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How to sew a clutch with your own hands?


What to do, if despite the proposed trade, the range of clutch, no model suits you? Sisting the desired thing themselves. How to sew a clutch with your own hands?

From all kinds of bags clutches have long been Must-Have for avid fashion and not only. Despite the size of such a handbag, its functionality is simply amazing. You are accustomed to carry a big bag, where there is anything? Make an exception from the rules and make yourself a clutch, in which only the most necessary things will be stored.

How to sew a clutch with your own hands?Different brands of the mass market represent a multitude of clutch options for unlike models and styles, and all of them are in demand.

Therefore, in order to actually stand out from the crowd, and demonstrate your attitude to fashion, you can sew a bag for personal unique design. An additional stimulus, if the fact that abroad is hand-made accessories are very popular, and are a sign of their unique style.

Preliminary actions

So, what is needed first to work out the first time? If you figure it out, then create a product in its design is not so difficult. Even if there are no abilities to creative, and it does not matter.. You can choose one of the proposed ideas, and embody her for yourself. And on the sites on needlework there are even patterns with step-by-step instructions.

Before sewing a clutch, collect a small set that will include:

  • How to sew a clutch with your own hands?Material (leather, jeans, guipure and t.D.);
  • scissors;
  • iron;
  • needles;
  • sewing machine;
  • paper, line, pencil;
  • Decorative elements (buttons, zippers, fasteners, beads, lace, chains and t.D.);

Everything else can be added depending on which model you will do.

How to properly sew a clutch of old jeans?

Now easy to find ready-made patterns for clutch bags that suggest the manufacture of new clothes from Old jeans. After all, jeans is a fabric without fashion. It turns out that your clutch will always be relevant. If you do not have old and long-haired jeans, ask your girlfriend, I’ll certainly have a boning couple.

Neat all looks a denim handbag form of an envelope for which you need to prepare:

  • Segments of denim and the one that will go to the inner finish50cm each;
  • stabilizer material that will fix the shape of the crafts – also 50cm;
  • Button or button (at your discretion);
  • scissors, needles;
  • Decorative Elements (Buttons, Flowers and T.D.)

Instructions for how to sew the first homemade clutch of old jeans in life:

  • How to sew a clutch with your own hands?Print and cut out the contour pattern that you liked;
  • Attach it on the matter from the wrong side. Making an allowance of 1.5 – 2 cm, transfer the outline output. As a result, you should get 3 elements: denim, inner tissue and stabilizer;
  • Attach the stabilizer from the wrong side of jeans, and secure all the needles;
  • Fold the future product so that an envelope is formed with the front of the handbag inside. Envelope is easy to do if you look at the bends of the lines specified on the printout of the pattern. Create all seams;
  • Make an envelope for the inside. In this case, cross the seams to be from the wrong side. Attention! Leave the gap of 4-5 cm in the seam of the lower section of the envelope;
  • Find all;
  • Remove the envelope prepared for the handbag. Put it into the envelope of jeans so that the wrong side is pressed to the face of an internal envelope;
  • Build all needles and sew;
  • Where you left a gap of 4-5 cm, grab the jeans and pull out. As a result, the Denim cloth should turn out from the front side as the interior decoration;
  • Gently from the inside the squeeze clearance of the secret seam.

As a clasp you can sew a button or set the button. If you want to make some scenery, think in advance well, how to technically implement. You may need to decorate your new clothes at that stage when you adopt stabilizer.

Fabric option

How to sew a clutch with your own hands?Clutch from fabric is a very popular thing. The range of materials from which it can be sewed, just pleases the eye. And the practicality is that the accessory will easily be able to wash with the slightest pollution.

Especially beautiful looks like a handbag, made using two different types of matter.

The main cloth can be denim, velvet, cotton, and fabric for charging – guipure, sequins and everything else that will serve as a finish for the object of the needlework.

What will take:

  • Fabric for the main part – a piece with dimensions of 35 by 50 cm;
  • 15 cm cut – for finishing;
  • Loskut 35 at 75 cm – for lining;
  • Stabilizer – a piece of 35 by 75 cm.

The master class on how to independently sew a cloth from the fabric, implies the following actions:

  • How to sew a clutch with your own hands?Attach fabric for charging to the main facial facial sides inside. Gently sew them;
  • Apply the cloth for the coastal to the other side of the main facial sides inside. They are also sewn. Now you have a basic detail with two reversals;
  • Scroll all the iron;
  • Now from the wrong side of what you just sewed, glue the stabilizer using an iron;
  • Fold the part with the stabilizer twice by the front sides inside, and sew;
  • Do the same with the inside. It turned out two pockets;
  • Sentifying the sides of these pockets on the wrong side;
  • Now shove the pockets from the lining fabric in the main pocket of the invalid side;
  • Sust around the perimeter of the curved sides;
  • In fact, you have a long bag. Generate the top part with the finishing cloth, and it will turn out the clutch with a break.

Leather beauty

Not every girl boasts a clutch from the skin, and even more so done with their own hands. In principle, this is the same option as with a breakdown, but with less consumption of material. The difficulty is that it is necessary to neatly pick up the needles for sewing and scissors so as not to damage the material nor equipment.

We will need:

  • leather – cut 35 by 50 cm;
  • zipper, 36 – 38 cm long;
  • Loskut for lining with dimensions 35 by 50 cm.

The sequence of how to sew a clutch of real skin, looks like this:

  • How to sew a clutch with your own hands?Perform a 1.5 cm bend along the perimeter of the segment of the skin;
  • Form a 1.5 cm bend around the perimeter of the flap of fabric for the inside. Santor;
  • Fold the segment of the skin and the inner part with the inside and secure with needles;
  • Bend the material in half the inside of the outside to get pockets;
  • Estate the zipper, and its edges need to be consolidated to the boron
    ticks inner pocket. Sweep zipper;
  • Still two sutures on the sides of the pocket. Do not forget that the lining part at this stage should be the front side;
  • Turn the clutch so that the skin be out and fasten the zipper.

Wedding option

If you are lucky enough to plan your wedding dress, then the following manual will have to be likewise, although you can always entrust to sew a clutch for the upcoming wedding according to your sketch of the master, and you can do it and with your own hands. And believe me, such a handbag will be appreciated, especially if it is sewn on purpose, along with Vintage or Provence weddings.

Prepare material:

  • The base is a flap of 20 by 30 cm;
  • lining – cut 20 by 30 cm;
  • Clasp and glue that can be bought on any needlework site.

Step-by-step production:

  • How to sew a clutch with your own hands?Fit 1.5 cm around the perimeter of the base;
  • Form a 1.5 cm bend along the edges of matter for the inside. Santor;
  • Fold the segment of the base and the inner part with the involving sides inside, and secure needles;
  • Bend the material in half the inside of the outside to get pockets;
  • Sustache Boca and Battlers Pocket;
  • Estate the fastener, attach to the sides of the inside and to the side seams. Glue;
  • When the adhesive dry, remove the handbag to the base be outside. Close the fastener.

The first and most importantly, what to have when creating a personal clutch is a desire.

A great desire that gives rise to patience and fantasy, and in the end it will appear if not a stylish masterpiece, then exactly the subject for pride.

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