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How to make women’s shorts do it yourself


How to make long shorts made of jeans with your own hands. Features in patterns and sewing. Methods of painting a new product

Shorts – such an item in the wardrobe, which will be suitable for everyone without restrictions. Another great Coco Chanel came up with to wear shorts on the podium and thus introduced them to the base capsule of the wardrobe. They can be of different lengths, colors, sewn from a variety of materials, but definitely fit all without exception! The main thing to choose your model.

Choose women’s shorts on the figure

How to make women's shorts do it yourselfWith the development of the fashion industry in the world, a wide variety of models shorts for women, ranging from classic options and ending with sports. The shortest of them are called – shorts-mini. A little longer, until the middle of the hips – classic. Before the knees – Breeches and, finally, the longest option – Capri, their length to the middle of caviar.

The variety of options does not end! You can choose tight or straight. Or stop your choice on shorts-skirt. Maybe your eye will be prompted by the slaughtered models. No matter what type of figure you have, long shortened pants are suitable for you. An excellent solution will make shorts with their own hands.

Is it worth it to trim jeans at once?

To begin with, let’s figure it out in the need of such a step.

It is worth getting to work now if:

  • Old jeans Tired, and your maiden soul asks for change;
  • You can not find shorts that are well sitting on the figure, and in the beauty and convenience of old jeans are sure;
  • On your favorite jeans, holes or stains appeared on the sidelines to the knee;
  • Favorite pants satisfied after washing and became hopeless short.

If in these situations you learned yourself – let’s boldly fight for scissors and create!

How to make women's shorts do it yourselfDo not think that if you risze to make long female shorts, you can wear them only in the summer on the beach. They can be put in the city, in nature, to the party. They can be part of your business image.

It is enough to add a free cut shirt to them into the ensemble and sweep the sleeves carefully – and you will get a great everyday image that will emphasize fragility and femininity. A good solution will stop the choice on jeans shorts, because denim shorts will hide the shortcomings of the figure, and, most importantly, they can be worn with any shoe – from classic hairpins, to ankle shoes «Casual».

How to make long trendy jeans shorts?

So, after all doubts went away, the question remained: how do you make long shorts from jeans? It would seem that the answer is simple: armed with scissors and just trim!

However, in order for the product to be neat, you need to take into account all the nuances. Doing denim long shorts, you need to cut off the right length of the trouser.

It is absolutely not difficult to calculate it:

  • put on previously postponed and smooth pants;
  • Now you will need a centimeter tape: measure the desired length;
  • Remove pants, decompose on a flat, comfortable surface and chalk or soap. Draw a cut slicing line.

If you want to make a shorts of office, strict style from jeans, then you need to turn and strip the trousers. This will require a sewing machine.

Do not forget to take into account the length of the rally when determining the length:

  • If you need to be submitted once and leave a cut for overpost, it is enough 2 cm;
  • If you need double bending, leave in stock 3.5-4 cm;

Note that not all scissors will cope with a rough denim, it is better to take special tailoring.

How to make the right neat odds?

How to make women's shorts do it yourselfFor accuracy and amenities you need to knock, previously scheduled, cut slicing line. If you rarely work with a machine, it is better to pre-schedule a manual seam. And if your experience is enough, it is enough and just a pinch pin pixels so that the seams turned out to be smooth.

You need to scribble only on the wrong side, it turns out more accurate and more beautiful. If there is no machine, you can use the adhesive tape that you will find in special sewing stores. Glue on it does not dissolve in water, and the bottom of the product will not be worse than the machine line.

Fashionable «chip» – Ripples

Make trendy shorts with fringe or torn edges just just. Enough to trim with scissors along the cut slicing line.

The edge of jeans may not be processed at all, then fashionable «Ranci» It turns out by itself, after washing. You can additionally process the edges of the emery paper – the effect of scuff will appear. In addition, you can make longitudinal cuts at the bottom of the trousers. For this convenient will be used by the stationery knife. At the edges of the cuts, you can pull out a pair of threads to create an unsubesty.

Fringe on the edges of the product is done with a tweezers, it will be too long.

What to do if you cut too much?

There are situations when and measured carefully and cut carefully, but the pants turned out very short.

There are several options how to make spoiled shorts longer:

  • How to make women's shorts do it yourselfFind in the sewing store lace and sew him to the edge of the trouser. There are lace tapes that can be glued with an iron. So you will have stylish summer shorts;
  • Use skin strips. It can also be found in the store. Usually the remnants of the skin, from tailoring of the upper clothes sell inexpensively;
  • Take another color fabric – will be an excellent solution. As a result, fashionable bemuda with effect will be obtained «Ombre»;
  • If you need to make them even longer, the rest of the trousers will not disappear without. In this case, you can make long nomensions upstairs. From the remaining tissue, cut the stripes of the length you want to add, but note that 1-2 cm. need for a flap for seam.

If you do not have denim trousers that can be shortened and turn into fashionable shorts – not trouble!

You can sew them with your own hands. Previously buy everything you need: fabric, zipper, buttons and threads in tone tone. In order for the shorts to fit perfectly in size, you need to make an accurate pattern.

It is simulated following the example of ordinary trousers, and make it better on millimeter paper. Be careful when removing the measure! After the pattern is ready, proceed to sewing. Do not forget that you first need to sew lateral seams and leave a place to insert the pockets. Then the Lightning is sewn.

To do this, use a special paw on the sewing machine. Now it’s about the belt. If you wish, it can be sealing the phlizelin or any other material and sew to shorts. After that, it will be left to make an incision for butchers and to strip the edge of the short.

Decoration of the finished product – the case of only your imagination! You can sew beads, rhinestones, lace. Rivets and spikes will emphasize your unique style.

Even paint the shorts in another color or make colored divorce too can be at home with your own hands. Just buy a dye for the fabric and follow the instructions on it.

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