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Butterfly Tie: We sew your own hands


If you want to be fashionable, your wardrobe must present a bow tie. Absolutely optionally run to the boutique, you can sew a fashion accessory with your own hands

The butterfly tie is both female and male accessory. The classic butterfly tie is a specially tailored and sewn strip of fabric, when tied which is formed by a banta node. With such a tie, you need to tinker for a long time before the beautiful and neat bow came out.

Butterfly Tie: We sew your own hands Therefore, understanding all these difficulties, many manufacturers of such right and fashion accessories like ties, decided to simplify the life of consumers and released the finished butterfly ties.

Spend time and strength to zagging such a tie will not be required, you just need to fasten it with the clips to the collar of the shirt, or to overturn around the gate a special gum on which a tie is fixed, and fasten it on the hook.

Recently, butterfly ties are increasingly found in the wardrobe of both sexes. They are appropriate both in the office or at the solemn reception, and in a quiet family celebration. This fashion accessory can be purchased at any store, and can sew His hands. And there is no difference in how to sew a male or female butterfly. 

We sew a fashionable bow tie: materials and tools

Very often, especially during the visit of the kindergarten, the mothers have to invent for their children outfits and costumes for various holidays. Therefore, information on how to sew a butterfly on the neck of the boy will be useful not only to young fashionable and fashionable, but also young mothers. 

How to sew tie butterfly? First of all, it is necessary to turn to all the necessary tools to work and decide on the type of material and the coloring of the future tie. You can make it from silk, cotton, polyester or from a combination of these materials.

So, in order for the work to argue and the butterfly tie went out to the glory, you need to stockday tools:

  • threads;
  • needles;
  • tailnant scissors;
  • tie clasp;
  • Elastic rubber band with a width of 1.5-2.0 cm of the most suitable color (depending on the color of the future tie;
  • Cutting fabric (two cuts, if it is planned to sew a tie of different colors);
  • Iron, preferably with a steam strike function. 

Butterfly Tie: We sew your own handsColoring can be the most diverse, it all depends on what kind of clothes will wear this accessory.

If you plan to sew a bow tie for a boy to school, or you yourself want to carry it into the office in combination with a strict blouse and skirt or pants, it is best to stay on monophonic fabrics without a pronounced drawing.

And if you want to decorate them your club outfit, you can give the will of fantasy and sew a tie with your hands from bright fabrics or combinations thereof. Pattern that understand how to sew «Tie butter» can be found on the Internet. 

We sew a bow tie: a sequence of actions 

Having studied the materials on how to properly sew a butterfly can be processed to the manufacturing process. The first thing is made by the pattern of the future butterfly tie. To do this, it is necessary to carve rectangles from the cutting of the tissue with a size of 13 * 23.5 cm, 22 * ​​11.5 cm and 8 * 13 cm. If you plan to sewing a two-color tie, then the largest workpiece must be monophonic, and two smallest are the same, color, with ornament or without.

Next, begin to work with the biggest workpiece. To begin with it along in half, stroke the iron, while special attention is paid to the place of bend. After that we spread the fabric and fold in half across and again stroken the iron. 

Next, you need to put the flap of the fabric by the combined bends down and fold it along, but in such a way that the edges of the fabric met in the middle of the flap, and exactly under them was the bend line. After that, it is necessary to open the cloth again.

Then, without turning the folded and rejected flap of fabric, fold it, bringing the raw edges to the vertical bend line. We put the edges a little braziness and again irrigate the flap. 

The first element of the butterfly tie, stitched with her own hands, is ready! Now take the billet of the medium size and fold it in the same way. After which there is a turn of the last, the smallest blank.

It must be folded along, stroke the iron, turn it out again and fold so that the edges met at the level of the fold line. Next, you need to try the workpiece, once again roll it in half and try again. 

When all three blanks are ready, you can start sewing. First we take the middle workpiece and flashing it across a simple seam, while slightly tightened material. Also do with a big workpiece. Of the smallest strips of the rolled fabric, it is necessary to sew a ring for bonding between two other parts of the butterfly, as well as for its decoration.

Its size can vary depending on which cloth is chosen for the manufacture of a tie. 

When the size of the tissue ring is defined, we put the middle billet on top of the large, fix multiple stitches. Next, we apply a strip from which the ring should turn over on top of two «Butterfly» and fix with the wrong side by multiple stitches. 

Production of gum and fastener 

Butterfly Tie: We sew your own handsPut aside ready «Butterfly» and proceed to designing the fastener of our accessory. To do this, we need to measure the neck of a person, for which this butterfly is made. Doing measurements, remember that the tie should not squeeze the neck, but he can’t hang it out. So you need to try to find «Golden middle». 

After the length of the gum is defined, stretch it under the rag ring and fix. Next, neatly, but reliably sew the essays of the fastener. If possible, fix the fastener using a machine line.

That’s all, now you can enjoy the result of your labor. Bow-butterfly, stitched with her own hands, ready!

Knowing how you can sew a butterfly with your own hands, you can always be fashionable and unique, because now you can cut such an accessory for any outfit.

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