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How to pack live flowers in corrugated paper while retaining their freshness?


How to pack fresh flowers in corrugated paper? You need to know what rules florists are using in their work, and how the packaging in the corrugated paper occurs

Beautifully decorated bouquet – a great addition to a gift, regardless of the reason. Despite the fact that in recent times, bouquets are made up of even shed materials, for example, alive flowers remain a classic option.

Main requirements

Passing by floral showcases, many people have a question how to wrap live flowers in corrugated paper to emphasize their beauty. The design of bouquets is primarily a creative process, but, knowing the basic rules of florists, you can cope with this task yourself.

Observe such requirements for the design of the compositions:

  • How to pack live flowers in corrugated paper while retaining their freshness?The packaging paper used should be the same shade as flowers or emphasize the contrast;
  • It is not recommended to use polyester;
  • With corrugated paper, felt combined well, sisal, decorative mesh. For fixing it is convenient to use a jute rope;
  • Do not use large decorative elements for decoration, as they will divert attention from the main element;
  • Florists advise to use freshly cut flowers – it will extend the life of the flower arrangement;
  • You can add some decorative plants or dried flowers.

For packaging bouquet uses various techniques, many of them require special training. However, there are also such ways to cope with even a beginner.

To pack a bouquet, you need to prepare such materials:

  • Scissors;
  • Scotch;
  • Decorative elements;
  • Corrugated paper;
  • Floral grid;
  • Flowers.

Before starting to form a bouquet, it is necessary to cut the edge from each stem and put them into the water. This is done so that the flowers have done moisture, as they have to spend some time in the air.

Build a bouquet

Selected flowers need to be connounced in a bouquet, and their stems are wrapped with scotch. Thus, the volume of the base will increase, will become more rigid. The use of a floral mesh will improve the appearance of the bouquet and allow the colors longer to keep freshness.

How to pack live flowers in corrugated paper while retaining their freshness?The use of a wide satin ribbon is considered a classic option in the packaging of colors.

Corrugated paper as a wrapper gives the composition lightness, tenderness and fragility. If the bouquet has a floral mesh, it is desirable to apply decorative plants.

In order to pack a bouquet of flowers in paper, it must be unzipped on a flat surface face down.

Place the flowers on it so that the ends of the stems remain free. Next, wrap the bouquet into paper and tie the ribbon. As a scenery, use decorative butterflies or bows.

There is one more option for packing bouquets, in which we use corrugated paper – it allows you to extend the freshness of plants. To do this, take the segment of the fabric and so much so much in water.

Then this cloth is wrapped with cuts on the stems, and on top of the stance of the food film. We prepare a paper sheet that wind flower stems.

Depending on the number of colors in a bouquet and its size, prepare several sheets of paper of the same color or, on the contradiction, contrast. Wrap the top of the trunk so that the sharp corners of the square slightly exceed the height of the bud. Secure squares with a contrasting satin ribbon. As decor, use the element liked that suitable to the composition.

In corrugated paper, you can pack not only cut flowers, but also plants in pots. They are an excellent alternative to ordinary bouquets.

Such gifts have long retain their appearance, and all this time will delight the happy owner. Add sophistication to help beautiful packaging. If you do not know how to packed the flowers into corrugated paper, it can make a seller. However, manifesting fantasy, with this task you can cope with your own.

To do this, take a sheet of paper and cut the circle out of it. Its radius should be a little more height pot. Circle edges can be left smooth or cut as an openwork pattern. Place the flower pot in the center of the workpiece. Then lift the edges, securing them with the help of a tape. Corrugated molds can be decorated with satin ribbon, knitting a bow. Instead of a ribbon, you can use beads, braid or lace. To add bright colors to a gift, use paper circles of various shades and sizes.

Pack the flower pot in several ways. For example, of two segments of sheets with a stapler to make a symbolic package in which the plant placed. Pens for such packaging can be made of small segments of braid.

Let your gift be bright and fresh!

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