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How to make a chaff doll


The art of making the overag doll will help protect your home from negative energy. Performing a Motka, you should carefully follow the rules, carefully saved by centuries

Slavic Alers played an important role in everyday life. It was believed that they defend the house, attract good luck, help in everyday life. During the creation of the faucenes, an off-day fantasy was manifested, especially if it came about the dolls.

What is a doll-charm? 

How to make a chaff dollSpecial ritual dolls did largely reasons. For example, at the birth of a child, a wedding ceremony, the celebration of the Day of Ivan-Khalau.

Supernatural abilities were attributed to small original toys. For centuries, they served as loyal satellites of ancestors, protecting their health and well-being. 

Depending on the purpose of the overag, it was set to an honorable place or burned. To create ritual dolls, a variety of materials were used: clay, straw, ash, fabric. 

Dolls stored in the house allowed to take the evil eye or relieve childbirth. The wubbles created with a special effort, trying to enlist the support of good spirits or to leave evil. Over time, traditions for which modern auners are performed and. 

For example, specifically for newlyweds did a couple of dolls called «Lacks». For them we used an indivisible piece of fabric and a common red thread that should not be interrupted.

Correctly performed work was considered a guarantee that all his life, a couple will spend not separating. When a child was born, to «Loves» tied a separate loop, which was supposed to firmly connect fate of parents and baby. 

To date, the secrets of creating coasting toys have been preserved. It is better to start with a simple, having completed a Motka, which was revered as a keeper of family happiness. However, it should be previously familiar with the general rules that allow the protector to fill the protector and not make mistakes leading to its uselessness. 

How do it yourself make a doll-charm: nuances of creative work 

Earlier in Russia every woman personally performed charms.

Perhaps someone will come in handy ancient art today: 

  • Bereginina must have a white unwashed face. Then through the toy it will not be possible to bring damage to her owner. Also white color is the personification of purity of thoughts and spirituality of the owner. The only thing that is allowed when creating a toy is a cross-shaped face with threads of different color. This is a sacred sign that enhancing the efficiency of the Motanka;
  • It is forbidden to use any tools. Threads used in the winding should be bite or hand. If you need to cut some detail, it is done before you start assembling a defender. But the effectiveness of the overama will increase significantly if even the cloth for its design will rush, and not cut;
  • The manufacture of household fabrics is the prerogative of a woman, so in the room where the sacrament of maoting manufacturing is happening, men and even small boys should come. But, you can create in a close female circle, sharing in honest thoughts and belonging to girlfriends simple secrets;
  • Of great importance is the appearance of Bereginy, but the image that is invested in it when creating. Collecting the Motka, it is necessary to sort to yourself: head, good filled, Hands workers and t.D. If the toy is done taking into account the female anatomy, for example, chest, it is worth thinking about motherhood. Often, such products have given loved ones, therefore, the image should take into account the desires of the owner;
  • Give Bereginia with the most sincere good wishes. From that moment on, the Motanka acquires its only owner. Often, pupae were manufactured for sale. In this case, the price is not the master, but the buyer. This is not just a product and evaluate it in conventional criteria; 
  • For the Motanka, you need to find a suitable place. You just need to focus and imagine yourself on the place of the defenders. Then the toy is planted on your palm and ask the question, what place she is more like? Where the owner pulls – there and the pupa should be attached. If a person is difficult and cannot accurately determine the place where the doll needs to be placed, it means that she completely trusts the choice of its owner;
  • How to make a chaff dollIt should be borne in mind that the Motanka collects the whole negative accumulated in the house. Therefore, old dolls that started to crumble, you need to destroy, betraying fire, or throw away, previously disassembled into parts. Disassemble the Beregin, using only hands and, possibly, teeth; 
  • When the doll starts to burn, you should stretch your hands over fire and absorb its cleaner heat. 

If these rules do not seem complicated, you can start making the overag. 

Consecutive instruction how to make a Motanka – A-Wereg Doll 

To perform rag charging, you will need: 

  • Natural fabric: sitts, hawk or other natural fabric bright bright color palette;
  • wool;
  • a piece of white natural fabric;
  • Strong natural thread for knitting;
  • Thin threads «Moulin» 4 different colors. 

You can use decorative elements: beads, beads, braid when matanka. 

The color of the fabrics and threads should be selected particularly carefully, as it is of great importance: 

  • Green and red shades attract welfare and ensure the health of family members;
  • Orange, pink and red colors – the key to happiness in marital life;
  • The blue-blue palette is preferable for a creative person;
  • Golden and green colors – attract the success of financial condition. 

And now it’s time to get acquainted with the instructions, how to make Slavic dolls, chambers:

  • In a piece of white fabric, no more palm, the ball is putting the ball, the wool loosely stranded. Wat must be located strictly in the center of the fabric. This is the head of the Oberega; 
  • Fabric under the bats firmly wind up the thread. If you want to fully observe the ancient traditions, instead of cotton you need to take finely broken rags or beam of threads; 
  • To increase the sacred qualities of the doll, it is recommended to wind the cross-closer head of the 4-colors threads. In this case, the number of turns must be odd; 
  • A bright-colored elegant piece of fabric, the value of approximately 1×1.5 palms, will become Saratan Beregini. It is wrapped around the head of the guard, creating a kind of tube. The tube must necessarily capture the fabric hanging from an improvised head. The material is wrapped with an invalid out; 
  • Fasting the neck of the toys, retreat from it 2-2.5 m and tightly tied the thread. Thus, the sarafanchik is securely attached to the neck; 
  • Now the tube turn out the front side. If the sranfana fabric is close to the head, you need to gently move «skirt» from elegant tissue, freeing the neck; 
  • Long flasking white fabric is useful for the execution of the handles. Sufficient length in the 2nd palms and the width of half the palm; 
  • The side sides of the loskutka are sweeping inside and roll the material in the form of a thin tube. Then you need to fold the tube in half; 
  • The folding tube is tied up with the 2 sides, retreating from the edges of no more than 1st cm. In the central part of the decorated handles, the head of the overag is focused; 
  • Close to the neck handles are tied with threads so that the head does not accidentally jump. 

In principle, on this work on the creation of a doll can be considered completed. But to enlist the support of good spirits, the toy should be entriced: 

  • A piece of material that is excellent in color from the sundress used for the execution of a sundress will be needed for apron. Its size should not exceed the size of the palm; 
  • How to make a chaff dollMaterial applied face to chest dolls. Its lower part must be 1 cm below the alleged level of the waist. The material is tightly tied with thread and lowered;
  • Loskutoks are the same magnitude diagonally and thrown around the head like the bandans. After that, make folds from the temples and crossed the tails handkerchief under the chin. Tie tails from behind on the neck; 
  • Pretches for the waist are performed from tightening or twisted threads. Additionally, you can sell threads through beads or beads that make a belt fit. You can use a beautiful ribbon instead of a busta. 

Special tricks in the process, how to make a doll-charm, no. The main thing is to invest in it a part of your soul with sincere wishes of well-being for a person who is meant the traditional Slavic Motanka!

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