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Second life of things: toys of socks with their own hands


Toys of socks with their own hands can make even a beginner needlewoman. Need a little fantasy and patience, and, of course, a great desire to please your child

Nowadays, more than ever, has become fashionable to engage in any kind of needlework. Usually, such a hobby requires a lot of time and material costs. This does not apply to the manufacture of toys from socks. Make a fun and cute animal or doll in a short time forces and novice needlewomen. And the material for crafts will serve ordinary inexpensive socks.

You can use those that have already served your time. About how do it yourself make soft toys from socks you will learn from this article.

Materials and tools

In order to make a fun toy, it will not be necessary to go shopping in search of the necessary materials. All that you probably have at home.

Before proceeding with work, you need to cook:

  1. Second life of things: toys of socks with their own handsSocks. New or cooked «on the release». Suitable: terry, kapron, knitted, monophonic, striped and any other. You can also use stockings and golfs;
  2. Material for filling. The best suits syntheps;
  3. Sewing threads, moulin and yarn;
  4. Buttons or purchased eyes for toys;
  5. Beads, decorative elements, ribbons for decoration;
  6. Scissors, needles, glue;
  7. Cardboard.

Sequence of performance

Sew the toy from socks is easy.

Your craft will be released as you have thought, and work will only bring pleasure if you comply with the following procedure for performing operations:

  1. Second life of things: toys of socks with their own handsInventing the model, carefully think over all the details. Make patterns of individual parts in
    genuine value;
  2. Before opening the sock, it should be smoothed and smoothly decomposed on the table;
  3. Choose socks that are well drawn. Do not take ripples and strongly worn. Note that knitted woolen socks are easily dissolved;
  4. Verify the patterns on the socks, secure. Paint the details with sharp scissors. Do not forget about the seams;
  5. Stick details from the wrong side of the secret seam. Seams do as little as possible. Leave small holes for packing;
  6. Remove the workpiece, straighten through the holes fill with syntheps. Neatly squeeze the holes;
  7. Also sew and fill with a small detail syntre: paws or hands, legs, ears, tail and so on;
  8. To the main detail – torso, enter the head and limb. Try to sew firmly, but not too tight, the legs of the legs move;
  9. Do, if necessary, hair from woolen thread or other material;
  10. Success or glue eyes. Rotik, eyebrows, eyelashes can be embroidered or draw;
  11. If desired, decorate the toy with additional details: a bows, a hat, a scarf. It depends on your idea.

Toy, stitched from socks with his hands ready! She can become a favorite of your child or a fun gift for friends.

Useful tips:

  • Second life of things: toys of socks with their own handsDo not use wool products for filling. It is easily pleasant, and when washing it is knocked in lumps;
  • For packing, you can use grain or barrel. Seams in this case should be very small and neat;
  • Choose bright but non-iron socks;
  • Machion socks are perfect for fluffy animals;
  • Kapron socks and tights will become an excellent basis for dolls. Also for the manufacture of dolls with a human face are subtle white, beige, pink socks;
  • You can combine socks of various textures.

Original ideas

Funny kitten

In order to sew this cute kitten you need: 2 identical socks, syntheps, threads, needle, some additional materials.

From the first sock, make the body of the kitten. To do this, remove and smoothly decompose your sock. Cut the cuff.

Second life of things: toys of socks with their own handsThe toy is quite simple and does not require pattern. Make two outbreaks along the length of the sock: the first from the side where the fingers are, about 10 centimeters, the second side of the heel – a little longer.

Where the sock will be the front paws where the heel is rear. Purge the cuts of very small seam. Refine the workpiece. Tightly sculit Sinyproton. Sewing the remaining holes.

From the second sock cut the heel, leaving 5 centimeters on one side and 3 on the other. It will be a kitten’s muzzle. From the side where 5 centimeters left, cut the triangle. This should turn out two triangles around the edges – it’s ears.

Purge a cut. Fill the head of the kitten by Sinypplion.

Torn the opposite ears edge, squeeze. You should get a head toy, where the heel of the sock acts the role of a face. Sew head to the body of stitches. From the residues of the sock, pick up the tail and sew it. Fill with syntheps, visiting. Threads Moulin Rotch Rotik and Nose. Also make a mustache and eyelashes. You can seen buttons on the eye or glue special eyes.

Japanese kids

Dolls of infants look very cute from Japanese needlework magazines. Make such a gift to a little girl, and she will become her beloved toy. You will need two socks: one kapron beige color, second – knitted gentle pink, blue, green. From the first sock will be performed by the pupa, from the second – clothing toys.

Second life of things: toys of socks with their own handsFrom the kapron sock you need to cut off the upper part, the one where the fingers, about a third of the product.
Use most. Upper cut cut into a bundle, slightly position. Fill the obtained billet with syntheps. Take a strong thread in half. The upper part will be head, the bottom – torso. Bottom by slice by little stitches «Through the region». Sinypplion in this part scatter so to form legs.

From the residues of sock Sushent handles and small nose. Handles while put aside. Nose Success in the Center. Make your eyes from black beads. Red will be a mouth.

Take a knitted sock of tender. Cut in half. Make a hat.

To do this, pull the thread tip of the sock by making a brush. Put on a doll hat. The second part of the sock is put on the toy toy, it will be a jumpsuit. Unscrew the sock cuff like a collar. Use the needle and threads to secure around the neck. At the bottom, place the middle of the cut, forming a pantice.

In the area of ​​the shoulders, the trigger. Kid ready!

Romantic caterpillar

You can do such a toy for days. Pink terry sock or golf fit for romantic caterpillar.

Second life of things: toys of socks with their own handsFill the socks syntheps. From the front form the head of the caterpillars. Tie the thread or thin rubber.

Caterpillar’s body Do in the same way: pulling the sock with thread or rubber band. At the end, leave a small tail.

From wires wrapped with terry yarn, make horns. Secure them on the caterpillar head. On the place of the sprout of a bead. Romantic image Create with big eyes with eyelashes. Enclose special purchased eyes for toys with a glue gun.

You can make toys from socks with children. It can be home and exotic animals, dolls, fabulous characters.

Many different patterns of toys from socks can be found on the Internet. Try to sew the first craft, and soon you will have a whole collection of funny animals and dolls.

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