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Attracting money: Create a guard for good luck, happiness and well-being


How to make a guard for money and good luck with your own hands? For the manufacture, you can use any materials, but those that are suitable for the zodiac sign have a strong magical force

Talisman is customary to call a subject that is endowed with magical strength and protects the owner from the negative energy of space. It is believed that they can protect against damage, evil eye, and attract money, good luck, love, other benefits. Previously, they were made by magicians and sorcerers, but now such services are quite expensive. So people try to make them with their own hands. So that the product really has power, you need to know the main subtleties and secrets.

What do you need an overlap and what they do?

Attracting money: Create a guard for good luck, happiness and well-beingThey are used by politicians, athletes, actors, other public people.

They are confident that these magic items will help them achieve success, luck will protect against failures. Products can really accumulate and give energy – this is exactly what their magic will be explained.

Materials for creating anyone can be used. Most often use jewelry, precious stones, but you can take other items as a basis: shells, keys, yarn, dolls or clay products. As a rule, their people who know about the essence of magical phenomena, cycle of energy, are able to influence others. They understand how to make a charm as efficient as possible so that he helps the owner in solving problems.

It is necessary to take into account every trifle: season of the year, number, month, time of day, date of birth, zodiac sign of the owner, his preferences. Based on this, the materials from which the charm will be manufactured. Creating requires a clear sequence of actions, applying special conspiracy on it, spells that help to give the subject with the necessary properties.

So he attracted wealth, it is necessary «pump» Energy of fiery element. This is the subject of the power of the person for which it is manufactured, so it must be constantly carrying with you, it is desirable as close to the body. Signs are applied to the surface – it can be the secret names of magical patrons, the spirits of the elements, demons, and it is also decorated with magical symbols of an ancient alphabet that the peoples of North America use.

How to do?

Attracting money: Create a guard for good luck, happiness and well-beingTo create an overlap for luck and good luck yourself, you will have several useful recommendations. Manufacturing errors can lead to the fact that it will not be effective enough, and will not be able to work. In addition, it can harm you and attract other people’s energy streams to your field.

From the first time it is difficult to create it – interferes with unprofessionalism. But it gives a lot of positive moments. You can drink it with your energy that is suitable for you, and well absorbs thanks to your energy structures.

You will make it as it is convenient for you to see it, and besides significantly save on the campaigns to the sorcerer.

Before creating a magic subject, decide why for what purposes you will use it. It is important to choose suitable material for it, as well as determine the color. Often it is made of clay, cardboard, paper, thread or wood. To attract wealth, you can paint in gold or white, and then apply the symbols on the surface that it is identified. They should be selected by the sign of the owner’s zodiac.

Pendant coin

The easiest way is to make an amulet from a coin.

Attracting money: Create a guard for good luck, happiness and well-beingTo do this, it is necessary to choose a large, beautiful, shiny penny, as well as a small piece of plastic. It must be a little more diameter so that the gap remains from above. In the hole impose a thick thread, tie her ends to get a pendant. By analogy, you can make a horseshoe guard for good luck with your own hands.

Be sure to conduct meditation. To do this, take your amulet in the hands, hold it between the palms, at the same time, with the task for which you created it. Imagine how the energy of your desire proceeds through your hands, fills the mascot, splashing it out of the edges and creating a magical field. This technique will help make the wagon effectively.

What are they are?

Before dealing, how to make a faith for good luck and money, you need to study their classification. Talismans are different. But the scheme is always alone: ​​faith + energy + product = personal amulet.

They are divided depending on what category they include:

  • Generally accepted: clover, vintage coins, figurines, horseshoe;
  • The corresponding horoscope: plants, stones, metals;
  • Casual: toys, hairpins;
  • Intangible: mantras, prayers.
  • Animal – any animal with whom you have had a contact;

Luck should accompany everything, so talismans can be a lot. Amulet to attract money brings good luck in affairs related to work, business. You can use a four-lift clover flower – you should wear it with you in a dry form or in a dense bag tied up. She should have green. The product is also suitable, the form of which resembles clover.

Attracting money: Create a guard for good luck, happiness and well-beingTo attract cash flow, you need to enhance the Runa suspension on the back and always carry. To charge, do a special procedure. Take a mascot in your hands, attach a palm to him. Pulsation You will feel right or after a while. It depends on how much the product is suitable for the zodiac sign. Take it into a dense fabric that does not miss the light, and wrap it with a thread 9 times.

With every turn out loud, pronounce an appointment – these are mandatory whisper. Such a wubble-whisper is focused on attracting good luck and material well-being.

To «revive» Him, give him a name and jump on it, after saying words: «Be with me while your job is not completed». Pledge of Success – Faith. A person must believe that the talisman brings good luck. That is why it is considered individual and in the hands of a foreign one will be the usual subject.

How to attract happiness?

Under the happiness, the state of a person is understood when he is fully satisfied with his life, her fullness and quality of being, when he understands his appointment in this world. To attract happiness, you need to use magic instruments.

Wubble for good luck and happiness will help you to make bold desires, find harmony.

Attracting money: Create a guard for good luck, happiness and well-beingAs soon as you wear it with you, a peace will come to you. Amulets for happiness came to us from the ancient practice of Druids. Symbols that are applied, change over time, and are Rounic Writes. The amulet is made according to a certain technology, so mistakes and retreat are unacceptable.

The basis of such a talisman can be ring, coral bead or fish. They need to be made from those materials that fit the zodiac sign. Note the energy, speak and always wear with you.

Remember that charming for good luck and money made by your own hands should bring you only positive emotions. You can not use them if you are associated bad memories with them.

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