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Master class on the personnel making of envelopes for the discharge of a newborn


Learning to sew an envelope for a newborn on an extract with your own hands. Principles of cutting and sewing children’s accessories for different occasions

In your family is expected to quickly add? Then you probably are already thinking about where «Separate» Beautiful envelope on an extract for a newborn. Corner, or envelope called «Elegant» White diaper in which the baby burns, writing out from the hospital.

Beautiful accessory for kid

Master class on the personnel making of envelopes for the discharge of a newbornCorner is not a simple born attribute. This is a very valuable thing that will help to cover the baby from strangers and fresh air fluxes. Lace envelope, like any other dowry for a newborn baby, can be purchased in a specialized store.

However, some moms, especially if they have no extra material means, do not really want to waste money to the money, on those things that they will use only once.

Many women take off the envelopes from their girlfriends who have already acquired children. Other, more resourceful, decide to make corner do it yourself. And in general, sew such an accessory may each newly-made parent, even if it is far from needlework and never engaged in cut. The indisputable plus of such a product lies not only in its economy. Your corner will be unique and unique, which will definitely take you joy and pride.

When preparing for a sewing a corner for a newborn on an extract with your own hands, the main thing is that you need to consider – the time of year to which the baby will appear. If this summer or late spring, the envelope should be as easy as possible so that the child in it does not feel uncomfortable due to heat. And if he is born in winter – it means to sew a warm envelope, which will not give the crumb frozen on the street.

Tailoring a corner for a newborn for an extract is nothing complicated. Enough to buy the fabric you like coloring, make the pattern and start creating the product. With doubtfulness, you will save the envelope in just a few evenings.

Lace envelope with their own hands

Master class on the personnel making of envelopes for the discharge of a newbornThe first, with which you should decide – the fabric that will be used when sewing a lace corner for a newborn.

Usually, natural textiles are used for this purpose, or any other neutral color.

An excellent solution will be used for these purposes Sitz or Biazi. You can decorate an envelope embroidery on the edge (white threads on white fabric), or delicate ready-made lace. The size of the future corner must match the parameters of the usual diaper. Typically selected dimensions 0.9 x 1.1 m (or 1.2 m).

For beauty, you can round the edge of the envelope. Decide in advance what kind of lace you want to see in your corner as edging. Some women prefer classic embroidered lace, others take a guipure tissue and sewed in the form of rock. And in that, and in another case, the envelope will look elegant and exquisite.

You will surely need a simple pattern from which you will be quite able to cope on your own. It does not include complex small details, so do not be afraid, even if you deal with cutting and sewing for the first time. However, in this case, we still recommend that you practice «Chernov» option, or ask you a knowledgeable person to help you.

Stages of manufacturing angle:

  • Cut your acquired diaper in advance. Diverse patterns for one or another fabric can be easily found on the Internet, looking at sites and portals for needlewomen. The desired size neat cut out of the fabric or «Purvite» on transverse and equity threads;
  • Change the resulting product across the edges with overlock, zigzag or manually. It is better to work immediately on the sewing machine – so the result will turn out more attractive;
  • Choose a rounded angle that will cover your baby’s face. Now cut the required number of lace and enter to it. Lrager strip can also be located all over the circuit of the envelope. However, in order to save «Elegant» The part is sewn only on the rounded angle, and the contour of the rest of the fabric remains overclocking (that is why we have already talked about the fact that the rimming of edges should be carried out on the machine initially);
  • Now carefully reveal your corner.

Experienced masters practicing envelope design with tissue exposure to lace width.

Master class on the personnel making of envelopes for the discharge of a newbornThis technique makes the finished product even more air. Podgiba fabric should be done undesirable, so lace or other decoration element is superimposed on an overlocked fabric and sewn in conventional machine seam. In the manufacture of a standard corner for the kid, it is important to remember the naturalness of the fabrics and the purity of the finished product.

It should be emphasized that such «base» Envelope will need in any case, even if you are planning to purchase or sew a warmed corner. You do not put your baby in woolen fabric?

Insulated envelope option

If you are discharged with cold winter, will save a special warmed envelope, calculated precisely for such cases.

How to sew a warmed corner for a newborn on an extract? Here you have to pay much more attention to the materials. They should not be frank synthetics. But some natural fabrics can be even harmful. For example, wool, which can prick gentle skin baby and deliver to him real suffering.

So, for sewing a warm envelope, you will need the following materials:

  1. Master class on the personnel making of envelopes for the discharge of a newbornCloak tissue for the top layer (it is important here to determine the color and patterns, since this part will be visible to others);
  2. Warm fabric Velseloft for the inner layer (the material is very gentle to the touch and pleasant to the body, therefore will be consolidated in this case just right);
  3. Singrytegone (for internal insulation);
  4. Zipper – 2 pieces of 50-60 cm;
  5. Lipucca.

All listed tissues must be of a single size – 0.5 m in length at 1.5 m in width. If you want to make an envelope a little more – experiment. The main thing – do not forget about «Proportions».

Separate attention to the cloak – it must be as high quality and unproduced. Actually, it is used here with the second goal

How to sew:

  • Of all three tissues, cut the same fragments on a predetermined pattern;
  • Spread the details in order (Velseloft inside, sintepon in the middle, cloak – on the outside of the future product);
  • At the edges, by the machine line the cloak and the insulation (it will be more convenient to insert lightning);
  • Fitting the edges, the lightning between the inner and external layer of the envelope;
  • Again, fading the edges, sew the remaining tissue;
  • Bending the edges of the top of the material, keep the hood;
  • Improve the finished product. For example, enter the velcro in the appropriate places. You can fix the hood with special strings – it is even better in terms of protecting the baby from the wind;
  • Decorate the product at your own discretion. Ryushi and lace here will be inappropriate, so just brush in the top of the corner a beautiful brooch or an artificial flower;
  • Your warm corner is ready!

The most important thing when sewing the envelope is to approach the process with love, tenderness and care for your future child.

«Bath envelope»

Master class on the personnel making of envelopes for the discharge of a newbornThe use of a corner towel for newborns is very useful to you after water procedures, especially if the house is cool. To protect the crumb from supercooling and colds, it should be taken out of the bathroom in the envelope, the basic material for which the most ordinary terry towel will become.

Such a product will also come in handy to you for short-term walks in relatively warm weather. Naturally, it can be purchased in the finished form, but since we did the needlework closely, why not try to cope with the task yourself?

The towel must be soft terry or wafer (the first option is preferable).

Sewing such an envelope is needed on the principle of manufacturing a basic lace corner for extracting. Only in this case should be taken into account «Gabarits» Stretched baby. And the hood, which in the first case played the role of the angle, decorate the ears and embroider a funny facet cat or bunny.

Caring for children – an integral part in the life of every woman. So all your man-made «crafts» Must be created with a sense of maternal caress and endless love for crumb.

Let your child be the happiest!

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