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What is lambrequen-buff? How can they sew them with their own hands?


Beautiful curtains on the windows are the key to home coat. Decorate the curtains with baffs or use the lambrequen you can independently. Especially since it is beautiful and not at all difficult

More and more popular and practical becomes not only clothes, but also things for life with their own hands. Each keeper of the home focus seeks her home to become special. Therefore, we often focus on sophisticated details, on such as, for example, curtains on the windows. The highlight in the interior will always be fashionable lambrequen-buffs.

One of the advantages of these curtains is the sewing technique. Dense cloth after going on a special curtain tape, and thus the original buffers are obtained. Such curtains will always look rich and exquisitely.

 How to find it difficult to sew a lambrequin buffers with your own hands?

It is no secret that lovely buffers may be present not only on the curtains, but also on pillows, cylinders, bedding, covers for chairs and T.D. But it is on the windows that they look most original. There are special schemes for sewing, the simplest among them: a lush buff and braid. Braided scheme – more affordable. It uses most of the needlewomen, and with its help, the interiors are decorated almost everywhere.

Conceptual description of tailoring buffers for curtains with their own hands

  • What is labell-buffs? How can they sew them?The scheme can be drawn directly on the fabric. Take a rectangular and square fabric 10 by 15 cm. At the same time, the length of the finished lambrene will be about 1.5 m., and width – approximately 46 cm;
  • After an accurate meal, the lower side of the fabric is sweeping, they make side seams and only after that sew a curtain tape or braid;
  • Determine in advance, buffers of what size and shape should be on your fabric. Apply a drawing on paper, cut out, and then, attach ready-made improvised patterns on the back of the matter, circle with chalk or pencil and cut it carefully;
  • Also take care of the presence of the required porter fabric, narrow braid, scissors, ruler, chalk, well, and, of course, the sewing machine;
  • Determine the size and length of the fabric. Beautiful and neat lambrequen will succeed, if the fabric will be selected;
  • On the upper cut, leave a little more than 50 cm for the formation of folds and for tidy rolling;
  • The side and upper parts of the lambrequin are bendable, and the lower part is processed by a special finish;
  • Pre-curtain braid must be fascinated, and it is sewn to the wrong side of the fabric. Buffes are attached on the braid;
  • A small wide band of fabric with treated side cuts is cut from the same tissue;
  • In conclusion, a responsible step is performed: the tapes are tightened for the cords, and folds and flips are formed, that is, the bugs themselves.

Try to get them figured and lush. The bigger you will pull, the more narrow it will turn out every lambrene-buff.  Do it yourself create perfection.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of lambrequen-buffs with their own hands?

Anyone who will visit your room decorated with lambrequen-bulbs will not remain indifferent from the grace and wealth that they attach the interior.

What is labell-buffs? How can they sew them?If you seriously approach the choice of tissue for curtains, then transparent and lightweight materials will be perfectly passing the air and light inward. And your room will be lit by soft solar or lunar light on joy to households.

Given the individual preferences, as well as the features of your interior, experienced and bold mistresses can combine several shades of the same type of tissue and create a cloud color gamut on their window, having received incredibly beautiful curtains.

If the tubes are not harmonized with your furniture or other elements of the decor, then it will look for such a decoration, to put it mildly, ridiculously, or simply tasteless. The hostess should be known that beautiful folds do not smooth and are not intended for too intense washing. They only need to be rid of them to eliminate dust and save their external gloss and pomp.

Sew such beauty can be easily, but if at least one fold will look untidy, it makes no sense to hang a finished product for everyone will not be.

Ready curtains with lambrequen-bulbs can be bought in the store or sew to order. But always more pleasant to do something alone.

And if you cope with a difficult task once, you probably want to consolidate success re-and remake your apartment completely under this refined style.

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