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How to sew a skirt with flocks?


Skirt with ruffles and ruffles – a wardrobe subject that will not come out of fashion. Therefore, advice on how to sew a skirt with swans, for sure will not be superfluous for you

Ryushi and ruffles – elements that are considered constant trends. Therefore, you should not be afraid that clothes with such a scenery can get out of fashion. Amateur Croy and Sewing is so immense fantasy that they are not limited to the sewing a simple pencil skirt, although this model can be decent to decorate. Below are three simple variants of how to sew a skirt with flocks, as well as how to use similar items as the main finish.

Multi-tier skirt

Pattern of the skirt in the type of sun or half grapple will become an excellent outfit with Little Girls. Before you start, it is necessary to determine for yourself the number of tiers.

The sequence of sewing is as follows:

  • How to sew a skirt with swans?For the belt, knitted or watery gum is cut with a width of 5-6 cm. Its length should be 3-4 cm less than waist girth so that the product is then sitting tightly on the body;
  • The gum is stitched into the circle;
  • Then the sun or half-length is cut out of the fabric;
  • One edge of the hem bends 1.5 cm and passes;
  • Now ruffles are made. In principle, the width of Ryusha depends on the individual wishes. But, usually, the shorter the skirt, the already they must be. The length of the first volana should be equal to the girth of the hips, and the second is twice the greatest of this very girth;
  • Then it comes a turn to sew them to the canvas at an equal distance from each other;
  • To finish the new clothes, the hem is sewn to the rubber band with a zigza-like seam.


She received its name from Americans who call it Cupcake Skirt. Clothes creates an effect of massiveness by holding the air shape. Therefore, it can be considered a wonderful alternative to the girl’s suit, which performs on the competitions of ballroom or thematic dance.

How to sew a skirt with swans?Same skirt seems severe, although it does not require a complex drawing construction. In essence, this is the same multi-layered model, but with small nuances.

Below is a step-by-step instruction of how to make it from the Organza:

  • The desired skirt length is measured and the seeding pattern is drawn, which will be the basis;
  • It is cut in the circle the desired number of tapes that correspond to different width of the lush trim. For example, if there are three ruffles, they must be width of 10, 15, 20 cm, respectively;
  • The edge of these strips is tightened, and the fishing line is inserted along. Due to this, they become more lush;
  • At the bottom of the base, the friction is adhered to 20 cm, the second tier is superimposed on the desired distance, and so on;
  • Upon completion, along with either a gum or a bodice from a dress.


How to sew a skirt with swans?Unlike «Keksa» pattern For such a simple skirt with the swans absolutely not needed, which does not interfere «American» Looks worthy outfit For ballroom dancing. This requires a fatin that gives the ease and dynamism of movements.


  • The diameter of each tier is calculated (for example, 15, 17 and 19 cm);
  • Fatin folds 4 times, and cuts according to the desired Width of Vlara;
  • Each of the bands is stitched into the circle;
  • Then the finish of a smaller diameter and T is also admonished to the widest tier.d;
  • Finally, a rubber band is fixed or the top of the dress;

The more the layers of the fate, and the larger diameter, the more magnificent will be the product.

Types and methods of processing

There are many fantasy options for how to decorate clothes. Usually, the pattern of skirts with lush swans involves the use of horizontal scenery. But now it is time to discuss other options that can turn ordinary clothes into a fashion masterpiece.

So, there are the following options for additional decoration:

  • Jab, which reminds us of a lady suit from the Middle Ages. It can be slightly negligent oblique zigzag, or somewhat chaotic ruffles, seven on each other. From such a long jabo, you can make an asymmetric decoration around the skirt, or decorate the belt line;
  • Figured. Here everything should be not aiming, but exactly calculated. After all, this type of decoration involves several uneven layers of fabrics that are slightly crazy. In this case, it creates the effect of the fact that the seamy has fallen a hand when working, and seam went unevenly. Nevertheless, it turns out some spicy and air breakdown of the fabric;
  • How to sew a skirt with swans?Drapery. It implies the use of one big volana, which will become a certain additional layer. The decor can be of different lengths, and plays the role of cape or loop;
  • Boa, which light rules fall to the bottom of the hem. Very beautiful when the side seams are decorated in this way, or create a slight vertical line from the belt to the side cut;
  • Flower – This is when the base has many layers of flutes, creating visibility of rose petals. Also, the hem can also be decorated with several similar things, or make one big flower onto everything canvas. Skka S such Volanany, Yes, more made do it yourself, Undoubtedly, everyone will surprise;
  • Frill, sewn incomprehensible and deliberately sloppy. Looks like this decision very interesting, while the maximum impressive effect is achieved only if it is created throughout the cloth. Also, chaotic elements look beautifully as point scenery (for example, on the side);
  • Boose stripes, which look like light waves. The name itself suggests that they are located on the diagonal of the product. It is recommended to see the update completely, or at least its front part, because one such a smooth line will not cause delight;
  • How to sew a skirt with swans?Symmetric appliqués, which are not inferior on the beauty of neither jaba nor the flower nor boa. The essence is that two volana sews mirror in relation to each other, and the plank is attached between them. The second way to achieve such a decoration is to make two vertical cuts, to the edges of which are kicked up. Such elements create a special impression when it is sewn exactly in the center of the hem;
  • Vertical details, which fall down from top to bottom. When walking, when they swing from side to the side, the effect of waves running from the light gust of the wind is created;
  • Bow – Upper perfection for tailoring with your own hands. It can be created due to a few falling rocks, which are connected in one romantic butterfly. It will be beautiful if you place it at the belt.

Decoration of Ruffles and Ryusha – work requiring sufficient scrupuls. If there is no time to sewing, then try to make the year. In fact, this same skirt with a non-cut, but carved by a waist, because it goes to expansion at the bottom of the hemp according to the drawing.

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