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How to make clothes for dolls do it yourself and please the daughter?


How to make clothes for dolls do it yourself? Today, not only the fabric is used for this, but also the yarn who has come into disrepair things, and even gum

All girls play in childhood in dolls, and they are extremely loved to sew clothes on them. Of course, made by children’s hands, it cannot compete with store products, but you yourself can help your daughter and offer her to dress her beloved Barbie together. Today, tiny skirts, blouses, dresses and much more are made of a variety of materials, not only fabrics.

Material of manufacture

How to make clothes for dolls do it yourself and please your daughter?What can make clothes for daugh dolls? It is clear that most often a new wardrobe for his favorite girl makes out of old things that have come into disrepair. Baby especially rejoices when mom gives her «Raster» A bright beautiful blouse from the flowing fabric or a piece of velvet, as well as the skin remaining from anything.

If you have an ability to model and sew, you can make clothes for your favorite daughter dolls in all the rules – with a pattern, suture allowances and t.D. If you are far from such things, and you don’t have a sewing machine, not trouble, the exclusive outfits can be obtained from, it would seem that there is quite unsuitable for this things, for example, sock, tights and even rubber bands, of which today’s fashionable bracelets today.

How can you make clothes for dolls do it yourself? Holding for this very little free time and enlisted with the support of your child, proceed to the manufacture of fresh wardrobe for your daughter’s favorite. If you knit crocheted or needles, for you there will be no problem to do something new. But if you do not have these skills, read our article further and take our advice to.

It does not happen easier

How can you make clothes for dolls without sewing? If you are completely far from design and can not even make a pattern to the eye toys, put a doll on the newspaper and start designing dresses for it:

  • From the shoulders, draw two straps on the neck, reaching up, out of the waist, and go down, draw the trapeze – it will be a skirt;
  • Now the pattern needs to be cut, folded in half and attach to a folded halve cloth;
  • How to make clothes for dolls do it yourself and please your daughter?Cut, leaving a little to allow the seams. Do not forget to duplicate another pattern on the fabric;
  • Two halves stack among themselves, without affecting straps, otherwise you will not be able to wear a dress on a doll. You can make dolls without sewing clothes using a glue gun instead of threads and needles;
  • Tie straps on the neck and show your daughter updated toy. If you wish to use any decor.

And how to make clothes for sock dolls? This product will make an excellent evening dress for Barbie, and with open shoulders. To do this, you need to cut off the edge of the sock and take two holes for the hands at the base of the gum. That’s all, great long dress is ready.

Weave from rubber

Today on sale you can find whole sets of small rubberry of different colors, from which, with the help of a special hook, you can weigh everything that will come to mind.

If you want to know how to make clothes for dolls from rubber, you will have to purchase a professional machine:

  • How to make clothes for dolls do it yourself and please your daughter?Remove the average row of columns, and then immediately two gum wear eight on the columns of the lower row. In this case, the gum should not intersect, and each eight must be isolated;
  • Similarly, rubber bands cover the top row columns. You need to perform 6 eights for each row;
  • Now the intervals between the columns of each row must be filled with eight. Remove gum from columns, where there are already 4 cheating;
  • Now you need to act as at the very beginning, putting on two pieces at once on the 2 nearest columns, without performing in this case. In places of their intersection, they again drop off from the columns.

Work so until the clothes are ready. And you can use gum of various colors.

We sew a typewriter

How can you make clothes for dolls from fabric? To sew a jumpsuit for a doll with a height of 40 cm and waist girth 25-27 cm, you will need a piece of fabric size 70×50, elastic tape, contact tape and fliesline:

  • How to make clothes for dolls do it yourself and please your daughter?It is necessary to carve out before, two backs and two sleeves, the front and rear halves of the pants, and in 2 copies;
  • Perform the shoulder joints of the jumpsuit, and then enter the sleeves in the arm. Their cuffs can be arranged to the outfit to be more festive;
  • Going to sew before, note that the side seam of overalls and sleeves is performed by a single seam;
  • When processing the neck, with your own hands, it is necessary to carefully fasten the hollow clips on the inner side, cut the weight of the neck, and to sew a oblique beyk to this place;
  • When performing pants you need to sew items, namely stack side and step stitches. Crop unnecessary elements, master the trousers and impart them to the top blank. Add culish cuff and you can try on a jumpsuit.

That’s all the recommendations. Follow them, and your daughter will have more reasons for joy, besides, it will be possible to spend more time together. Good luck!

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