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We sew a chiffon blouse with your own hands


Each woman wants to wear things, emphasizing the individuality. Great way to stand out from the crowd is tailoring, for example, the chiffon blouses do it yourself

The most popular foundation of a female wardrobe is a blouse, girls and women of different ages are worn. In the period of summer heat of the blouse from the finest, light chiffon – it is just an indispensable thing. Depending on the cut and the style, the chiffon blouse is useful for a festive access to light, and for visiting the office, and for a romantic date. Similar clothing gives women a feeling of freshness and airiness, makes them irresistible.

So another chiffon blouse in the wardrobe will never be superfluous! And it is absolutely optional to buy it in the store, you can also sew your own hands. How to sew your own chiffon blouse? How to choose a style?

A little about chiffon

We sew a chiffon blouse with your own handsDeciding on tailoring any thing with her own hands, first need to get acquainted with the material that will be used in the work. In the world of tissues, chiffon is one of the finest and gentle matter, working with which requires a large patience and amplifies.

Distinguish natural and synthetic chiffon. Regardless of the type and origin of chiffon to sew from it any elements of the wardrobe is quite difficult even experienced seam.

Material is very slippery, constantly focusing slipping out of the hands. Edge treatment is also a rather laborious process that requires certain skills or at least pre-training on unnecessary pruning.

To understand how difficult it is to sew a blouse from chiffon and how best to do it, you need to deal with the main rules of the cutting of the material and its stratification. Sew from chiffon is difficult, but quite possible. The main thing is to want to be very patient.

Rules Croy

If you feel about the category of start-up Sew-needlewomen, then the pattern of chiffon blouses are best to choose the most simple with a small amount of seams and preferably without sleeves. Subsequently, having mastered slightly and getting used to working with this capricious material, it will be possible to sew a more complex model.

The following tips will help correctly cut the material on the selected pattern:

  • We sew a chiffon blouse with your own handsColoring chiffon is needed in one layer, since it will be folded twice as much as it will certainly slide and drag;
  • Details of paper patterns to the restructed canvase are better not to pin up with needles or pins, but to use to hold the fabric in the desired position of the weight;
  • The paper pattern is better to immediately do with the allowances, then, laying it on the fabric, cutting parts by clear lines already taking into account the stock of the seam;
  • Friend parts of the future product should be made with a sharp piece of soap or Portnovsky chalk.

Easy to cut the chiffon will help the use of a special substrate and a sharp knife, but their presence is not mandatory. You can cover this thin material both in the old manner: on the big table or semi with the help of tailor scissors.

Qualitatively revealing material without sinking joints and sections is a guarantee that at the end of his painstaking work you will get a beautiful female blouse. Remember, even the most original and beautiful idea of ​​chiffon fit will easily fail if the cloth will be sewn with skews.

Sewing blouses

After selecting the model of the blouse and the acquisition of the fabric you like, you can start cutting it and subsequent sewing in this order:

  1. We sew a chiffon blouse with your own handsCopy the finished pattern with tracing or build it on special paper.
    Cut the paper out of paper taking into account the allowance of 1.5 cm;
  2. Material decompose on the table or floor to one layer, put it on it the details of the pattern, press the weight and put in chalk;
  3. Cut all the details and fit the product – first the dye, if any, then, side and shoulder seams. Fit the sleeves and turn them into the armor. Tissue allowances should not be sewn to each other, so that it was easier to process the edges of the product;
  4. Tracing the blouse and, if necessary, adjust it in accordance with the figure, that is, to reduce or increase the cuttings and side seams, it is anew and try it again;
  5. If everything suits, you can start taking the blouses on the sewing machine in the same order, as the designer of parts was made;
  6. All seams should stroke the iron – dyeing from the middle of the product to the side seams, side and shoulder seams – on the back, seams on the sleeves – on the back surface;
  7. Process the seams using a small zigzag or overlock, the cooler baker from the same fabric or shoot the collar if it is provided. Bottom blouses to get 2 times and fasciated with a typewriter;
  8. Ready blouse pasted and remove the whole mark.

If there is no need in the sleeves, you can do without them. How to sew shiffon sleeves blouse? You just need to make 1-1.5 cm more and leave the stock of fabric for satellite. Although you can use oblique beyk, as well as for the treatment of the neck.

You need to start an assembly of the product and processing the seams only making sure that the sewing machine is properly configured, it has a thin and acute needle, and the thread corresponds to the type of tissue.

Blouse without pattern

If you do not want to spend time on building patterns and processing, you can sew a beautiful blouse without carrying any drawings on the fabric. How can you sew a chiffon blouse without pattern? Easy to! For this it will be necessary to remove only three measurements: the length of the product + 4-5 cm, the distance between the brushes with the arms extended to the sides + 2-3 cm on the flap and the width of the shoulders.

The algorithm of tailoring is surprisingly simple:

  • We sew a chiffon blouse with your own handsCollapse the fabric in half, postpone the rectangle or square on it (depending on the size), the sides of which are equal to the length of the product and the distance between the hands of the hands taking into account the allowances. The length of the roller edge of matter should be equal to the distance between the hands of the hands. This tissue fold will be located on the shoulders;
  • Fold fabric again to get a cut of four layers. From the corner of the resulting bend to postpone the measure, which will be equal to 1 \ 2 widths of the shoulders + 3 cm on allowances. Turn the folded cloth and do the same on the other side. Mark two vertical labels, it will be a neckline, deploy a cloth;
  • Starting with the bottom of the product to make two vertical seams along the straight lines of the neck of the neck, not reaching the future shoulders of 20-23 cm. On the opposite of the heated edge, the roset for the neck, which should be less than the shoulder width by 6 cm;
  • Handle the edges of the product and the neckline, remove the tags and stroke the product.

You can, in the side seams, enter the loops for the belt, which will emphasize the waist, will make an image more feminine. Blouse from chiffon will be a real decoration of the wardrobe and a kind «Wand-cutting», After all, it is combined with almost any clothes.

Keep your own hands, wear with pleasure and be irresistible!

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