for complete is their ability to harmonize the figure: visually expanding the shoulders, hide the protruding tummy and outlining the location of the waist.

Again, all this is possible only if the personnel crochet of such clothing was made taking into account such nuances:

  • Jacket crochet for full ladiesChoose a pattern and model of sweatshirts that the best disadvantages of the figures will disappear on its advantages, will allow you to get universal, practical and fashionable at all times;
  • Do not spare funds for the purchase of high-quality threads that will not stretch, forcing the product to lose its primary shape. Let it be material with Like or Elastane in its composition;
  • For unchanged ladies, braided jackets with horizontal stripes, braids and patterns that will visually do the figure even wider. It is better to stay on a laconic dense, openwork or vertical mating;
  • Do not think that once a black color is slightly, it is from it and you need to do your sweater. He will noticeably finite, and I’m tired of. Pay attention to yarn of wine, brown, purple, gray and mustard shades;
  • If there is at least a minimum hint of the waist, do not miss the opportunity to emphasize its presence by selecting the jacket shown;
  • Wide shoulders successfully hides a braided openwork with a V-neck and a total length of the middle of the hip. High magnitude beauties allowed to indulge themselves with similar models, but a more shortened plan.
  • Knitted wellheads are not recommended to supply two and more rows of buttons, which also visually expand Teles. Even those options that are just one row of bugs, it is recommended to wear a latch, maximum – outline the waist with a strap;
  • For lush women are absolutely no suitable jackets of square or rectangular shape. It is better to stop on asymmetric patterns, not in touch, and from a dense thread.

What to wear?

What do you think is the best thing to wear knitted jackets woven on purpose for complete women? It turns out that in this case, you need to comply with certain tips to help make the image of harmonious, relevant and stylish.


  • Blouses and tops of one tone;
  • Announced a book or a classic skirt, just not lush;
  • jacket dress;
  • Jeans and Losynov.

How to tie?

As far as you understand, options for how to weave the crochet jacket for yourself, there is a great set. The main thing is the ability to own an uncomply tool, understand the main types of loops, orientate in the patterns of patterns and have patience. If all this is available, you can safely choose a model on the figure and to taste, not forgetting about our advice, and start working.

For beginners or especially impatient ladies, we can recommend our option of how you can make a crochet jacket, ideal for full women. To get a product of the 50th size, you will need 500 g of yarn, 90% consisting of cotton, and by 10% – from viscose, hook at number 2.5 and beautiful brooch.

The work order looks like this:

  • Jacket crochet for full ladiesThe pattern of the jacket is made, and in full size;
  • The desired weaving scheme is studied;
  • The main pattern knits the back and shelf. All refractors are made according to the pattern;
  • Then the shoulder seams are performed;
  • At a distance, approximately 24 cm from the top of each detail. Note the beginning of the Prum. Do it on both sides;
  • At the edges of each breakdown, lie on one row of the columns without Nakid, after which the sleeves are leafing the selected pattern;
  • Do not forget to navigate the pattern, making a recess for the skewers;
  • Connect all the details and impose a throat cut, the edges of the jacket itself and its sleeves, also the front end of the shelves with one side of the columns without nakidov.

As you can see, everything is much easier than it may seem.

The main thing is patience, attentiveness, progress and desire to conquer all their beauty.

Well, if from all over the above, only the last quality is inherent, order a crochet openwork jacket with craftsmen, and just enjoy a high-quality, warm and fashionable thing making your forms by seductive and dulling.

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