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How to make your own hands a male butterfly or tie from fabric or satin ribbon?


Make a male butterfly with your own hands from the fabric or satin ribbon. It can be a monophonic or decorated with contrasting seam, beads and buttons

No matter what a man does and in what field works, he always wants to look like, modern and exquisite. Therefore, the butterfly-tie has long become an integral part of the male attribute. Increasingly, this accessory can be seen on women – he makes the image of strict but elegant. 

To diversify the shed outlet or casual office suit, it is enough to tie a butterfly. Successfully selected accessories help spectacular and look gorgeous. Not necessarily buy branded things, a stylish male butterfly can be made with their own hands.

Seic from fabric

How to make a male butterfly with your own hands?

In order to sew this accessory, you will need:

  • How do you make your hands a male butterfly or tie from a fabric or satin ribbon?Pattern: Three pieces of any fabric, your choice, dimensions 6×10 cm, 20×15 cm, 30.5×15 cm;
  • Dublerin or Flizelin, 2 pieces 30,5×15 cm and 20×15 cm;
  • threads, needle;
  • iron;
  • scissors.

The composition of the main material may be any, it is not fundamentally. If you decide to sew a male butterfly yourself, do it yourself, then you can give preference to synthetics or cotton.

In order for the product to hold the form, use doubles or phlizerin – they allow a butterfly to keep a presentable view.

So, proceed!

  1. How do you make your hands a male butterfly or tie from a fabric or satin ribbon?Lay phlizerin into two big pieces, Moisten a little and start a thin fabric or gauze. Pieces should be bonded to brighter among themselves so that they do not even move to a millimeter. Check Strength Easy: In the corner Try to separate the materials from each other. If you managed it, shifted again, warming up the entire surface of 2-3 seconds;
  2. Fold the pieces in half a fliesline layer up. Gently flashing a segment, retreating 3 mm from the edge. Do not forget to fix the seam so that the butterfly «Popolzla». The same actions repeat with other pieces;
  3. Remove the products on the front and start. If you want to have smooth lines on the product, then you can leave without fooling. To try out the width and size, fold the butterfly into three parts. If everything suits you, keep a zigzag seam;
  4. To decorate a monochrome butterfly, pick up a contrasting thread and place on the front side, for example, in the middle or slightly higher;
  5. That piece that is smaller, attach the invalid side to the front primary layer, position. To hide the seams, close them with a small piece;
  6. Gently and elegantly, men’s butterfly, sewing from the fabric, do it yourself, with thin lines. But no less advantage will look tie with thick «core», decorated buttons. Flash better zigzag seam. Carefully squeeze to give the product the right form. Lock with thread and needles.

Butterfly can be decorated with beads, butchers or leave without decor – it will still be stylish and original. To the tie fits securely, grind a small pin on the back side.

From satin ribbon

Purchased product will never be the same exclusive as a male butterfly made by hand.

To sew a tie, you will need two tapes:

  • Wide (6 cm) and thin (1 cm);
  • as well as threads, needle, scissors;
  • Colorless varnish;
  • Special hooks.
  1. How do you make your hands a male butterfly or tie from a fabric or satin ribbon?Cut the wide ribbon so that one part of it is in the width of a little more than four fingers – it can be used as a pattern of a male butterfly. Take one tape and launch stitches in the middle thread. Take it so that you get a bow, and crush thread. Similarly, make a second bow. Glue them and skip thread through them;
  2. Sharp the edges of a smaller bow glue stones – two rows of different colors. From above, impose a layer of colorless varnish and wait 15 minutes so that it is pretty daughter;
  3. Attach special hooks to thin satin ribbon. Jump the slider and on the same side, fasten the end of the ribbon in it. It is necessary in order to easily change the size of the butterfly tie. The hook is attached on the other side;
  4. Connect the base with butterflies using the tape of the same color, and squeeze it from behind. You can make such ties of different colors in order to make it easier to combine them with the foundations of the wardrobe, or can be presented as a souvenir.

That’s so easy to make a male butterfly from satin ribbon or fabric with your own hands. Such an accessory your man will be happy to be proud of what you sewd it specifically for him.

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