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How to sew a hole: tips for hostesses and fashionistas


Knowing how to sew a hole on jeans or beloved jacket, you can fix the defect and save funds in time. At the same time you can show fantasy. By completing the original application

Sometimes a small hole on your favorite jeans or socks finally spoil the mood. Of course, you can please yourself upgrade. But how to be if there is no finance for the purchase? In this case, it is worth remembering the skills of the needlework, how to sew the hole that the grandmother has been trained.

How on pants sewing a small hole

To sew damage to denim pants, you will need:

  • How to sew a hole: tips for hostesses and fashionistasdenim tissue of the same shade;
  • threads;
  • sewing machine;
  • needle.

First of all, you need to decide on the shape and size of the patchwork. To do this, measure the rush on the pants and perform a patch drawing on paper.

Next, operate according to the following scheme:

  • The paper pattern is applied to the fabric and cut off, increasing its dimensions by about 0.5 cm. The finished patch is treated with a sewing machine with a marking seam;
  • The facial side prepared by the Point is applied to the wrong side of jeans and secure sewing pins. You need to notice the fabric, so that during sewing it does not move from place;
  • Send a piece of fabric with a subtle zigzag, trying to get into the edge of the marks;
  • If the hole on the pants was not solid, but was a variety of small holes due to the rubbing of the tissue, it is recommended to fix holes from the front side, processing the surface with a machine line zigzag or back and forth.

Since it is easy to sew a hole on jeans, you can try to create an effect of a deliberate embroidery or applique using contrasting shades.

How to sew a hole on knitted fabric

Most often socks, as well as stockings. For their repair, this technique is used as a duct.

The way to sew a hole on the sock involves the presence of the following tools and materials:

  • How to sew a hole: tips for hostesses and fashionistasNeedles for sewing and embroidery;
  • Rights for ducts and thin synthetic threads;
  • small scissors;
  • Mushroom for ductop.

The last device may well replace the usual light bulb.

You should pick up the most suitable threads in color and only after that start a hole on the driking hole:

  • Sock turn out the involving side and stretch on a wooden mushroom. The surface of the fabric should not be wrinkled at this;
  • All protruding scraps need to trim. On the perimeter of the hole passing the seam «Ahead needle». Seams are performed on the edge of the hole, retreating 2-3 mm;
  • Having finished seam, the thread is slightly tightened and fixed with several small stitches. After that, along the entire surface of the cutters, parallel stitches from one edge to the opposite are parallel;
  • The cutle is performed using small stitches, which should capture not only the edges of the fabric, but also laid on the area. Similarly, several rows are flashing around the perimeter, overlapping each series of stitches on top of the previous one and gradually reducing the hole on the sock;
  • Need to monitor the thickness of the cutting does not exceed the tissue density. In addition, it is impossible to throw stitches, they must freely go to bed.

How to properly sew a hole on pantyhose, women knew perfectly living in the time of deficit of kapron stocking products. Enforceive people even established the release of special mini-devices, allowing to raise and secure the loops.

This technique can come in handy today, if there is no new tights on hand, and the old gave the arrow:

  • How to sew a hole: tips for hostesses and fashionistasTights are tensioning on a special mushroom for duct or light bulb;
  • Locking the loop picked up with a thin crochet and raise, passing through it underlying thread. At the same time, a new loop is formed, which is tightened again. Thus, the loop is raised to the hole;
  • Sewing the hole itself is recommended by thin synthetic threads, selected according to the color of the canvas using a small slap.

Also come if it is necessary to restore the thing of the hand-knit or made of large knitted knit.

How to sew a hole on a down jacket or light jacket

For the production of jackets and down jackets use pretty wear-resistant fabrics. However, mechanical damage still can lead to the formation of.

However, you can make a hole imperceptible using simple technique:

  • If the river has smooth edges, it is easier to perform a simple applique, picking up the flap of the fabric. It is cut on the shape of a hole and lubricate edges with rubber glue «BF-6», «Moment Crystal» or «SuperMent»;
  • How to sew a hole: tips for hostesses and fashionistasLoskuts stretch through the hole, carefully paint and press in any heavy item. The glued patch will be perfectly held;
  • Smooth edges can be previously treated with a zigzag using the mains threads or contrast used in the finishing elements;
  • If the damage on the jacket has uneven edges, it is recommended to gently sew on top of the brackets of any branded label or own an applique. In specialized stores for sale thermal blocks that are great for this purpose.

Knowing how to sew a hole on a jacket or sinks, you can save financial resources, slowly buy a new pair of tights and without having to contact the studio to restore the knitted thing.

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