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Why do you need a dream catcher and how to make it with your own hands?


Ancient Indian beliefs argue that a special amulet, a dream catcher, can save from nightmares. Well, if nightmares do not bother, then made with their own hands the amulet will decorate the interior

What is Son? Reality, affordable person in a subconscious or a certain parallel world, where access opens only sleep? You, probably, heard about the amulet Dream Catcher. This charm is distributed in the culture of North America and the peoples of the North. He protects the owner from evident dreams and nightmares. Typically, the dream trap is suspended in the headboard bed, but you can and paint Charm, and even make a tattoo.

Why do you need a dream catcher and how to make it make it yourself?Today, an amulet that protects sleeping can be bought in any souvenir shop, but most likely it will be just a beautiful ethnic decoration.

This talisman must be made with the mental wishes of good for whom it is intended. Therefore, if you really believe the magical strength of the amulet, then it is better to know how to make a dream catcher with their own hands.

Legend of Life Device

Talisman Indians, AsabiKeshiNH, in the language of Ojibvy means «Spider». Amulet is a circle of IV roths, With weaving inside, resembling a web. How to weave a real dream catcher? You can use threads or leather lace. Indian women crawled them from Olenih lived.

According to the legend of the people of Lakota, the leader of the tribe was a teacher of wisdom ICTOMA in the image of a spider. Chatting with the leader, the teacher bent from the Willow of the Willow Ring, explaining that this ring from a rod symbolizes the life of a person. The twist has a different thickness, being an impersonation of the development of life from the birth of a child, to growing and aging. So spoke with the leader of the spider, and film his web in the ring from Willow. Only in the middle of the circle from the cobweb left the hole.

Many roads opens for man. Some light on the path of good, others are allowed on a false path. Man is always free to choose his trail.

Why do you need a dream catcher and how to make it make it yourself?But in a spider circle there is a gate, through which good thoughts will find the road to mind and the soul of a person. Everything is unkind, terrible confused in the intricacies of the threads of the web and melts with dawn. In order to clean the amulet from the evil spirits accumulated on the web, it needs to be taken out in the sun.

The hoop of the magic trap is both the allegory of the sun path in the sky. Eight points of contacting threads with a jew rings – a touch symbol of eight pawka paws associated with the Indians from the Universe. The spider rides the infinite thread of events, and one day it pulls the thread of the web and shifts the whole world to source, and starts to weave his web again. Indian amulet is a kind of model of the Universe.

How to make an amulet yourself

People at all times with caution treated dreams. It is believed that while sleeping shower goes travel. According to the beliefs of the Indians, the soul through dreams speaks of his desires, and when it does not get what wishes, begins to be angry.

In the tribes of the Indians to dreams treated very carefully, and Interpretation of dreams It was an important part of the public life of the tribe members. Dreams were considered the voice of ancestors and were supporting and pointer for real life. Amulet, which protects against evil visions and thoughts, is a tool with which they tried to manage the subconscious and influence the real life.

Why do you need a dream catcher, we found out. And now let’s make a talisman yourself. To create a base – rings, it is better to use a feed rod.

How to do from the finished hoop (for example, from the hoops) Dream Catcher:

  • Why do you need a dream catcher and how to make it make it yourself?Circle – the symbol of infinity: a person is born, growing up, will acquire his children, and by the end of his life, his grandchildren. Ivovo branch can be closed with a ring, fixing the ends. But more correctly do, making a circle for dream catcher, for example, from several intertwined thin rods, personifying the family, whose multi-age members support each other;
  • For fixing the rods in the ring you can use colored threads – woolen, silk or cotton, leather lace. You can wrap the circle in different ways using a thread of one color or multi-colored, creating a pattern. It is not necessary to try tightly to put the winding coils – the way will depend on the overall idea;
  • Flying Ring, Leave the ends of the thread to create the suspension and fate. Having finished the ringing ring, you can proceed to weaving the web inside the circle. According to the legend, the inner web should relate to the circle in eight points, where they relate to the celestial circle of the spider-universe paw
  • Divide the circle to eight equal parts, secure the thread. For weaving fit treads like «Iris» or similar. At the marks, fix the thread with a half-sized, pulling when weaving. To decorate the overag, you can use beads – glass, wooden, or from semi-precious stones. It is better to use beads from natural materials. In general, for the manufacture of traps for night visions it is better to do without synthetics;
  • After graduating the first row, just do the following and all the rest, fixing the thread of a semi-sufficient in the middle of the preceding series. So repeat before filling the circle. In the center we leave a hole equal to about the tip of the index finger. In the hole, you can fix a feather or beautiful pebbles;
  • Now it remains to make the suspension and decorate the catcher at the bottom of the bird feathers. You can fix the pen by wrapping the base of the thread. The mounting place can be hidden by the bead, the diameter of the hole of which allows you to hide.

Why do you need a dream catcher and how to make it make it yourself?The choice of feathers for decoration is based on the mascot for whom. For a gift, a man is suitable feathers «Male» birds – falcon, hawk, symbolizing strength and valor. For the manufacture of the guard for a woman, take the feathers of owls, symbolizing female wisdom, or partridges, ducks.

Making an amulet, you need to fill it with good wishes to the one for whom a gift is intended.

Now it remains to hang a trap in the headboard and see only good dreams, and Bad dreams And thoughts delay in the catcher’s web. Do not forget to periodically make an amulet in the sun, in order for the luminaire destroyed everything bad that confused in the catchenets.

Does the drawdown of visions help?

We figured out how to make dream catcher do it yourself. And whether the trap helps for dreams if you draw it? Like all amulets, the trap for visions is strong not by its form or authenticity of materials.

The main thing is faith that the charm will protect you or your loved ones from all bad. That is why it is important to make it yourself for yourself or as a gift. Therefore, if in the drawing you have invested the same emotions, as in the manufacture of a catcher from the jerk rod and threads, then the appointment will continue.

Why do you need a dream catcher and how to make it make it yourself?How exactly you will draw a dream catcher, depends on your abilities in drawing and on what the picture is designed. Suspension in the form of dream traps can be an element of a tattoo, if you are not confused by the wearing of such characters on the body.

Drawing Dream trap can be used in scrapbooking, placing the picture frame photos. Another application of a drawing depicting dream catcher is interior. Draw a symbolic circle with a web can be right on the bedroom wall.

The main thing is not to forget sometimes illuminate the image of the straight rays of the sun, for example, by choosing a place for a picture on the wall, so that in the morning it is illuminated by the rays of the rising sun.

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