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Wedding accessories with their own hands: Master class for making


Wedding accessories help to emphasize the style of the event. Decorations for tables, invitation, bonbonnieres and boutonnieres made by their own hands will attract guests

All newlyweds dream that their wedding is unique and unique. Therefore, for registration, they try to use the original decor items. They can be bought for fabric money, but it is not a guarantee of inimitable style.

More and more newly lines make your own wedding accessories. Guest cards, invitations, wedding glasses, decoration for tables and much more needed for wedding – such masterpieces made by yourself will cause admiration for guests.


It is difficult to submit a modern wedding without bonbonnieres. They are presented to guests as a small present. These boxes can be filled with any content: sweets, cakes, small robes – it all depends on your imagination.

Bonbonnieres are peculiar «wrapper», Business card celebration. Master class will help create this accessory on Wedding do it yourself.

You will need:

  • Cardboard two colors;
  • Ruler;
  • Pencil;
  • Knife or scissors.

Manufacturing process:

  1. Wedding accessories with their own hands: Master class for makingCut 4 squares with a side of 10 cm of one color and 4 square of another color, but a little less – 9.5 cm. Put the point in the center of the square and start one corner, crumple the edge. Just do the same with other edges;
  2. When all the edges are bent, sides fold into the central point. Pretty «Sell» All fold lines and expand paper. Now you can start making a box by reducing one corner and doing the same with other edges ;;
  3. Make four walls, forming angles to get a box. It will be a bottom bonbonniere. By analogy, make the top.

In such boxes, you can put everything you wish. When guests find out that you made such beauty with your own hands, then your efforts will appreciate.

«Navigation» accessories

On a banquet, guests are sometimes very difficult to find their place, because all the tables are decorated equally. So that they are not lost, newlyweds can do for them «navigation» Wedding Accessories – Room on Each Table.

To create them, you need to prepare such materials:

  • Buttons of a certain size and color;
  • Photo Frame;
  • Scissors, glue, napkins.

Manufacturing process:

  1. Generate the edges of the paper napkin so that it fit into the frame;
  2. Clean the basis and napkin, stick it;
  3. With buttons, lay out the number corresponding to a specific table.

Instead of buttons, you can use other infirm materials, such as large bright pebbles. The frame can also be replaced with another background, which will suit more about your wedding style. The color palette depends on the overall design of the hall.

Flowers from chiffon

These accessories can be used everywhere: as a decor of a wedding dress or shoes, in the design of the hall, for a photo shoot. Original colors will emphasize the romance of the image of the bride, create an effect of air and weightlessness.

Master Class:

  1. Wedding accessories with their own hands: Master class for makingFold a chiffon in several layers, and then draw a circle using any round item for convenience. Its dimensions must correspond to the size of the future flower;
  2. Create all layers of chiffon with each other with the help of needles and carefully cut over the drawn contour. You should get a lot of circles. Each fold four times to get triangles. Stretch all layers pin at the base. Stick two multi-layered triangles;
  3. Add new parts by forming pompon. When you get the right one «Fluffiness», Pour the top and cut everything too much – the product must be neat;
  4. Cardboard cut the circle of this size so that it closes the base of your flower. On the top, fasten with glue bud, and glue the clamp on the bottom.

As you can see, the manufacture of this accessory will not take a lot of time, but the result will please you and guests!

Holder for rings

This accessory for a wedding made with your own hands is used not only for a photo shoot, but also in the registry office.

He will make the design of the holiday unusual and creative.

  1. You will use the old book. Pick up two ribbons that are suitable for her color. From one tape you will need to tie a bow, so it should be quite long. Wedding rings will be attached to the second ribbon;
  2. Using the hole punch, make curly cuts on the pages – they should be the same. View the entire book and select the page where the rings will be. It is desirable that there were beautiful symbolic headlines or statements, pleasant pictures;
  3. Make cutouts away from the edge – then the paper does not break. The depth should be sufficient to freely arrange the rings inside the book. Now you can mount ribbons. Stretch long tape through all holes and make a beautiful bow. On the short ribbon, put on the rings and fix their ball smaller. Excess edges Cut, straighten the bows.

The holder must comply with the basic wedding concept. The retro book will look perfectly at the celebration in style «Bocho». If you do not want to give up the classics, but you wish to create «Highlight», Insert the traditional rings in the book.

Sea Wedding

If you planned a celebration in the marine style, you will enjoy the thematic boutonniere.

  1. Wedding accessories with their own hands: Master class for makingPick up a ribbon of a saturated blue color and measure the desired length;
  2. From a rope that resembles a rope, make a loop, and impose on the tape, folded twice. The right end of the rope wrap several times around the tape, and then at the base of the loop. Skip the edge through the loop and spend under the rows, secure;
  3. Cut extra ends and apply glue on them so that they do not bloom;
  4. To the center for glue «Site» White flower, such as tulip, leaving a small edge of a green stem for contrast.

You can use as central anchor decoration, sailboats or other stylistic items.

Having understood how do it yourself make accessories for a wedding, you can surprise guests with your non-standard approach and creativity. And after the celebration, put them on a prominent place – they will remind you of one of the most magical days in your life.

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